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To cool certain solutions in the laboratory, it is necessary to prepare " cooling mixtures ". There are many different recipes for making such mixtures. The most common are also readily available are the following cooling mixtures.

  1. Mix 3 authority. Elements of snow or crushed ice with 1 part of table salt ( NaCl ). This cooling mishmash can give a temperature of -21 ° C. At what time a higher temperature is needed, then it is possible to change the ratio of salt to ice or to surround the vessel with the solution with ice or snow, which is simply sprinkled with salt.

  2. 1.5 part of calcium chloride ( CaCl 2 x 6H 2 0 ) and 1 part of snow are mixed together. This mishmash can reduce the temperature down to -55 ° C.

  3. Concentrated sulfuric acid also snow.

  4. Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) in a mixture with ether ( C 2 H 5 OC 2 H 5 ) has a temperature of -78 ° C. Instead of the ether, you can use acetone or even denatured alcohol.

  5. Mix 1 part of ammonium nitrate with 1 part of the snow. Achievable cooling down to -20 o C.