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A collection of methods for the manufacture of technology secrets for all occasions


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for cooling some solutions in the laboratory it is necessary to prepare " cooling mixtures ". There are many different recipes for the manufacture of such mixtures. The most common also easily available are the following cooling mixtures.

  1. Mix 3 authority. elements of snow or crushed ice with 1 part of salt ( NaCl ). This cooling hash can give a temperature of -21 o C. At what time you need a higher temperature, you can change the ratio of salt as ice or surround the vessel with a solution with ice or snow, which is simply sprinkled with salt.

  2. Mix 1.5 share of calcium chloride ( l 2x 6H 2 0 ) and 1 share of snow. This mix can reduce the temperature down to -55 o C.

  3. Concentrated sulfuric acid is also snow.

  4. Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) mixed with ether ( C 2 H 5 OC 2 H 5 ) has a temperature of -78 o C. Instead of ether, you can use acetone or even denatured alcohol.

  5. Mix 1 share of ammonium nitrate with 1 part of snow. Achievable cooling down to -20 o C.