Ligurian tongue twister and texts for articulation and diction

Скороговорка «Лигурия» - Тексты для артикуляции и дикции

Pagoda is a short, syntactically correct phrase in any language with artificially complicated articulation. The tongue twisters contain sounds that are close in sound, but different phonemes (for example, c and w) and complex combinations of phonemes for pronunciation. Often contain alliteration and rhyme. Used to train diction and pronunciation. Also in many languages ​​there are words and phrases that are difficult for people to pronounce, the language of the phrase for which is not native. Such words and phrases are called "shibboleth".

Friends and listeners sometimes send links on the topic: remembering, training memory, developing it to a phenomenal level, improving attention and everything else that is somehow related to it. From the information sent, we identified two recommended texts (for useful and pleasant). The first text develops articulation and diction , the second text will remind you how to correctly stress :)

Ligurian tongue twister

As it turned out, this patter is considered one of the most difficult tongue twisters. She even has a name - "Liguria" .

The text of the tongue twister (spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved):

On Thursday the fourth day at four and a quarter of an hour the Ligurian regulator was regulating in Liguria, but thirty-three ships maneuvered, maneuvered, and never failed, and then logged the protocol protocol, as interviewed by the interviewed Ligurian regulator speechless, but not purely reported, yes Did not doraportoval doraportovyval and so zarportovalsya about razmokrokopodhivshuyuschuyu weather that, so that the incident did not become a contender for judicial precedent, the Ligurian regulator acclimatized in unconstitutional Constantinople, where the crested laughter laughed roar and shouted to the Turk, which is blackened with a pipe: do not smoke, Turk, pipe, buy better Kipu peak, it's better to buy a peak kipu, or the bombardier from Brandenburg will come - he bombards with bombs because a certain black-cheeked half-yard with his snout dug, dug and dug; But in fact the Turks were not in the business, and Clara to the stall at that time stole to the stall while Carl stole coral from Clara, for which Clara at Karl stole the clarinet, and then in the courtyard of the barbarian widow Varvara, the two thieves stole firewood; But it's a sin not to put it in a nut: it's all about Klara and Karl in the dark, all the crayfish were making a noise in the fight, that's not the thieves were to the scorer, and not to the widow's widow, and not to the children of the children; But the angry widow removed the wood into the shed: once the firewood, two firewood, three firewood - all the firewood was not contained, and two woodcutters, two firewood woodcutters for the emotion of Varvara expelled firewood in the width of the courtyard back to the woody yard where the heron crumbled, the heron dried, the heron Died; The heron's chicken clung tenaciously to the chain; Well done against the sheep, and against the young man the sheep itself, which Senya hays hay in a sleigh, then carries Senka Sonka with Sanka on sledges: sledge skok, Senka in the side, Sonya in the forehead, all in a snowdrift, and Sashka with only a lump of bumps knocked over Sasha went on the highway, Sasha found Sasha on the highway; Sonka - Sashka's friend walked along the highway and sucked dry, and besides Sonya-turntables in her mouth, she also had three cheesecakes - exactly in a honeycomb, but she does not care for a honey drink - Sonya, and with a cheesecake in her mouth reproduces - re-poets: buzzes like Beetle, buzzing, and dizzy: she was lying to Frol, lying to Laura, she would go to the Lavra on Frola Lavra, and she would say that she was a sergeant-sergeant with a sergeant-major, a captain with a captain, that the horror was terrified, and the hedgehog had a hedgehog, and he had a high-ranking The guest took away the cane, and soon five more children ate five cheeses with a quarter-ruble chetverik lentils without a wormhole, and one thousand six hundred and sixty-six pies with curd from whey from under the yogurt, about everything about the bell, the bell rang with a ringing, so much so that even Constantine - zaltsburzhsky unsuccessful from under the armored personnel carrier ascertained: how all the bells do not perekolkolovat, not perevikolkolovat, and all the tongue twisters do not overdose, do not overdo it; But the attempt is not torture. "

For the most enthusiastic there is also the continuation of "Liguria" ...

It was evening, there was nothing. Varvara felt the emotion of the unhappy Vavil, and the amused Mrs and Mr. Vixaux cheered the unhappy gopher. But the Mrs and the Masters of Vinegars did not know that Varvara, who was in awe of the babylon, felt the Baba's unconscious Babylon. But when they broke out, they told each other. But suddenly came prokop boil your dill. And the tailor Poto and the dressmaker Poto started playing lotto. It was evening, there was nothing.
Sasha was on the highway. She was met by a driver on the highway, pulled a tire for the car. The driver got dirty, black as an imp. Sasha saw the chauffeur, was stupefied, he can not say a word, only: tit! Theta! Tat! That! Here! you t! And then, when I recognized him, I told him everything. She told me that there was grass in the yard, firewood on the grass, that the bombardier had bombarded Brandenburg, that you would not overdo it all quickly, you would not overdo it. Sasha chatted, chatted, but never blurted out, and the driver sat down, fell asleep and fell asleep.
You can not tell a language, and you do not waste a finger with a finger. There's nothing to argue with your hands, if God did not give you a mind. Speech with the mind is red, and if the tongue is lisping, then talk gently over the tongue: thirty-three ships maneuvered, maneuvered, and failed; In our yard, the farmstead was weakened by weather; The bell is not Kolpakov's bell, the bell does not sound like a bell, it's necessary to poke a bell, to overpack it, we have to re-bell the bell, we must re-arrange it, we must retell all our tongue-twisters, we must perevyskogorovat, and then you start talking like a little river zazhurchish.
From the tramping of hoofs, dust flew across the field. They sent Senya with a report. Senya's head is with a basket, but no mind. I did not say things like that: he told me that not thirty-three ships maneuvered, maneuvered, but they did not squander that Prokop did not brew his dill, and at Malasha ate all the whey from under the yogurt and even the pie with mushrooms to keep the tongue For teeth. Prokop kept something, but Senya kept talking and talking, and he took a nap. To take a nap did not take a nap, snorted, and gave a whistle.
The commander was talking about the colonel, the colonel, the lieutenant-colonel, the lieutenant-colonel, the sub-lieutenant, and he did not say anything about the sub-lieutenant, but said that you should not look for the mustache at the goose's - you will not find that the scales of the pike, the bristle of the pig, that near the stake - the bells That the wasps do not have a mustache, are not strong, but tendrils.
Take care of your honor from the young age, or you lied to Frol-Frol on Laura, you'll go to the Lavra-Frola Lavra will come up with a rubbish, because the tongue without bones is already red. All the people of the canal are angry with the evil Natalya, and she also says: "It is not Comrades who comrade comrade who comrades are comrades in comrades, but comrades, comrade comrade, comrade who is without comrades; Comrade Comrade. "
I told him a secret, and he's all over the world, that there's a honeycomb on the street, I do not care about the mead, that's on the street, I'm not in favor of a carrot, not of a wife of a wife, not of a child of a child. So he will tell each other, and a friend to a girlfriend, and a friend to a hog, and a hog to the whole city-the language does not turn red from lies, and is already red, but just keep your honor from the young: once you lie, you will not believe in another; After all, if a liar, and a deceiver, and a deceiver, and a rogue, and a rogue, and a fraud, and a fraudster, and a thief.
It was in Babylon. Varvara felt the Babylonian babylon feel the Babylonian Babylonian, a Babylonian, who had not been heard.
The nervous constitutionalist Constantine was found acclimatized in the constitutional city of Constantinople and with quiet dignity invented advanced pneumatic mash-dogs.
Once a dandy Goldfinch found a crate of rubble, and in the crack rustled the pike, a dented pike was dragging a cover to sew trousers out of it. She jerked her cheek lightly with a pair of tongs and shuffled it with a noise, not a sack, dragged this sack, but suddenly a lacing rustled. And went out, twittering and squinting, punks-puppies, but in a rough stubble and quickly jangled Shchegla-shaluna, so that he no longer strided in the hollow. From the shock of goldfish our lost its charm, itched under its feathers. Now he guards the gates of the barracks, in a sailor's shikaya jacket.

Text, with emphasis on the right stresses

Aty-baht, the bridge is humpbacked, singing the tiger under the bridge, and the dancers have escaped, scared their cockroach.
Once the shaggy gorilla crocodile called. He did not make friends with the gorilla, he immediately put the phone down. It is better not to ring who is calling, to drive.
In the Yaslya children spoiled, the teachers cursed: "Do not worry, the strap will put you on a pot."
Eight caterpillars chain rose up the barrel. Maybe there is a deficit, since people are losing their money? They crawled along, looking sadly: in the barrel is a draft beer.
The Barbie doll celebrates the birthday on Sunday. At night, Barbie did not sleep. It was evident that the little bear was offensive, and it was hard. Barbie understood that, honey cake.
Abi-cabs in the baobabs of the Ship, the garbage disposal, the windows to cut through, then it would be possible to settle in them people.
The bandages, the dandies, beat the chimes, they all rush to drink a bottle of champagne for children, and for adults - lemonade. Who has managed to pervert everything, he will look for us.
Oh no no no! Accident! I wanted to do better, more red, more pleasant, and inedible.
Who yesterday sheked sheep with sheepskins with the collective farmers? Who yesterday with the carpenters before the lunch smoked frames? Who cemented the skeletons and buried them with oats? The question was asked three times, there was no response at all. Look right into my eyes, go to the number three. Time! Two! Three!
One, two, three, four, five. To start the game for us, we will all rise in alphabetical order: Ani, Vanya, Kolya, Rita. Who does not know the alphabet, that calculation will make it easier.
To the top and to the point of stopping the brain all at once, the correct stress fixes singing songs. It becomes immediately tame the hymnal syllable, into the rhythm included. All ten fingers are bent, and many more sufferers will be given peace by finding roots in the forest.
We write dictation vocabulary, we sing out the syllable percussion: it will facilitate, deliver, turn on, move, move. In a chorus, they all shouted: "The apple trees were fruitful!" We do not need to destroy all our words, so as not to distort them any more.

Words, with emphasis on the right stresses


Agents agronomy Acropolis alcohol alphabet Amphora analogy Anat Anonymous Apocalypse peanut arrests argument asymmetry Astrology Astronomer atmospheres scam Airport


BAnts baRZh bOnhuT bUngAl bALLOn bALyAsya balovAt BLAGOVEST bHODiNtsA bAlAlAlAA bAhhAL'tory burokrAtiya


Verbena evening time concave gross Vandalia Dowager of true religion veterinarians took a race locked took Included Included Included Included Included poured water pipelines burst into air ducts embraced playback recreate handing exorbitant outright




Up to the dOgmat down the drain dOsAt dOSyTa long-term deFIs deFIs Dialog Dispensary Dispensary WHERE did you get it? Did you get the agreed terms? The agreement waited. As soon as the dosing is finished, you will be able to reddit the document. The document can not be reached. You can reach the document easily.


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curved ahead of time to take a good time to take a busy daylight dimming enviable enviable regulars Long clog clog clog occupy employment locked sealed populated called Call Call Call wintering malice marks the significance of the significance of a gear


It has long been Iconography X's knowledge and sidelong Spark Spark olden times olden times the abbot of ideologies hieroglyphics curved spoiled spoiled since ancient times imperial invention otherwise excluded twisted stroke instinct exhausted exhausted


Flounder cough Cone Cone Kitchen Kitchen Catalog rubber Quarter Quarter cedar kilometers kilometers put glue glue pertussis lucre lucre nursing Kralj Crane handsome handsome flint flint roll bleeding bleeds






NAISKO Nachal Nachali Nachatye-remove nachaty neDrug neenavst nenetsky news news ngotya rod.p e.d. backhand upstairs lied hex put on his long-ruptured nazhivshy profited remove their belongings are named Nazli tipped nalIvshy poured poured deliberately intention to hire growths growths narwhal nasorIt Home Home Home Home Home Home ailment shortly obituaries obituary briefly briefly untold oil pipeline descends on the lowlands newcomers newborns


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Lampoon loop understand handrails vows wasteland desert Parterre Patriarch chime perekrOenny overfishing loop pizzeria mold dresses fruited sealed capture povtorЁnny Repeat divided subtitle raise teenage cleaned to call call call search poured put put Poltergeist understand understand understand portfolio Send arrived arrived bite take take decision-anticipated prized profit profits sentences RECEIVED PRIZES TO CONSIDER TO TAKE TARGETED PROGRAMS SURVIVED SURVIVOR PROVIDED PROCEEDING PROCEEDINGS Pseudo-NUMBER PUBLIC PUBLIC PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION




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REDUCED TO REDUCE THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONCEPT The legalization of the Ukrainian strengthens the strongest management


FaxImile fenomen (unusual phenomenon) fenomEn (outstanding person) fetIsh fluorographAfia




Cementner cementing chain


Scooping up the cleaner




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EXPERT Excursion