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We offer you not the whole list of patents of inventions and technologies of medical topics, namely related to urology.

  • methods of diagnosis of urological diseases
  • method of treatment
  • Medical instruments and devices
  • methods of treating diseases using alternative medicine
  • and etc.

The main objective of this review is to bring to the interested public, these unique and useful invention, and technology in order to prevent them from disappearing into the archives of patent offices.

The collection is constantly updated with new patents no less interesting and useful information.

Attention! If you are the owner of a patent to inform about the administration portal. In your email, include your contact information (E-Mail, phone, postal address).

If you have not found their patent and would like to see it in this collection, let us know about the administration portal.

The method of treatment of chronic prostatitis with erectile dysfunction simptonami
The invention relates to medicine, namely to physiotherapy and urology, and can be used in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, including symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


The method of laboratory diagnosis of chronic prostatitis
The proposed method relates to medicine and can be used for differential diagnosis of Urology inflammatory diseases of the prostate and the urethra.


A method of removing stones from the ureter
The invention relates to a urology and can be used to remove small stones (up to 8 mm in diameter) of the ureter and for improving kidney function and ureters, including postoperative period.


A method for treating overactive bladder
The invention relates to medicine, to uroginekologii, namely to methods for treating overactive bladder.


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