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Useful websites that raise the level of intelligence

Полезные сайты, повышающие уровень интеллекта
Useful websites that raise the level of intelligence
IQ tests are specifically designed to obtain a normal distribution of results

wiki IQ (intelligence quotient) is a quantitative assessment of the level of the human intellect (the coefficient of mental development): the level of intelligence relative to the level of intelligence of the average person (of the same or average age); in a narrower sense - the ratio of the so-called mental age to the true chronological age of the person (individual). It is determined by means of special tests. The coefficient of intelligence is an attempt to estimate the factor of general intelligence (g). The IQ tests are designed so that the results are described by a normal distribution with an average IQ of 100 and such a spread that 50% of people have IQs between 90 and 110 and 25% below 90 and above 110. The IQ value of less than 70 is often qualified as mental retardation.

Most often, we spend useless time on the Internet, playing online games, communicating with friends or laying out another photo of our dinner in the Instagram ... In order not to waste time, we offer to your attention a selection of unusually useful sites for self-development.

  • Coursera is an educational platform that offers online courses from all the world's leading universities and organizations to everyone.
  • The Universiarium is a global project that provides an opportunity to receive high-quality education from the best Russian teachers and leading universities for millions of Russian citizens.
  • Khan Academy - a free educational resource contains a collection of more than 4,200 free microllections in all sorts of disciplines - from literature to cosmology.
  • Udemy is a knowledge fair, in which over 10 million students from all over the world are registered to date. The program includes more than 40 thousand courses.
  • UNIWEB is an online learning platform that, together with leading universities, develops educational online products to disseminate quality education in Russian.
  • University without borders is a platform for exchange of relevant academic knowledge for a Russian-speaking audience, regardless of place of residence, geography, place of work or study, as well as socio-economic status.
  • HTML Academy - online courses, the purpose of which is to turn anyone from a beginner into a professional web developer.
  • Lumosity - site for the development of mental abilities. It seems to be nothing new, but Lumosity has its own peculiarity: the application selects an individual program of "training" for each person. Do not spare your time for this exciting project!
  • Eduson is the center for online training of future businessmen from all over the world. The main method is various courses from leading professors and successful practitioners.
  • Wikihow - the site is the result of the joint efforts of thousands of people to create the most useful step-by-step guide in the world. Just like Wikipedia, WikiHow is part of the wiki community, and anyone can write or edit a page on the site.
  • Internet-school of NRU HSE - courses in subjects of socio-economic profile, in mathematics, history, Russian and English.
  • Lingualeo is a platform for interesting and effective learning of the English language, where more than 12 million people are registered.
  • Memorado is a free application for smartphones, called by its creators just like "a real gym for the brain." The game has a huge number of levels - 600, which are represented by a variety of puzzles.
  • Duolingo is a free platform for language learning and crowdsourcing translations. The service is designed so that as lessons are learned, users simultaneously help translate web sites, articles and other documents.
  • 4brain - free trainings on the development of skills of speed reading, oral counting, creative thinking, oratorical skill, memory, etc.
  • Psychology Today - an online magazine dedicated exclusively to the theme we all love: ourselves. The portal covers all aspects of the behavior and mood of a person: mental and emotional health, personal growth, relationships, sex, parenting, and much more.
  • Brainexer - a site with a lot of tests and exercises on the oral account, memorization, attention and thinking. Tests are free and available without registration. Despite the fact that the resource is English-speaking, there is a translation into Russian.
  • Memrise is a unique online platform that uses the most advanced techniques of working with memory in order to help users remember information faster and more efficiently than with any other method.
  • All10 is an online simulator that gives you the opportunity to learn how to type text on the keyboard blindly using all 10 fingers. The site maintains your statistics, as well as the overall rating of the student's performance.
  • Project Gutenberg is an electronic universal library of various works of world literature, which was founded in 1971.
  • Yandex School is an electronic lecture, the main purpose of which is to train specialists both for Yandex itself and for the IT industry as a whole.
  • Curious - the site was created so that teachers, students and talented people around the world could share with all their knowledge and skills, and even with the opportunity to earn extra money.
  • Sentences is a website that will help you learn and memorize new English words in the context of sentences. The high efficiency of studying materials is facilitated by a system that monitors the level of language proficiency.
  • Intuit is the largest Russian Internet university with the opportunity to receive higher and second higher education, as well as professional retraining and advanced training.
  • Lecterium is an interesting site with a huge number of Russian-language lectures on a variety of topics. In addition to lectures, video materials from various scientific conferences are posted here.
  • Quora - The best answer to any question.