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12 kinds of lies, which are not believed by strong minds

12 видов лжи, в которую не верят сильные разумом люди

Falsehood is an assertion that is obviously not relevant to the truth and is expressed in this form consciously.

In everyday life, falsehood is the intentional transfer of factual and emotional information (verbally or non-verbally) in order to create or maintain a belief in another person, which the sender himself believes is not true.

It is time to forget the lies that we repeat to ourselves - for the sake of ourselves and our future! Let's figure out what kind of lies we have to deal with more often.

We live in turbulent times. Every day there is less and less about everything and more and more uncertainties around. Fortunately, this means an increase in the number of possibilities. But so that we could overcome the obstacles in our path and realize the available opportunities, we need a strong mind.

"In the depths of winter, I finally realized that endless summer was lurking inside me." Albert camus

The power of the mind means first of all that you understand how to manage your emotions, adjust your thoughts to the right way, and always act in a positive direction, regardless of the circumstances. This is a deep knowledge that every, even the smallest small step forward - this is progress. And that if you really want something, then you will achieve it, regardless of mistakes, failures and unequal chances. Yes, every step forward will not be easy, but when you reach the goal, you will feel better than ever. And one day you will realize that the hindrances are not obstacles in your path, that they are the path. And it's worth it.

A strong mind is needed in order to voluntarily walk this difficult path. And this is exactly what my wife and I ate with the dog, and what we talk about every day in our articles and with our clients. Why? Yes, because somewhere 90% of our problems are a by-product of mind weaknesses acquired from outside. In other words, during our life we ​​hear from other people a whole heap of lies about what we need and what not, what we can do, and what we cannot, what is possible for us, and what we should not even think of - and subconsciously believe every word.

You know what's worse? Then we not only begin to repeat this lie to ourselves and others, but also to live in accordance with it.

So, it is time to forget this lie - for the sake of ourselves and our future. What kind of lies do we most often have to deal with?


It had to be completely different.

We all have a swarm of ideas in our head about how our ideal world should look, and often it brings us much more harm than good. Try to understand it. Expect less and learn more. Get rid of illusions, and let life teach you - let it test you. Yes, you will not always understand her, but this is normal. When you think that it can’t be worse, it will suddenly become worse - but when you think that you won’t get any better, life will wipe out the worst. Strong minds appreciate obstacles in their path, for I know that each of them is another step of the ladder to the heights. So keep going forward, keep growing, and one day you will be able to describe your whole life in one phrase: “Everything went wrong according to plan, well, to hell with it.”


Disappointment and sadness are not necessary.

Being overly tuned for happiness, and only for happiness, can you program yourself for an unhealthy attitude to negative emotions and phenomena. Strong mind people do not try to avoid negative emotions, instead they accept both positive and negative emotions, allowing them to coexist harmoniously. And this is a key element of their durability. Trying to be happy 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is useless - instead, it’s better to focus on the integrity of our personality. Disappointment, annoyance, sadness and mistakes - all these things helped you to become the person you have become. Happiness, victory, self-satisfaction - all this, of course, is good, but they will not teach you half as valuable life lessons.


Everything is bad, everything is very bad

Against this way of thinking, a cure was found in the ancient philosophy of stoicism: "There is neither good nor bad, there is only how we perceive it." Later, it was rephrased by Shakespeare in the form: "There is nothing neither good nor bad, this thinking makes everything so." And they were right - the way we perceive the situation can either benefit us or cause significant harm. We often react to situations overly emotionally, projecting our negativity on them, when to overcome them we would have to treat them objectively. In the end, it’s not at all the situation in which you have fallen, is for us to benefit or to the detriment - to the benefit or to the detriment of you, your attitude towards it, and what we are taking on this issue.


There is no hope

Strong minds know that the opposite of defeat is not courage, but hope. And there is always hope. When you lose something good, think about it not as a loss, but as a valuable experience that will help you to make some further progress in your life. In the end, who you are is determined by the sum of your actions in each segment of the life path. Remember - you always have enough strength and capabilities to keep going forward. Stay strong, and try to think clearly - even when it seems to you that everything around is falling apart, most likely, this is not at all the case.


You had no other choice

Have you ever met a happy and successful man, constantly striving to avoid responsibility for his life, and blaming anyone for all his failures, but not himself? So we have not met. Because happy and successful people have a strong mind. They take responsibility for their lives. They believe and know that their happiness and success is only the result of the right thoughts, the right attitude to life, and the right actions.


Successful people follow the rules of society.

Do not obey the rules. Do not break the law, but do not obey the rules. You do not have to meet other people's expectations. The root of many people's misfortunes often lies in their need for external approval, which stems from their attempts to measure their own dignity, based on listening to other people's opinions. But in fact, the only opinion that you really should listen to is your own. You, and only you decide what life to live. And the goals and expectations of other people do not really mean that much.


There is always an easier way.

The path of least resistance is often the path of least reward. If you want to achieve something worthy, you need to work hard for it. If the shortest path leads somewhere, think, do you even need to go there? As Einstein once said, "Genius is 1% of talent and 99% of hard work." To learn how to run fast, you need to run more. It is not possible to become a writer without practicing writing books. If you want to become a successful businessman, you have to start somewhere. In short, hard work is no substitute. So repeat to yourself every day: “I will work. It won't be easy, but it's worth it. ”


Now is not the time

What is the use of doing the right thing if it was done at the wrong time? And when it comes to reaching your goals, the wrong time is usually “later”. Why? Because time does not stand still. And stop waiting for the right time, because it will never come. So make decisions. Take a chance! Life is too short to spend its end on thinking "And if ...".


You lack something to be happy

Strong mind people know that sincere human gratitude is most likely to raise the mood. The more good you see, the more good you create, the more things around you will be worthy of a smile. Happiness is not at all in the absence of problems. Happiness is when you value what you have.


To impress people, you have to be perfect.

If the face that you show to the world is nothing more than a mask, one day you will understand that there is nothing behind it. For when you spend too much time on how other people perceive you and on creating the image of the person they want you to see, sooner or later you forget about who you really are. So do not be afraid of the assessments and judgments of other people - in the depths of your heart you know who you are and what you really need. And you don't have to be perfect to impress people - let them be impressed with how you deal with your imperfections.


You have reason to hate someone.

The hallmark of a truly adult person is that when confronted with a person who hurt him, he tries to understand why he did it, instead of trying to hurt him in return. Learn to forgive. This does not mean that you give up what happened in the past, or forget about what happened. It only means that you give up contempt and pain, instead trying to draw the right conclusions based on what happened, and then continue on your life path. Remember - the less time you spend hating people who hurt you, the more time you have left to love those who love you.


Beloved people should always agree with you.

Intelligent people know that even people who love you will not always agree with you just to make you happy. Rather, they will say what you need to hear in a given situation, no matter how much you want to hear it. And this is good, because when people tell each other the truth, not embellished with a sweet lie, it only makes the relationship between them stronger. When they see you as you are, without embellishment and tinsel, and still respect ... this is love. It is a preference for accepting sugary poddakivaniyu and agreement with everything that you say. And sometimes this agreement that you do not agree. So what?


I want to give you something else to think about ...

In 1914, great inventor Thomas Edison suffered a tremendous misfortune. His laboratory burned to the ground along with many years of work. Newspapers described this situation as the worst that ever happened to him, but it was not true. First of all, because Edison did not think so at all. The inventor chose to consider this as an excellent opportunity to restore and re-examine most of what he has been working on recently. It is said that immediately after the fire, Edison said: “Thank God, all our mistakes were burned. Now we can start everything from scratch. ”

That's what I call the power of the mind!

And now - your turn ...

What kind of lie do you most often treat yourself to? Which of the following types of lies you thought was true? Leave a comment, share your thoughts!

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