Tricks of the family wizard

  1. Paint the bottom surface of garden benches, window sills, stair steps mozhnopri a swab of foam. In the upper part you need to do a little paint depression.

  2. Instead shuttlecock badminton for fun, you can use the severed neck of a plastic bottle. Cork will have slightly warmed over a fire and give it a spherical shape. Inside the plug need to lay a stone or a piece of plasticine.

  3. Before you like to put the summer flowers in the balcony box, it Cover the oilcloth or polythene and lay on the bottom layer of foam. Flush with the surface of the foam pad to drill in the wall box drain hole. Rainwater accumulates in the box will evaporate slowly (it will keep the foam), and flowers did not need daily watering.

  4. Lamp for outdoor lighting bulbs can be made of ordinary glass jars with screw cap. To do this, unscrew the outer cartridge part (it is called a sleeve), in the lid of the jar, cut the hole with a diameter equal to the outer diameter of the thread on the cartridge, and fix the resulting ring sleeve.

  5. From the tin lid of a glass jar, self-tapping screws mozhnosdelat great candlestick. Proceed in the center of the lid a little hole and screw it on the outside of the screw. Before installing the screw, heat the candle flame on the lighter and press it to the side of the candle. The remaining cavity pour paraffin candle from another. Do not wrap the candle on the screw: it will inevitably burst.

  6. For small bottles, such as glue for model kits with drugs or ink, not turned over, make them a clip of a small piece of foam.

  7. For bonding of plastics (polystyrene) is useful so on. N. "napalm". That is dissolved in the acetone polystyrene casing 1 disposable lighters. You can use acrylic, back cover and so on. N.
    Instead of acetone Gasoline is suitable, Nefras, but at the same time to increase significantly the dissolution and drying at room temperature.