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A fatal mistake or an interview with a future boss you should not do ...

So, in the interview with the future chef you should not :

1. Be late

Come 10-15 minutes ahead of time. In extreme cases, once in a traffic jam, be sure to call and explain the situation.

2. Dress in a free style

Experts recommend dressing more conservatively than usual, in low-key tones, clean and neat. By the way, there is also one trick about clothes: it must "pull" by half the expected salary. That is, you want to receive $ 1000, dress up at $ 500.

3. Chew, smoke and be hung over

It's clear that all these actions will not please any employer or recruitment manager. Even if he is superdemocratic.

4. Turn on mobile phone

The calling mobile phone is a demonstration of your efficiency at the most inopportune moment. Turn off the mobile phone before you enter the office, and not during the call!

5. Being clamped and too shy

Radiate enthusiasm, job interview is not the time for false modesty.

6. Know nothing about the company you came to.

You should come prepared: know the history of the company, its products and services, competitors, the names of managers and the latest market news.

7. Do not know your strengths and weaknesses.

8. Be unprepared for the interview.

Think about what questions you may ask before the interview.

9. Verbosity

Speaking off topic, interrupting the interlocutor and answering a simple question for 15 minutes - all this annoys the interviewer. Answer essentially short and with examples.

10. Be arrogant

In no case do not mention other options for work that you are currently considering. In addition, you do not need to make any demands until you have been offered to work.

11. Ask too many questions.

You should have prepared 3-4 smart questions about the company and position, no more. They can clarify your responsibilities, tasks, plans, subordination.

12. Criticize former managers

13. Inquire about salary.

Wait, perhaps, the interlocutor himself will touch on this topic and you will not need to initiate it. If he says nothing about money, you should ask about it yourself. But to do it very politely and at the very end of the interview.

14. To lie

15. Forget about feedback.

When leaving, ask about and agree on further mutual actions. Call in a few days, find out the result.