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A medium-sized suitcase sized nuclear fusion reactor created by a student at the University of Utah. The device produces not so much energy , although it is quite enough for all kinds of research experiments.

The young researcher Craig Wallace took the work of the inventor of television, Phil Farnsworth , as a basis. The principle of operation is such that, under the influence of an electric field , deuterium atoms are accelerated and collide, emitting neutrons.

With the help of the camera placed inside the camera, the image is transmitted to the screen. We get a glowing ball surrounded by a spiral, as a result - a small sun.

The device is active, but so far it can not serve as a source of energy. The first result has already been achieved, now it is only a matter of time and soon we will get a new way of obtaining energy with minimal expenditure of funds.

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Publication date 10/29/2006