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A riddle is a question in which a certain word is hidden under the “mask”, and only a hint is made on the subject of guessing. Logical riddles develop ingenuity, intelligence and intellect in man. Solving riddles will always benefit.

This site presents a variety of different logical problems, puzzles, riddles that develop your intellect. Some of them need to be solved for a certain time.

When solving logical problems in the brain, the experience of a non-standard approach to solving various tasks is preserved, which automatically increases its ability to analyze and make the right decisions, including creative, in everyday life (at work, during training, etc.).

Logical tasks contain riddles: with a trick, to the sharpness, ingenuity. We have puzzles, mathematical, physical, non-standard thinking, creativity, creative thinking, logic, with pictures, answers, solutions, for adults, teens, schoolchildren, children.

To solve some puzzles and riddles you will need a notebook in a cage and a pencil or pen.