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Collection of ways of making also secrets of technology for all occasions

Glossary of terms

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The main way. The means of making secret ink, which you can "fasten" solemn persuasions: take a twig of willow, burn it in coal, then finely chop or rub with water on a plate on which painters rub their colors. Then dilute it with water so that the ink can be scribbled on a piece of paper.

Written in such ink letters also words in six days will disappear.

Way another. It is necessary to mix 50 ml of alcohol tincture of iodine with a teaspoon of dextrin and also filter out the sludge. Such blue ink completely lose color after 1-2 days due to evaporation of iodine.


The recipe for this ink is simple, as if everything is brilliant. Invisible ink is a saturated solution of ordinary drinking soda in water. They are unusually cheap and can also be stored for a very long time without getting damaged. This is their advantage in the way that is known to many - the message of milk. For the convenience of the message, it is best to refill the pen with these inks. At the same time, the water evaporates behind the pen, and there seems to be nothing on the sheet of paper. The secret message is also very simple: the counteraction of heat. When heated, a dark brown text appears. You can carefully display text over fire or hot plates, but it is also safer to use an iron. The most suitable variation is a small-scale field ironing.