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Manufacturing technology transparent as if water candles

Fully transparent, as if water, candles can be obtained in the following way: 5 elements of colorless gelatin are dissolved in 20 parts of water, then 25 elements of glycerin are added and the mash is heated, until a clear solution is obtained.

To it add 2 elements of tannin, dissolved by heating 10 elements of glycerin. A turbid solution is formed, but the turbidity disappears with further boiling of the mixture. The finished mass is poured into ordinary candle molds. These candles burn quietly, also without undesirable smell.

To make taper candles, it is enough to make a wick and also lower it into the molten mass. Then raise, give time to freeze the mass on the wick and lower it again. And also so several times, until the desired thickness of the candle.

Try to use the original or unusual candle molds. You can enter into the wick various flavors.

Given the unusual shape and appearance of these candles, it is easy to predict their commercial success. Try to release an impressive party for the New Year, the party on folk themes per tourist. Do not forget the restaurants and cafes, in which place candles are used as lighting or interior, develop a special candle for each cafe. In this case, success will be guaranteed.

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Author: Alexander Ivonin
Source: the book "100 Home-Made Production",
Part 1, 214000, Smolensk, PO Box 31, NGO "BIOS"
Publication date 06.08.2004