The technology of manufacturing transparent candles

Fully transparent, as if water, candles can be obtained in the following way: 5 elements of colorless gelatin are dissolved in 20 parts of water, then 25 glycerin elements are added, and a stirrer is heated up until a clear solution is obtained.

Two elements of tannin, dissolved by heating 10 glycerin elements, are added to it. A cloudy solution forms, but the cloudiness disappears with further boiling of the mixture. The ready-made mass is poured into ordinary candlestick forms. These candles burn calmly, also without the undesirable odor.

To make thin candles it is enough to make the wick also lower it into the molten mass. Then raise, give it time to solidify the mass on the wick also lower again. And also so several times, until you get the right thickness of the candle.

Try to use original or unusual candle forms. You can introduce various flavors into the wick.

Given the unusual shape also kind of these candles, it's easy to predict their commercial success. Try to release impressive parties to the New Year, parties on folkloric themes counting on tourists. Do not forget restaurants also cafes, where in the quality of lighting or interior candles are used, design for each of the cafe its own candle. In this case, success will be provided to you.

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Author: Alexander Ivonin
Source: the book "100 Home-based productions",
Part 1, 214000, Smolensk, PO Box 31, NGO "BIOS"
Date of publication 06.08.2004гг