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The order of adjectives - one nuance in English will bring your speech closer to how speakers speak

An adjective is an independent part of speech, denoting a non-procedural sign of a subject and answering the questions “what?”, “What?”, “What?”, “What?”, “Whose?” . In Russian, adjectives vary in gender, case and number, may have a short form. In a sentence, an adjective is most often a definition, but it can also be a predicate.

When we speak our native language, many things happen on our machine - we just know what is right, but we don’t always know why. Real Englishmen have such a thing, and if you keep it, you will immediately leave yours. We share with you this little but important secret.

Порядок прилагательных в английском

Now you know a secret that you don’t talk about in class, and bring your speech closer to the reference.

Hold on, England, we're on our way!