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Glossary of terms

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Using a " termite " pencil, you can weld simple metal products. Its main advantages - the lack of an external source of feeding is also compact. Externally, a pencil suggests a gigantic match.

A pencil is a piece of wire made of ordinary carbon steel. Its diameter - from 2 to 3 mm - depends on the thickness of the parts to be welded. The thicker, the larger the diameter. Outside, the wire has a termite mishmash, steeply mixed with glue. Its composition: 24% (by volume) of sawdust aluminum, (but not silumin alloy), and 76% of iron scale. The particle size is up to 0.5 mm . At the end of the termite pencil - seed, very similar to the match head. It consists of 1 element (by weight) of bertolet salt, also 0.5 elements of fine aluminum sawdust. Both components seem to be kneaded by glue. It is clear that the seed is needed to initiate a combustion reaction.


When welding, the use of the holder is also mandatory. Extinguish incompletely used pencil (for "saving") is impossible. And no doubt observe the fire safety standards, it is not difficult to get water or sand at all.