10 morning wishes or art want to "right"

Правильные утренние желания

If you decide to start your own business, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to work 25 hours a day 366 days a year, especially at the initial stage, when the business will need to get on its feet and gain a foothold with the goods or service on the market. In the process of work you will have to constantly motivate yourself not to slow down the business processes, which means death for, perhaps, one of the most successful firms.

Being able to motivate means:

  • To replace negative emotions with positive ones;
  • Figuratively reduce problems without taking them to heart;
  • Solve problems at once, and not postpone and constantly think about them.

I'll start with the main thing: the Word has power and power! This is an axiom and it is not necessary to prove it. Therefore, we take this statement as a basis and learn to "want right".

To make our wishes fulfilled:

  • Firstly, want and want
  • Secondly, to understand yourself and keep track of: what exactly do you want.

I have this rule: every morning when I wake up, I send 10 "I Want!" To the Universe. I simply list with pleasure and bend my fingers. Desires are very diverse. From " I want my mom to bake my beloved revolver for breakfast ", "I want a new nail polish" to "I want to fly into space with a team of great cosmonauts" and "I want to win the Miss Universe contest."

At this moment of "want" I do not think at all about how my desires are fulfilled. I'm happy to play this game. I allow myself to WANT! Without analysis, I can not, without possible-impossible. What is called, I allow myself to want "without a roof". I enjoy the game, keeping track of my mood today. In front of me is a perfect day to realize my desires.

Правильные утренние желания
And the first thing I'm sending you my message is - learn to WANT!

Express your desires! Allow yourself to "let go of the brains" and wish for the most incredible! Asking the universe the question - you will definitely get an answer. Desire!

Track what kind of desire you repeat most often!

And maybe every morning. You can not keep track of when you say your wishes orally, write down. Thus, you will have an understanding of what the darling asks. What it seeks for. Write out this desire separately. Look at him.

How do you feel about what you wrote? How is this reflected in your heart? How much resonates with your inner world, with your state today. Pay attention, it is today, because as soon as it matters: a conscious state here and now!

This is how our true desires are born. What we really want. I repeat that we really want to. As the proverb says: "To want is not harmful. Harmful do not want to. "

And here it is also important to learn how to pronounce your desires correctly!

The space works magically. It understands everything in its own way. And he needs to be clear and correct and very accessible to formulate requests.

When my clients during a psychotherapeutic session begin to speak intricately, it is difficult, with common phrases, then I have an excellent method. I say: "Imagine that I'm 5 years old. Explain here what you just said to the five-year-old child so that he understood. "

I share this magic technique with you. It works well for many situations. Excellent work also in the event that you make a wish. In order to understand yourself, explain to yourself that you really want it as if you are telling this to a baby. It works! Immediately there is clarity of formulation, clarity of thought, depth of utterance and understanding of that - and this I want.

Правильные утренние желания
And talk about what you want!

In the literal sense of the word. The phrase "I do not want to be pursued by failure" will work just the opposite. As you know, the universe does not hear the "not" part. Therefore, I repeat, say what you WANT. "I want to be successful and successful" - that's right. Focus on desire, not denial. WORKING! It is checked up on itself.

And now we come to the point where we started - how correctly to formulate our desires so that they inevitably come true.

The Word has Power and Power. Remember this. How you formulate the desire depends on what you will receive in the end. This is an axiom and this phenomenon is already well known. Correctly formulate wishes when making a guess is really important, so now I will talk about all the nuances, otherwise the desire can be fulfilled exactly as it was intended - but, alas, with a bunch of side effects.

It seems that it's complicated here: I wanted to - I wanted to. Then why in the end do not you get what you wanted and made?

So, how to make a wish?

How to choose the right words to make your wish come true? After all, WORDS are a KEY to the Universe.

Read, if you have not read, the work of Hans Andersen "Kaloshi Happiness". It quite clearly shows how closely you need to treat your thoughts and tells you what happened to the person who fulfilled every wish that came to mind. The result was sad - he died. Therefore, more and more times I write that the WORD has power and power! To use this power and power must be carefully, skillfully, giving a full account of their thoughts and spoken words.

Правильные утренние желания

Example! My close friend for a month repeated to me her cherished desire: "I want to lose weight!". She talked about this desire to the left and to the right. Straight the idea of ​​"fix." Her desire was fulfilled - she still lost weight ... getting ill with pneumonia ... After a month and a half of treatment - skin and bones. Even I had to dial. An elementary example, but it shows very clearly and clearly that desires need to be able to guess!

Therefore, follow the algorithm below and then everything will be executed exactly as you want!

  • Desire. 10 morning wishes, pronounced confidently and with a fuse, will teach you to want and receive pleasure from it.
  • Track those desires that are repeated most often. If you fly into space and eat a piece of snake, you appear very rarely, then let them go to the will of the universe. But if the desire is repeated from day to day, then this is the signal - that's it! This is what I really want.
  • Formulate your messages in the Universe simply , use a chip about 5 years.
  • Talk about what you WANT to get , not about what you want to avoid. Particles "not" the universe does not hear.
  • Take care when you say a word . Specify yourself. Formulate as simply and clearly as possible. All ingenious is simple. All the banal - it works. Desire, and may your desires be, first, heard by the universe. And, secondly, we are right! And be sure to perform!

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