Work will not make you rich - unlike these five things

Как стать богатым

Salary (pay for an employee) - remuneration for work, depending on the qualification of the employee, the complexity, quantity, quality and conditions of the work performed, as well as compensatory and incentive payments.

Wages (payroll) - monetary compensation (about other forms of compensation is almost unknown), which the employee receives in exchange for his work.

All millionaires know about this. But silent.Charles Tips, a former scientific editor and entrepreneur who founded TranZact, told how to get rich. We share his secrets with you.

"No one has become rich by working for one salary," my father often told me.

Think, how many the richest people making that same 1% of the population, work from nine to six?

If you sell your time to others, you will not get far. In the departments of personnel, to the extent of a penny, they know how much it is profitable for them to pay for your abilities and skills. Even if you graduated from Harvard Law School, get a job at a leading law firm and get a few hundred dollars an hour, then after deducting all the costs, you will have a maximum of a third of what you actually earned.

So how do you achieve financial prosperity?

Perhaps, first you need to realize that your goal is not financial well-being, but well-being as such. The word "financial" refers to money, but you have to understand that money is just the equivalent of what you have. Your condition is in the land, the products and the funds invested in it. And money is just a convenient tool for doing business.

Here are some tips for those who want to change their lives for the better and get rich.

Decide on your goals

A large current budget is not wealth. You can roll millions of dollars a year, but what percentage of it do you have? If you are dealing with serious money, and your final profit is small, it does not bring you closer to wealth, but exhausts.

Use financial leverage (or other people's money)

Imagine that a familiar businessman tells you that he needs 200 capacitors (or something else) to ensure that production does not stop. He's desperate and ready to pay $ 2 apiece. You have $ 100, and you know where to get such capacitors for only a dollar apiece. You can double your money! Or you can borrow $ 100, promised to return $ 110, and almost triple. Moreover, you can convince your friend to pay in advance and get even more profit without risking your money.

Delegate credentials

Once, when I was working in retail, I hired a window cleaner. The next day he came to me in a business suit, took away his $ 20 due and left his employee for himself. Then I met in the city at least three more washers that worked for him. I tried to calculate how much money he earns on these three workers, doing only sales and coordination. Maybe I should clean the windows? I happened that this guy could easily earn $ 120 an hour, spending at the same time not more than $ 21 (it was 35 years ago), plus a maximum of $ 2 overhead. It was four times more than my income - despite the fact that I was a partner in a prosperous retail business! And he had far less headaches! And workers!

Do not miss your chance

The production cycle, during which goods and services are produced - and this is the economy - begins with the fact that some enterprising person looks into the future and sees that he has a chance to make a profit. After all, there is nothing difficult in opening a business for washing windows. So why do 99% of the washers do everything wrong and wash the windows themselves?

To start a business, you need a business grasp. Most people do not open their business, but come up with a job where they have to be both a performer, a boss, a secretary and a marketing specialist. Four jobs in one - how much delegation of authority, you will spin like a squirrel in a wheel.

Money should make money

How did Mark Zuckerberg last week earn $ 4 billion a day? How did Jeff Bezos earn $ 6 billion a couple of days ago in 20 minutes? By increasing your hourly pay? No, at the expense of capital.

Man is a fragile creature. In all your life you will have from 100 to 150 thousand working hours. Multiply this by your hourly rate and calculate the possible size of your state. But money can work in 24/7/365 mode. The secret of success is to start earning early, be very frugal, do not spend money on trifles and put off every penny. Your money will work for you, even when you are sleeping. You will go to lunch at an excellent restaurant, and while you are enjoying the food, your money will earn enough to enable you to pay the bill. Or better yet - let everything be paid by a neighbor on the table, who wants to buy your business.


If you want to become rich and devote your life to making money, you should have an appropriate character store. Business is a risky occupation. You will find many pitfalls. You can do everything right, make brilliant decisions, move higher and higher, and in the end end up in a worse position than they were at the beginning.

Not everyone can cope with such stress and stress without having a guarantee of success. Therefore, work for hire and a stable salary is a good life choice.