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Simple matching puzzles

What are compliance tasks? These are tasks where you need to find correspondences between elements of different sets. Yes, you yourself will understand everything as soon as you begin to solve problems.

1) Before you are five boxes: white, black, red, blue and green. There are also two balls for each of the flowers. Each box contains two balls, and the colors of the box and balls may not coincide. It is also known that:
1. Not a single ball lies in a box of the same color as himself;
2. There are no blue balls in the red box;
3. In a box of neutral color (that is, white or black) lies one red and one green ball;
4. In a black box are balls of cold tones (green and blue);
5. In one of the boxes are one white and one blue ball;
6. In the blue box is one black ball.
What color are the balls in each box? Answer

2) Once, six guys talked to each other: Andras, Bela, Chaba, Gyorgy, Elmer and Ferenc. From the conversation it turned out that all six athletes: two are soccer players, two are engaged in high jumps, one is a swimmer and one plays water polo. They are engaged in three sports clubs: two at Vashash, two at Uipesti Doge and two at FTZ. In addition, it turned out the following:
1. Bela used to go to the pool alone to train, and now a guy from the FTC has joined him;
2. Members of the Uipesti Doge Club do not play ball games;
3. the name of one of the athletes begins with the same letter as the name of the sport in which he is engaged. Since he really likes alliteration, he chose a sports club for himself according to the same principle;
4. Chaba cannot swim;
5. Members of the club "Vashash" engaged in two different "land" sports;
6. Elmer once opposed the team for which Ferenc played, but then went in for another sport;
7. Andras and Elmer teammates.
Determine what kind of sport each of the six children is engaged in and who have “brothers” in the club or sport. Answer

3) At one evening, there were five officers among the guests: an infantryman, an artilleryman, a pilot, a signalman, and a sapper. One of them was a captain, three were majors and one was a lieutenant colonel. It is also known that:
1. Janos has the same rank as the sapper and another officer who serves in a different kind of army;
2. The signalman and Ferenc are inseparable friends;
3. The other day, a flight officer, along with Bela and Laiosh, visited someone;
4. Recently, the radio receiver stopped working with the artilleryman and he asked Lajosh to help the signalman to fix the malfunction;
5. Ferenc nearly became a pilot, but then, on the advice of his friend, the sapper chose a different kind of army;
6. Janos is older than Lajosh in rank, and Bela is older than Ferenc;
7. The fifth officer, Andras, was visiting Lajos the night before.
Define the name of each officer, his rank, and the type of army in which he serves. Answer

4) March 8th.
Four friends decided to give the girls flowers. The next morning, no one could remember exactly what happened yesterday before the general drinking party and who gave what flowers to whom. Together, it was possible to recall that:
1. Each of the four girls was presented with one bouquet;
2. All the girls had different flowers;
3. Yuri did not see Katya and Marina all day;
4. Dima could not buy a bouquet of roses;
5. Andrei did not give flowers to either Ola or Mary;
6. George first wanted to give a bouquet to Lena or Katya, but then changed his mind;
7. Neither Lena nor Olya met with Dima;
8. Katya never received her favorite mimosa;
9. Andrey did not buy flowers with the letter "G" ;-);
10. Neither Lena nor Ole gave roses;
11. Yuri did not have time to buy gladiolus;
12. George remembered that he saw among his friends bouquets of carnations and mimosa;
13. As a result, Marina did not have the carnations and gladioli that she expected to receive;
14. Lena boasted to her friend that she "did not receive these cheap mimosas."
The guys now have a terrible hangover and they asked them to help remember everything. Answer

5) Cultural entertainment.
Last night:
1) Andras went to the concert;
2) Bela spent all the time with Olga;
3) Chaba never saw Rosie;
4) Panny went to the movies;
5) Rosie watched the play in the theater.
In addition to those whom we have already named, Gyorgy and Shari were permanent members of the company. Together with each of the young men, one girl visited the same form of cultural entertainment.
6) some couple visited an art exhibition.
Who was with whom and where? Answer