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For polishing products, various pastes are used. The greatest use is found in GOI ( State Optical Institute ) pastes, which have a sophisticated composition plus are produced in three types: for coarse , medium and fine polishing. There are also many simplified pasta recipes.

Here are some of them. Dissolve in the tin 2 elements of stearin also 1 portion of laundry soap, then put about 7 elements of chromium oxide also add a little bit of kerosene. Stir the mixture in a hot state, but then place it in a cardboard box. Frozen hodgepodge take out of the box - the paste is ready for use.

To prepare pastes of the "Crocus" type , iron vitriol is also calcined with stearin or paraffin: one portion of the calcined vitriol is also three parts of the molten stearin.