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An example of a cosmic scale

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The infinity of states and connections excludes the possibility of extremely clear representations. But people have learned that there is no chaos in the cosmic mechanism and nothing accidental, but there are laws and laws and this main factor - the beauty of the universe determines the cognizance of nature, the breadth and depth of thinking, terrifying except that superstitious and artisans burdened with prejudices. Moreover, as more likely, the basis of all natural laws is a uniform pattern. This acquires a philosophical meaning.

When determining the objects, their parameters, directly related to terrestrial conditions, with the Earth, we will start from the states of the iron-carbon system, i.e. indirectly, as if reproducing the connection displayed by the unitary model. Of course, it's impossible to embrace the immense, but the landmark is necessary, as Ariadne's thread. And so far more constructive (structural) solutions will eventually have a clear logical form. Logic is always behind the flight of thought. Otherwise, people would not have had any idea of ​​paradoxes and apparent contradictions in the process of cognition. Criteria of truth are offered a lot, although none of them can claim the true, and the truth, as we know, is absolute. According to M.Planck, the discovery of world constants is the highest achievement of the researcher.

Even life is a quantitative phenomenon and, consequently, constants and the states and relationships they express are the main factors in the structure of the material world. Do not forget about what would be frightening was not the unknown.

Take, for example, the graphite solubility equation in liquid iron (32). Here, the temperature at 100% carbon content is

Under natural conditions, such a temperature can only be in the bowels of the stars. As already noted, the numerical value, according to the formula (25-1), is equal to the density of α-iron at 0 ° C. Partial interpretation of this formula

(of the equation) suggests that the quantity is the ratio of the density at the center of the Earth's core to the density of α-iron or, possibly, the ratio of the number of nucleons to the number of protons in the nucleus of the iron atom

, (77)

whence = 16.985


, a (77-1)





Equation (79), with observance of dimensionality, can be written in the form

or , g · cm -3, (80)

where В is the magnetic induction (in СГСЭ), equal to

- the density of iron at the liquidus point, equal, as it was revealed earlier, 7.334 g · cm -3 , as the reciprocal of the constant , equal to U / 3.

According to equation (41), expressing the melting point of iron t A, the value of complex compression is

Another kind of temperature differs from the temperature t A by this value and the magnitude of the scale of 10 4 , say

= 14.3 × 10 6 ° C (81)

those. the temperature at the center of the nucleus of the nearest object appears to be the Sun!

(82) this and other results of determining the parameters of the Sun and its system were obtained by the author in 1967-68. The results of the American ten-year experiment with heavy neutrinos became known in 1971.

Further studies are in exact agreement with this temperature value t я, Θ , 0 С. It is hard to get used to the "improbable", but behind this lies the connection of states of colossal scales and everything within the limits of the discovered regularity. In the same range, the density at the center of the Sun's core will be (with allowance for Eq. (3-8))

(83) (84)

As can be seen, equations (80) are directly related to equation (84). The value of equations (83), as we shall see below, is exactly proportional to the mass of the Earth!

As if, in that case, the magnetic density and the compression effect appear. Is this what we call gravity? Let's say that there is a sense. Then the pressure at the center of the star's nucleus-the Sun can be expressed by the equation see and equation (59-8), directly related to equation (85)


where p k = ;

density of liquid iron, g · cm -3 , at the melting point of iron t A ,

The density at the surface of the Sun's core, in this case, is proportional to the density of iron (border at t o C = const)



is part of equation (85), as pressure on the surface of the Sun's core. We can see that the relations are respected


As can be seen, the unitary model is always observed in all cases. This is a very important factor, which guarantees sufficient accuracy. Recall that the quantity (1 + U) also determines the Curie level of iron carbides and the formation of Fe 2.7C . The fact that the Sun star is associated with hydrogen and helium, in this case with the ratio , is very characteristic. Where there is density, there is a mass. Does this attitude indicate the mass of the Sun? In this case, taking into account the scale, we have


This must be the mass of His Majesty our Sun.

Its average density



, (90)

average diameter


The scale of 10 33 g in equations (88) can be determined from the previously described dependences. But equation (88), as a unitary one, can also be represented in expanded form (partially open with bin).


This equation should reflect all the dependencies and parameters of the solar system and its relationship to other systems. This is the essence of unitarity. Let's try to see it in this aspect.

We transform equation (92) taking into account equation (3-7)


or taking into account equations (6) and (3-8)


here we got a lot

and three components of this mass. But this is the mass of the planets of the Earth group, isolated from the total mass of the planets! So the mass of the Earth


mass of Venus


The remaining mass of the planets will be (the group of the Earth)


Here we find nuclear and thermonuclear processes. Equation (94) is related to equations (79) and (80), which may be characteristic of the connection of more extensive natural phenomena. The mathematics of nature excludes arbitrariness, speculation and uncertainty. It determines the logic itself. Apparently, the unitary model reflects the phenomena of the cataclysm of far times.

Therefore, it must reflect the connection of the past, present and future. Incredible! The whole point is only to correctly apply and develop the discovered regularity of the states of the material world and to uncover the unknown.

In equation (94) one can notice (select) the ratio

(see page 9) (98)

In the group of planets of the Earth, as you can see, this part of the planets is separated. A more complex transformation of equations complicates concepts and representations. If in equation (94) the first term of the right-hand side is divided by an amount and take the one hundredth part, and the second term is divided by 2U, we get


From this we can conclude that the first term of equation (95-1) is the mass of the Moon (the second term is the mass of the Earth)


The mass of M ost includes four objects


where M m is the mass of Mars, g;

M measures - the mass of Mercury, g;

M is the mass of the moon, g;

M X is an unknown mass, approximately equal to 1.48 · 10 24 g.

The average density of the Earth can be considered depending on the ratio of the excited state of the system to the stabilized state (the general case of interpretation of the model). So, , or the average density of the Earth will be


Volume of the Earth


average diameter of the Earth


The ratio of the mean diameters of the Sun and the Earth


The equatorial linear velocity of the Earth's rotation around its axis, at the same time, is

When considering the mean geometric masses, a certain regular relationship is revealed.

For example,



- the sum of the masses of the Earth, Mars, the Moon, r;

- the sum of the masses of Venus, Mercury, object M x , g.

Turning to equations (92) and (95), we write


Such a medium-geometric mass is Jupiter and Uranus


An account of some considerations in this field of knowledge is necessary insofar as, as it seems to me, the defense of an idea is required.

In determining the masses of the other planets of our system, we will proceed from regularly correlated detected state bonds with the subsequent verification of the accuracy of the observance of the unitary model.

It can be seen that in the equation (94) the quantity (1 + 2U) = 1 / (10 · 0,055) = , where Y cr is the iron shrinkage during crystallization,% (and the FC alloy at the carbon content in the eutectic point E). Shrinkage processes "copy" the processes of planetary formation. Thus, the mass of Mercury is


According to equations (92) and (94), the mass of Mars can be represented by the equation




Equation (105) connects Mars with its average orbit of motion. For the mass of the Earth,


Here we obtain the proportionality of the Earth mass to the mass of Jupiter (multiplier 1.902231). Similarly to equation (106), the mass of Jupiter is


where the factor 0.60493 is proportional to the sum of the masses of the Earth and the Moon.

For the mass of Venus, we have


The mass of Saturn can be expressed by the equation


where 1,0 is the hydrogen density equal to the density of H 2 O on the Earth, g · cm -3 ;

Mass of the planet Neptune


Mass of Pluto



as the equilibrium state of the nearest and foremost planets of the Star. In this case relation or where β = 0,143 (000143), МУ - mass of Uranus, equal to 0,0879 .

Judging from the state of the iron-carbon alloy, the surfaces of the Sun's nuclei and planets must be in some liquid state.

Historically, the origins of modern astronomy date back to Tycho Brahe, I. Keppler and N. Kopernik developed subsequently, mainly by I. Newton and A. Einstein. However, the law of gravitation of Newton is valid only for a system of two objects, and the essence of gravitation (gravity) is still not known.

The distances of the planets to the Sun can be determined from the balance of densities with a uniform distribution of the mass of the Sun in certain volumes. Sufficient accuracy of the values ​​of the mass of the Sun and the density (and pressure) at the center of its core guarantee the accuracy of the values ​​of the distances of the planets to the Sun. The scale factors in below the following equations are interpreted somewhat later (for simplicity).



from where the distance of Mars to the Sun


from where the distance of Mercury to the Sun



where M 3 is the mass of the planets of the Earth group, r;

10 6 - initial pressure on the Earth, dyne / cm 2 ;

pressure in the center of the Sun's core, dyne / cm 2 ;

From equations (110) and (111) we find: the distance of the Earth to the Sun

Since in these equations there is a pressure-pressure ratio, i.e. elements of acceleration and force, the law of gravitation of Newton and the third law of I. Kepler are special cases.

The mass of planets and objects of the Jupiter group is determined from equation


Where the mass of objects and planets of the Jupiter group, it is equal to 2.667

- scale factor of the average distance of the planets of the Jupiter group to the Sun,

The total mass of the planets and the objects of the Earth and Jupiter groups is

or 0.1346% of the mass of the Sun, i.e. 1 / 742.2 part.

One can imagine that the clot of solar matter, or rather its "ballast", was divided into two parts, which were then divided into three parts each: Earth, Moon, Mars and the other - Venus, Mercury, the object M x . The object M x underwent, possibly, thermal destruction and dissipated under the influence of gravitational fields (the asteroid belt and other small planets, meteorites). The formation of planets and objects of the Jupiter group is associated with the formation of the Sun star. Some considerations in this direction will be made several after.

The equations show that the states of the planets, in particular the group of the Earth, depend on the parameters of the Sun: pressure , density , temperature i.e. from the state of the Sun's core.

Returning to equation (85), we consider the scale factor Interpretation of the P value invariably leads us to the iron-carbon system. In order to lower the temperature at point A 3 (conversion of α-γ iron) to 0 ° C, a pressure of 1 ° C on the decrease of this point P 1 , which can be determined according to equation


This factor is associated with the fission of an atom, a nucleus, a particle, an object, a change in their structure.

Location here

As can be seen, the quantities U i , according to equation (11-3), are related to the states of nucleons, being structural quantities. The pressure value P 1 can also be expressed by the relation


which is connected with the structure of the Fe-C alloy, i.e. with an iron-carbon system.

But equation (85-2) can be written in the form


Where - constant value (const), equal to


According to the regularity of states and the dimension of the CGSE equation

(85-3) can have the form


where E is the electric field strength, CGSE (E).

As an example of the beauty of the structure of matter, we can give a simplified equation for the mass of an electron, revealing the connection of vast natural phenomena

*) (85-5)


coupling factor equal

electronic mass,

The coupling factor φ, in the particular case, is equal to


Where is a constant equal to

- the Boltzmann constant,

As follows from equation (85-5), the structure constant U is


where V is the volume of electron mass equal to 0.511

In the constellation of the world constant, the physical constants found occupy their places!

*) Inferred by the author in 1966.

With the detection of constants the physical essence of the value U, as a structural constant of the material world, was also determined. Now it became possible to consider the relationship of various natural interactions at different levels. Indeed, for such a statement of the question we have links, before that they remained unknown. It seems that along with this, the essence of gravity (gravitation) - the deepest natural phenomenon - appears to be revealed.

Considering the fine structure constant of the gravitational interaction (Wheeler's formula), as part of the general equation, we write


where G is the gravitational interaction constant;

m n is the mass of a nucleon (in this case a neutron);

quantum of action, where h is the Planck constant;

c is the speed of light.

But the constant U = then





and the constant of the fine structure of the electromagnetic interaction, as a dimensionless quantity, will be


Where elementary electric charge (CGSE).

According to these equations, the field of nuclear forces (carriers of the meson field) is associated with electromagnetic and gravitational fields. The process of cognition is infinite. In connection with the foregoing, the idea arises that the world of elementary particles is near here without any abstract stratifications. The truth is necessary and it is near! But the exhausting work on the road to truth, is heavy, like an ancient cross on the back of the doomed.

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Date of publication 04.07.2004гг
Author: Sorokin Igor Georgievich

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