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Little tricks for the family master

  1. Paint the bottom surface of the garden bench, window sill, stairs steps with a foam rubber tampon. In the upper part you need to make a small cavity for the paint.

  2. Instead of a shuttlecock for fun in badminton, you can use a neck cut from a plastic bottle. The stopper will have to be slightly warmed over the fire and also give it a spherical shape. Inside the cork you need to lay a stone or a piece of clay.

  3. Before putting flowers in the balcony casket for the summer, cover it with an oilcloth or polyethylene and place a layer of foam on the bottom. Drill a drain hole in the drawer wall flush with the surface of the foam pad. The rainwater accumulating in the box will evaporate slowly (foam will hold it), and the flowers will not need any watering.

  4. The lampshade for an exterior light bulb can be made from an ordinary glass jar with a screw cap. To do this, unscrew the outer portion of the cartridge (it is called the sleeve), in the can lid, cut a hole with a diameter equal to the outer diameter of the thread on the cartridge, and also fix the resulting ring with the sleeve.

  5. From a tin cover from a glass jar, a self-tapping screw, you can make an excellent candlestick. Make a small hole in the center of the lid and also screw a screw into it from the outside. Before installing the candle, heat the screw over the flame of the lighter and press the candle to it with the side. Pour the remaining cavity with paraffin from another candle. Do not screw the candle on the screw: it will inevitably burst.

  6. So that small bottles, for example with glue for prefabricated models, with drugs or ink, do not turn over in any way, make a clip from a small piece of foam under them.

  7. For bonding plastics (polystyrene) is useful to use the so-called. "napalm". That is, polystyrene cases of one-time lighters are dissolved on acetone. You can use plexiglass, the back walls of TVs are also, etc.
    Instead of acetone, gasoline, nefras will do, but at the same time, the time of dissolution will also significantly increase at room temperature.