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If there is no ready putty, you can prepare it yourself. for high-quality putty, you will need 1 share of natural linseed linseed oil or 4-5 chalk elements. Mel apply completely dry, sifted on a frequent sieve. Instead of a sieve you can use a nylon stocking. The thinner the drier chalk, the higher the quality of the putty.

On a metal sheet or plywood, scatter a thin layer of chalk and also pour on the linseed oil so that it is wetted as if a large surface is possible. If you pour the linseed oil in the middle of a pile of chalk, it will take more time to mix. The chalk moistened with linseed oil is rolled with a spatula or spatula to the middle of the metal sheet or the plywood is additionally mixed by hand. At first, it will seem that the linseed is lacking, and the putty turns out to be dry. This impression is deceptive. Prolonged mixing acts putty soft and plastic. The prepared putty should be completely homogeneous (without additional layers of chalk, no additional drying oils), should not adhere to the hands also to the knife, and have a smooth, bright surface on the cut.

In the process of preparing the putty can tint in the right paint. for this you need to add whitewash or another paint to mix additionally up to the working consistency. If dry paints are added to the putty, it is best to mix them with chalk, but thickened with drying oil. If the putty turned out to be liquid, you should add a little chalk to it, if it is thick, the linseed oil should be added, but then you need to move it with your hands.

There are also other putty recipes you can make yourself.

Recipe number 2 : 7 parts of sifted chalk, 8 elements of small river sand and 2 elements of linseed oxol.

Recipe number 3: 5 elements of sifted wood ash, 4 parts of cement and 4 elements of grease or nigrol (automotive lubricating oil).

Recipe number 4: 11 parts of crushed sifted clay or lime-fluff and 5 elements of tar (when using this recipe, you should keep in mind that tar putty cannot be painted with oil paints, as if it were dark spots).

Putty on the linseed oil oxol also on tar prepared similar to the main recipe. Putty with grease or nigrol prepared as follows. In the melted grease pour ash additionally stirred. Then, while stirring continuously, add cement. This putty is consumed at once after preparation in a warm form.