40+ new services for learning programming, foreign languages ​​and intelligence development

Сайты для изучения

This collection includes websites and blogs for self-development, online courses and universities in various disciplines, websites and online services for learning foreign languages ​​and programming.

The founder of the information platform for entrepreneurs Maqtoob Christina Zet published in her blog for the Medium a selection of new educational resources. We publish the translation.


Сайты для изучения
  • MasterClass ? - online courses from famous people: actors, athletes, directors. In the list of authors - Serena Williams, Kevin Spacey, Werner Herzog and others.
  • FutureLearn ? -? Free educational courses of world universities and educational organizations. For an additional fee, you can get certificates of special programs.
  • Curiosity ? -? Platform for "fast" education with an emphasis on mobile devices. Offers video lessons and images with facts on various topics, ranging from sports and design, to medicine, history and mathematics.
  • WixEd ? - courses from Wix, dedicated to online entrepreneurship. The platform teaches how to attract customers, engage in online marketing and which aspects of the business to pay attention first.
Сайты для изучения
  • Primer is a mobile service from Google to study marketing. Available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Sywork - online courses for artists and illustrators.
  • Startup Patterns - mobile nano-lessons about managing start-ups for busy owners.
  • Degreed - aggregator for tracking the progress of educational disciplines. He suggests choosing courses of interest from different sources (Udemy, Duolingo, Khan Academy) and at the end of the week offers statistics on how much time was spent on different disciplines.
Сайты для изучения
  • Savvy - a service of individual lessons and consultations. She offers classes in subjects related to music, self-development, business and foreign languages.
  • The Big Know ? Is a community of marketers who help brands create useful and interesting courses for the audience.
  • Iversity ? - presentations and lectures by experts in various fields: energy, medicine, design, and SMM. Available in eight languages, including Russian.
  • Instructables ? -? Courses for masters and amateurs to work by hand. Tips for creating interior items, jewelry, electronics and even survival kits.
  • Cudoo - paid courses of personal growth.


Сайты для изучения
  • Lrn ? - A service for studying Javascript on mobile devices.
  • Envato Tuts + ? - Paid service for designers and developers. Offers courses in CSS, HTML, graphics and color.
  • Py ? - iOS application for studying Python, Java, Swift, HTML & CSS, R, SQL, algorithms, astrophysics and other disciplines.
  • Livecoding.tv ? - Streaming service for monitoring programmers while working on real products. Here you can select the languages ​​and applications of interest, as well as ask questions to the developers.
  • Trinket is a service for learning the basics of Python.
  • Drupalize.Me - video courses for studying CMS Drupal.
Сайты для изучения
  • CheckiO is a learning game for programming in Python and JavaScript.
  • Pencil Code - service for creative programming languages. The user performs creative tasks with the code - writes music and draws.
  • CloudAcademy is a paid resource for studying cloud technologies.
  • CodinGame is a service for learning various programming languages ​​in a game form. In each case, the player is required to solve a particular problem or fix another's code.
  • Code4Startup is a resource where a user under the guidance of mentors can create a clone of one of the known projects - Tinder, Airbnb, Fiverr and others.
Сайты для изучения
  • Swift Playgrounds and Swifty are services for learning the Swift language.
  • Codewars is a service where training tasks are collected - kata - for Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Java and Haskell.
  • Egghead is a resource for learning the frymooks for web development.
  • Simplilearn is a training center for the training of project managers, developers and digital-marketers. At the end of the training offer to get a certificate and further employment. The cost of the programs is from $ 1 thousand dollars.
  • CodeUpStart is a service that helps you learn how to develop using existing IT products.
Сайты для изучения
  • Codeplace is a service for studying Ruby on Rails using the example of existing IT products.
  • CareerFoundry is a system of online courses and individual mentoring for those who want to start a career in the IT field.
  • Exercism is a resource for improving the developer's skills.
  • SitePoint Premium is a service for teaching web development.
  • Code-Free Startup is a service for advanced developers, which will help them to improve their skills on the example of start-ups.

Foreign languages

Сайты для изучения
  • Tinycards - a resource from the company Duolingo for fast memorization of foreign words with the help of flash cards.
  • Lang-8 - service for learning new languages ​​with their carriers.
  • Vocabulary.com is an adaptive system for memorizing English words and expressions.
  • Rype is a paid service for express learning of French and Spanish.

Services for the development of intelligence

Сайты для изучения
  • Lumosity - special games for the development of mental activity.
  • Elevate is a mobile application for developing concentration, improving productivity and training the brain.

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