UNIQUE OPEN COLLECTION OF PATENTS inventions and technologies

UNIQUE OPEN COLLECTION OF PATENTS inventions and technologies. Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and compositions

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and compositions

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We offer you not the whole list of patents of inventions and technologies of medical topics, namely related to medicines, cosmetics and compositions.

  • drugs and compositions
  • cosmetics and composition

The main objective of this review is to bring to the interested public, these unique and useful invention, and technology in order to prevent them from disappearing into the archives of patent offices.

The collection is constantly updated with new patents no less interesting and useful information.

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Clay antiseptic wound healing
The invention relates to medicine and veterinary, in particular to adhesives used in surgery, traumatology and life. They are used as non-woven bandage, isolating the damaged area of ​​the skin from the environment, or for bonding and cut sections of severed body tissue after surgery or injury.


The biologically active drug, a biological object manager ontogeny
The invention relates to Gerontology, namely vegetable means controlling the ontogeny of a biological object, and can be used in medicine, animal husbandry, agriculture.


The drug to slow aging
The invention relates to the obtained raw materials based on vegetable preparations which can be used for the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases, but also to slow the aging of the organism.


The mud for the treatment of patients
The invention relates to medicine and concerns the production of pharmaceuticals.


The composition for reducing body weight
The invention relates to medicine and can be used to reduce body weight of patients, arranged to completeness.


A method for preventing and treating chronic disorders caused by occupational exposure to a personal computer, with the help of medicinal plants fees
The invention relates to medicine, in particular to a method for the prevention and treatment of human diseases, having professional contact with personal computers, the selection and creation of medicinal plant collections, and can be used in herbal medicine.


The invention relates to a novel combination drug, which can be used as a human means of protection against early transient disability and for the relief of the primary reaction to irradiation.


The combined anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic
The invention relates to medicine, in particular to the production of the combined drugs used in pain syndrome of moderate intensity, and in cases of fever with colds and flu.


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