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To make metal leaves of plants, prints on wax composition are removed from fresh leaves as follows. In the form of thick paper poured wax composition, allow it to cool down to about the filled hardening, but in such a way that its surface was elastic. Then the surface of the wax is applied to the leaves, and they are also pressed with glass. When the glass is also removed leaves, a clear imprint of leaves remains on the wax composition.
After the wax has solidified, the shape with a fingerprint is carefully grafted with a soft brush. Having installed the conductors on the form, the cargo is suspended, and it is also lowered into the galvanic bath.

For the coating of metal insects (butterflies, beetles, etc.), they are prepared in an appropriate way: insects are kept in a 1.5% solution of the mercury, dried, varnished or a thin layer of wax. Then the surface must be made conductive, for this, using a brush, it is lubricated with a liquid slurry of graphite, diluted with alcohol or vodara. After drying, excess graphite is removed.

The technology of metallization of plants is also insects.

Fig. 1. a). Suspension of the beetle for copper plating b). Type of beetle covered with metal

Later this object is suspended on several thin copper wires with a diameter of 0.1-0.2 mm, twisting or re-tying them repeatedly crosswise (Figure 1), also placed in an electroformed bath. To eliminate the buoyancy in the electrolyte, the butterfly, the bug, etc., is also fixed with paraffin to the glass or a piece of plastic. Metal starts to be deposited first of all near the copper wires, spreading very slowly over the rest of the surface. Therefore, at the source of the process, the current must be several times less than normal, at which time the entire surface turns out to be a "tightened" metal, bring it up to normal. The duration of the process is several hours. The thickness of the coating can vary from 0.1 up to 2 mm.

Using the electroforming method, it is possible to metal lace for decorative and artistic decoration of various objects.

Lace stretched on the frame is also impregnated with paraffin. Then they are ironed between sheets of paper to remove excess paraffin. Further, an electroconductive layer of fine graphite is applied, the excess is carefully blown off the lace. Laying the conductors on the edge of the lace, they are fastened on a plastic frame or a frame made of thick wire with chlorovinyl insulation, together with which the lace is immersed in the electrolyte.

The laces, covered with copper, are treated with a brass brush. Solder them with lead-tin solder.
Galvanostegicheskaya finish metalized lace is to apply a decorative layer of silver or gold, or in oxidation.

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