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Physics in the modern world is a key science that contributes to the progressive development of a civilized society. If there was no science , our civilization would not be a civilization, but would remain a wild underdeveloped Middle Ages. How much this science will be developed, so we will be civilized.

In this section, we will try to acquaint you with the most important and interesting discoveries and physical experiments that have been achieved by the hard and painstaking work of our and foreign scientists and inventors. We will be grateful to them!

The section consists of three main subsections:

  • Discoveries in physics
  • Physical experiments
  • Research in physics

All the articles in this section can be discussed in the forum.

Readers will be very grateful to you.

Attention! If you have the appropriate material. Share it with us. Readers will be very grateful. Yes, and you will be very useful. Forward material for further publication in this section can be contacted - here . All your copyrights will be strictly observed.

Physics, discoveries and experiments.

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