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Exercise patter for diction

Pronunciation - features of the articulation of speech sounds in each specific language. Proper pronunciation is a set of orthoepic norms inherent in a particular type of language. The way, image, manner of reprimand, assimilated by the peoples, tribes, local residents, different strata of society. The word can be pronounced differently by different people or among different social, territorial, professional, age and other groups.

If every day you say this exercise 1-5 times (read aloud), then in two weeks you will notice stunning results.


On the fourth of Thursday at four and a quarter to four
The Ligurian traffic controller regulated in Liguria,
but thirty-three ships were maneuvering, maneuvering, but they never did,
and then I recorded the protocol about the protocol with the protocol,
as an interviewer interviewed by a Ligurian traffic controller,
yes it wasn’t purely reported, but it wasn’t finished dormant so it was reported about razmopropogodivshiysya weather that
so that the incident does not become a contender for a judicial precedent;
the Ligurian traffic controller acclimatized in the unconstitutional Constantinople,
where the crested laughter laughed and screamed at the Turk,
which is dirty with a pipe: do not smoke, turk, pipe,
Buy better peak bale, better peak buy stack,
and then the scorer will come from Brandenburg - with bombers with bombards for
that someone with a black hole dug a hole in his half-yard, dug and dug up;
but in fact the Turk was not in,
Yes, and Klara-krala at that time, sneaking up to Lara, while Carl at Klara was stealing corals,
what Clara stole the clarinet from Karl
and then two of these thieves stole firewood in the courtyard of Degutnikova's widow Varvara;
but sin - not laughter - do not put in a nut:
about Clara and Karl vomrak, all the crayfish roared in a fight,
that's not the scorer to the thieves was, and
not up to a degotnikova widow, and not up to decanter children;
but the angry widow removed the wood in the barn:
once firewood, two firewood, three firewood - all the firewood did not fit together,
and two lumberjacks
they threw the wood wide in the yard back to the wood yard,
where the heron withered, the heron dried, the heron died;
the chick of a heron clung tenaciously to a chain;
well done against the sheep, and well done against the sheep,
which carries Senya hay in a sleigh,
then Sonka Sonka with Sanka is riding on a sled:
sanky-skok, Senka- in the side, Sonka- in the forehead, all in a snowdrift,
and Sasha only hats with bumps,
then Sasha went along the highway, Sasha found a sachet on the highway;
Sonya - Sashkin's girlfriend walked along the highway and sucked the dryer,
Yes, moreover, Sonya turntables in the mouth also had three cheesecakes
exactly in honey cake, but she is not up to honey cake
Sonya and with cheesecakes in the mouth of the sexton will pereponarit, - perevonponomarit:
buzzing like a ground beetle, buzzing, dizzy:
was at Frol - Frol at Lavra lied, go to the Lavra at Frol Lavra will lie,
that - a sergeant with a wakhmirstrian, a captain with a capitalist,
what is wrong with uzhat and about
and his high-ranking guest carried a cane,
and soon again five guys ate five mushrooms
half a quarter of a quadrangle lentil without wormhole
and one thousand six hundred and sixty-six pies with whey curd from under the yogurt;
about everything about that about the bell ringing ringing,
so much so that even Konstantin is a Salzburger prospektivnyak
from under the armored carrier stated:
how not to break all the bells, not to recollect the bells,
so and all tongue twisters not to say, not to say anything;
but trying is not torture.

And a few more tips:

  1. Put a few nuts in your mouth and say the tongue twisters, varying from slow to fast.
  2. Use different amounts and sizes of nuts, making the task more difficult.
  3. Record a certain text on the recorder. Listen to what your interlocutor hears. It is unlikely that you will like what you heard.

Record until your diction reaches a satisfactory level.