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Useful web-resources for free language learning

Полезные ресурсы для бесплатного изучения языков

Learning a language is the process of teaching a person to language, studied by linguists. Usually, the phrase refers to the mastery of a mother tongue by a child, as opposed to the term mastering a second language, which is the process of acquiring communication skills in a new foreign language, regardless of the number of previously learned.

Hot debates are going on around the question of the role of innate biological abilities in mastering the first language. The theory of universal grammar implies the existence of general principles inherent in any language. Linguists Noam Chomsky and Eric Lennerberg believe that all children have innate abilities that guide the process of language learning.

September 26 is the European Day of Languages ​​- an excellent opportunity to supplement your knowledge or even start learning a new language. Said, done - keep a list of useful sites!

Useful resources for free language learning

Learning a language involves the acquisition of four basic skills: 1 - listening ( listening to the voice), 2 - speaking , 3 - reading , 4 - writing . There are two different approaches to mastering a language:

  • Direct methods are based on imitation. In this way, speech is generated in the native language. Direct methods are used in some approaches to the development of foreign languages ​​("method of complete immersion", "Schechter method", etc.)
  • Lexico-grammatical methods are based on learning the structure of a language (grammar) and memorizing words (vocabulary). Lexico-grammatical methods are used in the traditional teaching of foreign languages ​​in schools and universities.
Полезные ресурсы для бесплатного изучения языков


  • - careful selection and classification of materials for learning English: online dictionaries, schools, forums, translators, tutors, tests, school textbooks, video courses, games, programs for Android, iPhone, YouTube channels, podcasts and more . Everything is free.
  • - a sea of ​​textbooks and books for download. The search engine works well. You can find everything.
  • is the site of the British Council. Tests, grammar, games and more. Everything is in English, so for beginners it will be difficult to navigate, but it's worth a try.
  • - a variety of materials for learning modern, living language.
  • is a fairly advanced site with lessons, articles and videos. Before you start learning, select “Russian” on the main page.
  • is a good resource from California. His main task is to teach English as a second language. Ability to download and work with a huge number of podcasts with printouts and dictionaries.
  • is a “bomb” for teachers and intermediate students. A bit complicated navigation. But the bottom line is that podcasts are collected from around the world on a variety of topics. Lively language with printouts and explanations (all in English). You can compare the pronunciation from Canada, England, Australia, etc.
Полезные ресурсы для бесплатного изучения языков


  • is a good site, a lot of information with test tasks, all in French.
  • is the best Russian-language site, it will be especially useful at the first stage, as the grammar is explained in Russian, and all texts have translations.
  • - French Air Force video course. Resource English and all explanations in English. So at the same time tighten your skills in learning and English.
  • - video, audio, grammar exercises, music library.
  • - interactive: video, audio, tasks, tests and dictionaries.
  • - here you can find French learners of the Russian language, and thus practice your skills together.
  • - on this site it is proposed to work out conversational French and understanding of speech by ear. The site will be interesting to those who are planning to study in France. You will learn how to open a bank account, search for an apartment and much more. There are grammar exercises.
Полезные ресурсы для бесплатного изучения языков


  • - many books, audio, video, forum. A lot of useful and diverse information.
  • - Dictionary of Spanish.
  • - video for different levels of understanding. Mostly represented by everyday dialogue. In addition to video, there is text and Spanish-English translation of these dialogues.
  • - a collection of voiced texts. Texts are divided by genres (plays, stories, poetry, notes on culture / traditions, etc.). You can start with mas leidos (most readable) or mas valorados (having the highest rating).
  • is a simple and easy-to- read online Spanish textbook. No need to download or buy. Suitable for those who already know how to read Spanish and know basic terms like "noun", "adjective".
  • - very interesting dictionary. For example, type azul in the search box. He gives you a dictionary entry with all the meanings of the word.
  • - texts from the Instituto Cervantes, which are divided into 3 levels. Conveniently, there are explanations (grammatical, lexical). For the most part detectives are posted, so reading is interesting.
Полезные ресурсы для бесплатного изучения языков


  • - a site in English with the most detailed thematic sections.
  • - grammar, exercises, training for the development of hearing and correct pronunciation.
  • - German course from German radio station “Deutsche Welle”. The site contains files and news in mp3 format on various topics.
  • - on the site you can find a variety of news that is somehow related to the German language. You can also learn German online by taking tests and lessons presented on the site.
  • - an extensive directory of links to Russian, German and foreign sites devoted to the study and improvement of the language.
  • is an exciting site for those who learn German, lots of useful and interesting information.
  • - site of Elena Shipilova. Anyone who has ever started learning German independently has probably already heard her name. Be sure to find and watch all her lessons on YouTube.
Полезные ресурсы для бесплатного изучения языков


  • is a great educational site that contains grammar, vocabulary, exercises, dictations, tests, games, proverbs and sayings, songs and videos.
  • - the site contains a lot of information for beginners.
  • - news, detailed explanatory grammatical descriptions, texts for reading by difficulty levels, music, videos, materials for teaching children.
  • - Dictionary of spelling and pronunciation.
  • - a thorough and thoughtful vocabulary on 100 topics. You can download in two versions - with and without translation. In addition to Italian, there are many other languages.
  • - a selection of materials, links, exercises. The community is constantly updated.
  • - selection of training materials, exercises, links, tests and news.
Полезные ресурсы для бесплатного изучения языков


  • - grammar and reading rules in Czech.
  • - the very same thing in Czech. For example, the longest word is nejneobhospodorovavatelnejsi.
  • Kurz Cestiny - video tutorials for beginners. You can learn a lot for yourself.
  • - language learning in pictures. No ads.
  • С - an interesting slang dictionary. Subscribe to the newsletter and will have every day by the word and its explanation.
  • - Czech audio and video tutorials for beginners. They can download complete transcriptions, accompanying materials, and for particularly passionate students, even control tasks.
  • - Jana Slavikova lives in Prague and teaches Czech students personally and on Skype. But her site has collected a lot of materials that can be used for self-study.
Unfortunately, it’s simply impossible to put all the languages ​​in one article, so please offer your favorite resources in the comments and we will definitely make another selection.