Superstyh for memorizing irregular verbs

Cуперстих для запоминания неправильных глаголов

Writer and teacher Alexander Pyltsyn in 1994, wrote an excellent verse, using almost all English irregular verbs in one work.

Invites anyone who has not learned the wrong verbs to start studying right now.

I'm a throw-threw-thrown brick, (throwing)
He's in the window fly-flew-flown, (fly)
I'm uncle catch-caught-caught,
To my father and mother brought-brought-brought. (drive)
So far, I'm surprised -
Fling-flung-flung where is it from? (leap out)
Cling-clung-clung for the collar, (cling)
Oh, and a bad old man!
I, of course, say-said-said, (to speak)
What broke the window neighbor,
He did not hear-heard-heard me, (hear)
How to lead me to death.
I have a danger of feeling-felt-felt
And I was ready to kneel-knelt-knelt ... (to kneel)
Oh, and it hit me hard -
Cost-cost-cost a lot of glass! (cost)

Fool with the Scoundrel all day
Together they played in "rubbish".
"I won-won-won." - said the Doodle, (win)
You lose-lost-lost, - said the Scoundrel! (lose)
Bully fight-fought-fought (fight)
No one will divorce them
Already both weep-wept-wept (crying, whining)
The tutor of sleep-slept-slept (sleeping)

I'm at the buffet buy-bought-bought (buy)
A first-rate sandwich,
For him, I pay-paid-paid, (pay)
In the classroom in the lay-laid-laid desk (put)
And do not think-thought-thought, (think)
That his neighbor will die.
And now I'm very sad -
Smell-smelt-smelt it is very tasty! (smell)
Floor broom sweep-swept-swept, (sweep)
The house is in order keep-kept-kept, (contain)
Learn-learnt-learnt will assiduously (learn)
Sew-sewed-sewn and wash the dishes (sew)
Shine-shone-shone all around - (shine, shine)
My husband will be happy.
Everyone should know-knew-known,
What once grew-grown-grown. (Grow, grow)
So let's dream-dreamt-dreamt (dream)
Marrying without problems!

Drink-drank-drunk terribly much (drink)
Our neighbor's uncle Goga.
It is forget-forgot-forgotten (forget)
About family and work
And, of course, have-had-had (to have)
He's in terrible trouble.
He is such a do-did-done,
When I was drastically drunk !!!
Plastunsky creep-crept-crept, (crawl)
As a child weep-wept-wept. (cry)
Very many hurt-hurt-hurt (harm)
Uncle Goga-obormot.
With the manager-fight-fought-fought (fight)
Threatened that shoot-shot-shot. (shoot)
His friend Grishka
Strike-struck-struck on the nose with a book. (strike)
The nose, of course swell-swelled-swollen - (swelling)
My friend was very unhappy.
Freeze-froze-frozen in the freezer (freeze)
His cat Murzilka,
And once break-broke-broken (break)
There are eight windows in our house.
Declared a war in the family,
Bind-bound-bound his wife. (Bind)
Draw-drew-drawn in the son's notebook (draw)
An impolite picture.
From him a wife and children
Hide-hid-hidden in the toilet. (hide)
Heard terrible spread-spread-spread (spread)
It's like our neighbor is a crook.
An anonymous send-sent-sent,
Like, steal-stole-stolen it's cement. (steal)
He took the fashion from the balcony
Spit-spat-spat on pedestrians. (spit)
Lean-leant-leant through the railing (bend)
And laughs like a gorilla!
Well, in the end, fall-fell-fallen (fall)
Straight from this balcony.
Write-wrote-written on the wall, (write)
Ride-rode-ridden on an elephant, (ride)
And besides, in the zoo
Be-was-was at the lions in the fence. (be)
Seek-sought-sought for something there (search)
For a snack for a hundred grams.
And recently bite-bit-bitten (biting)
At the entrance of the aunt Vita.
Find-find-found (find)
Dog breed Basset Hound.
Very close to the elderly
The dog became-became-become. (become)
Give-gave-given grandfather to him (give)
Expensive basturma -
We must feed the fed-fed fed
Something delicious for lunch.
Fat and meat cutlets
Old people do not let-let-let. (let)
Previously, the grandmother sit-sat-sat, (sit)
Knit-knit-knit your jacket, (knit)
And now her grandfather orders
This is quit-quit-quit; (To throw, to stop)
Today grandmother and grandfather
Life is different lead-led-led: (lead)
Grandfather with a smile is dozing in the tub,
The dwell-dwelt-dwelt head in the closet, (dwelling)
Dog in bed lie-lay-lain, (lying)
As an emir of the country Bahrain

Treasure was looking for one eccentric,
A whole month dig-dug-dug, (dig)
Find-found-found, the charter is complete, (find)
Metal casket!
And, of course, think-thought-thought, (think)
That will richly heal.
He is so passionately strive-strove-striven (strive)
All have and thrive-throve-thriven! (prosper)
Take-taken-it took the ax (take)
And I tore off the casket ...
Before opening
Go-went-gone home to sleep. (go)
And all night long in a dream an eccentric
Drive-drove-driven Cadillac, (lead)
Eat-ate-eaten pineapples (available)
And smoked sausages
Fly-flew-flown behind the clouds, (fly)
Hold-held-held his treasure with his hands, (hold)
Spend-spent-spent on wind money (spend)
Build-built-built self-hacienda ... (build)
And when he wake-woke-woken, (wake up)
That's not a word of speak-spoke-speaking (speaking)
(After all, the minutes are numbered),
Leave-left-left your pants, (leave, forget)
Run-ran-run at full speed, (run)
Find-found-found only ... your ax! (find)

Look, Balachute's Slingshot
Put in your pocket put-put-put (put)
And begin-started-begun (start)
Hooligan bully!
He cushion cut-cut-cut, (cut)
Brother in the bathroom shut-shut-shut, (close)
All newspapers are light-lit-lit, (set on fire)
The dog hit-hit-hit,
He's a neighbor of a ring-rang-rung (ringing)
And, of course, run-ran-run. (To run)
He does not think-thought-thought, (think)
That the police will come.

One night in a nightmare
Hang-hung-hung I'm on the wall, (hang)
And another time, see-saw-seen, (see)
It's like I drank kerosene!
What kind of nonsense is my dream at night-
That I fly-flew-flown, like a bird, (fly)
Then I swim-swam-swum in the fountain, (swim)
Lie-lay-lain dressed in a bath, (lying)
That teacher of ours
Teach-taught-taught to cook porridge! (teach)
That neighbor-aunt Glasha
Make-made-made drink yogurt! (To force)
And today be-was-be (to be)
Just a shit:
Steal-stole-stolen drum, (steal)
Beat-beat-beaten, like a shaman! (pound)
You will not believe me,
But one day I'm in a dream
Speak-spoke-with Stallone? (speak)
Sing-sang-sung together with Madonna. (sing)
And with actress Sharon Stone
Leap-leapt-leapt, like a clown! (To skip)
Tell-told-told about this mom - (tell)
Mom burst-burst-burst with tears. (break out)
To the Ukrainian Prime Minister
Sell-sold-sold wagon of plywood! (sell)
Judy Foster - me she
Weave-wove-woven scarf made of linen. (weave)
What is all this mean-meant-meant, (mean)
As all this is understand,
Understood and understood (understand)
What is behind this stand-stood-stood? (stand)
Only once had a dream - like a dream:
I get-got-gotten a million! (get)