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Liguria patter and texts for articulation and diction

Скороговорка «Лигурия» - Тексты для артикуляции и дикции

A patter is a short, syntactically correct phrase in any language with artificially complicated articulation. Speakers contain similar in sound, but different phonemes (for example, c and w) and difficult to pronounce combinations of phonemes. Often contain alliteration and rhyme. Used to train diction and pronunciation. Also in many languages ​​there are words and phrases that are difficult to pronounce to people, language phrases for which are not native. Such words and phrases are called “shibolot”.

Friends and listeners sometimes send links on the topic: memorization, memory training, developing it to a phenomenal level, improving attention and everything else that is somehow connected with it. From the information we sent, we identified two recommended texts (for useful with pleasant). The first text develops articulation and diction , the second text will remind you how to put emphasis :)

Liguria patter

As it turned out, this patter is considered one of the most difficult patters. She even has a name - “Liguria” .

Text patter (authors' spelling and punctuation preserved):

On Thursday, the fourth of four and a quarter of an hour, the Ligurian traffic controller regulated in Liguria, but thirty-three ships were tacking, maneuvering, and never flared up, and then the protocol about the protocol was recorded as an interviewer interviewed by a Ligurian traffic controller in a clear way, but not purely reported, yes didn’t finish doryporting and so messed up about razmopropogodivshiysya weather that, so that the incident did not become a contender for judicial precedent, the Ligurian regulator acclimatized to unconstitutional om Constantinople, where the crested laughter laughs and screams at the Turk, who has a rough pipe: do not smoke, turk, pipe, buy a peak better, buy a peak peak, and then a Brandenburg scorer will come - someone else will come as a bomber from a bombardor. he snatched a half-yard with a snout, dug and dug it; but in fact the Turk was not in business, and Klara to the krail at that time sneaked to Lara, while Karl stole corals from Klara, for which Klara from Karl stole the clarinet, and then two thieves stole firewood in the yard of the barber of Varvara; but sin - not laughter - not to put in a nut: about Klara and Karl in the darkness all the crabs roared in a fight, - that’s not up to the goal-scorer to the thieves, and not to the degotnikova widow, and not to the degotnikovyh children; but the angry widow put firewood in the barn: once firewood, two firewood, three firewood didn’t fit all the firewood, and two woodcutters, two firewood drovoruba for the dispersed Barbara ousted the wood in the yard back to the wood yard, where the heron was chahla, she died, and she died. died; the chick of a heron clung tenaciously to a chain; well done against the sheep, and against the well done the sheep itself, which Senya carries hay to the sleigh, then Sonka Sonka with Sanya on a sled carries: sledding hockey, Senka - in the side, Sonya - in the forehead, everything - in a snowdrift, and Sashka only with a cone stashed , then Sasha went along the highway, Sasha found a sachet on the highway; Sonya did - Sashkin's girlfriend walked along the highway and sucked drying, moreover, Sonya had spinners in her mouth also had three cheesecakes - right in the honey cake, but she wasn’t up to the honey cake - Sonya and with the cheesecake in the mouth of the sonnter pereponarit, - perepaponarit: buzzing ground beetle, buzzing, spinning: had Frol - Frol on Lavra lied, go to the Lavra on Frol Lavra lied, that - sergeant with a sergeant, a captain with a captain, that uzh - uzhat, and a hedgehog - a hedgehog, and he has a senior guest took a cane, and soon again, five guys ate five mushrooms half a quarter of a quadrangle lentils without a wormhole, and one thousand six hundred and sixty-six tarts with curd from whey from under yogurt, everything about that about the bell bell was called up, so much so that even Konstantin was a Salzburger hopeless from under the armored carrier that ascertained how everyone did not break the bell, Do not re-call, and all tongue twisters do not talk, do not talk again; but trying is not torture. ”

For the most enthusiastic, there is also the continuation of "Liguria" ...

It was evening, there was nothing. The stirring babylon Varvara has touched the bare heart of Babylon, and the merry Mrs and Mr. Vineses amused the non-merry gopher. But Mrs. and Mr. Vinegars did not know that the Babylonian Varvara who was in sympathy was that she was deeply moved by the unexperienced Babylonian Babylon. But when they met, they told each other that. But suddenly Prokop came to boil his dill. But the tailor Poteto and the dressmaker Poto began to play lotto. It was evening, there was nothing.
It was Sasha on the highway. A chauffeur was walking along the highway, dragging a car tire. The driver got dirty, turned black like a little devil. Sasha saw the driver, was stunned, the words can not say, only: tit! Tet! tat! that one! here! you t! And then, when I recognized him, I told him everything. She told me that there was grass in the yard, firewood on the grass, that the scorer was bombarding Brandenburg, that you couldn’t talk about all the tongue-twisters, or if you didn’t break it. Sasha talked, chatted, but never blurted out, and the driver sat down, went numb and fell asleep.
You can’t tell the language, and you won’t lift your finger. There is nothing to reason with hands if God did not give mind. Speech is red in the mind, and if the language is lisping, then speak a tongue twister after a tongue twister: thirty-three ships were tacking, tacking, and unclaimed; in our courtyard, the weather melted; the cap is sewn not in kolpakovski, the bell is not poured in a bell-like manner, it is necessary to perekolpakovat kapak, perevykolpakovat, it is necessary to perekolokolovat bell, pereskolokolovat, it is necessary to skip all skorogovorirovki, perekhorogovorit, and then you start talking like a river.
From the tramp of hoofs dust flies across the field. Then they sent Senya with a report. Head at the Cenis with a basket, and the mind is not a crumb. He told me that he told that it was not thirty-three ships that were manning, maneuvering, but they did not find out that Prokop hadn’t cooked his dill, but had eaten all the serum from under yogurt and even mushroom pie from Malasha. behind the teeth. Prokop kept, and Senya was chatting and chatting and taking a nap. He didn’t take a nap, snored, and whistled.
The commander talked about the colonel, about the colonel, about the lieutenant colonel, about the lieutenant colonel, about the second lieutenant, but about the second lieutenant said nothing, but said that you should not look for a mustache - don’t find that scales from a pike, a bristle of a pig, that is near a bell has a bell that the wasp is not a mustache, not a mustache, but a mustache.
Take care of your honor from your youth, and that was at Frol - Frol at Lavra lied, go to the Lavra - at Frol Lavra lies, because the language without bones is already red. The evil Natalya has all the people of the canal, and also says: “Not the one, comrades, comrade comrade, who is with comrades, comrade comrade, but the one, comrades, comrade comrade, who is without comrades; comrade comrade ".
I tell him a secret, and he is all over the world, that there is a honey cake on the street, I don’t care about the honey cake, that it is a degotnik on the street, I don’t care about the degotnik, not about the degotnik wife, not about degotnikovyh children. So the friend will tell each other, and the friend is a friend, and the friend is a hog, and the hog throughout the city does not blush from a lie, is already red, but only take care of the honor from your youth: once you lie - you will not believe in another; for if there is a liar, so is a deceiver, but a liar is like a knave, and a knave is like a crook, and a crook like a thief.
It was in Babylon. The Babylonian Varvara who has begun to stir has been moved by the non-sympathized Babylonian to Babylon of Babylon - the Babylonian.
The nervous constitutionalist Constantine was found acclimatized in the constitutional city of Constantinople and in quiet dignity invented advanced pneumatic bags knockers.
Once a dandy A duster found a box of rubble, and in the cracks of a rustling pike, a pike dredged dragged a case to sew it out of it with a bristle. Goldfinch quickly cheeked her cheek suddenly pinched with forceps and shmyaknul skimmer, without delaying, this bag dragged, but suddenly the lacing rustled. And she came out, chirping and squinting, the punks — puppies, but in rough bristles and Shchegla-naughty boy quickly shook so that she would not run hither and there in the hollow. From shock, our goldfinch lost its charm, itched under the feathers skin. Now he is guarding the gates of the barracks, in a sailor chicging jacket.

Text with emphasis on correct accents

Aty-bata, the hunchbacked bridge, sings gypsy under the bridge, and the dancers fled, the cockroach frightened them.
Once a shaggy gorilla crocodile rang. He was not friends with the gorilla, he immediately put the phone down. He better not to call, who is calling, to drive.
In Yeslyakh, children dabbled, the caregivers cursed: “Do not play, the strap will put you on the pot.”
Eight hussines chained up the barrel. Maybe there is a shortage, since the people of Valom is worth? Crawled, they look wistfully: in a barrel bochkovoe beer.
Barbie doll celebrates his birthday on Sunday. At night, Barbie did not sleep. Sweet peccans. The little bear was, obviously, both offensive and envious. Barbie understood it, honey cake was given away.
Aby-kaby in baobabs of the ELEPHANT, garbage escort, to cut windows, then it would be possible to lodge in them the people.
Banty, dandies, beat the chimes, all from the Hurry up haste for children bottle of champagne, and for adults - lemonade. The one who managed to turn everything around will search for us.
Oh no no no! Accident! I wanted to do better, more beautiful, more convenient, but it turned out inedible.
Who yesterday with kolkhoznitsami sheared ram scissors? Who yesterday with carpenters before dinner skins frame? Who cement on skLADA drove and slept them oats? The question was asked three times, the answer did not sound even once. Look straight into my eyes, go to figure three. Time! Two! Three!
One, two, three, four, five. In order for us to start the game, let us stand in alphabetical order: Ani, Vanya, Kohli, Rita. Who does not know the alphabet, that our calculation will facilitate.
Up to the point of failure, you settle all the brains at once, the correct accents will fix the verses. Immediately tame syllable becomes stressed, in the rhythm included. All ten fingers are curled up, and you will give peace to the more suffering sufferers by finding roots in the forest.
We write the dictation of the vocabulary, we single out the syllable of the stressed: we will ease, we will give, we will turn on, it will move, it will be placed. All the choir shouted: "Apple fruit or!" All of us words and do not exhaust, so no longer distorted.

Words with emphasis on correct accents


agent agronomia acrepole alcoholic alphabet amphora analogue anatom anonymous apocalypses arAhis arrest argument asymmetry astrologo astronohm atmosphere afer aeroports


bans bArJA bOro б bungalo balo балa bALUs бал ball bAglovest the harlot




gesis garbovy gas pipeline gastronomy hegemionia hypothesis persecuted homeopathy citizenship curiosity




Evangelical heretic


BlindsI waitedA lived


curved ahead of time to take a good time to take a busy daylight dimming enviable enviable regulars Long clog clog clog occupy employment locked the sealed populated called Call Call Call Winterers malice marks the significance of the significance of a gear


From time immemorial Iconography Ikas Iskos Spark of knowledge and ignition spark Istari Istari IGUmen ideOrg hierOglyph bently spoiledSpecialized to spoil the invention of imperial insight insult instinct eliminates distorting izorpat izatep


Kambala coughing the cones of the cones KITCHON KUHONNY KATALO KATAL KOUCHUK quarters Quarter cedar KiloSea kiloS CLIENT kLe kleit kleit kklyUsh skEsti rIm nourishing kryla kryl kryt klyuy kklyUsh rOn rEmEn rEmE nourishing kryl ka kalit ka ti koit klyushi rOnI rEmEn rEmE nourishing kryl ka kalit ka ti koit klyUsh rIt rEmEn rEaTe nourishing kryl ka ti ka ti ka kait klyushi rOnI rEs aRm a nourishing kryLa koRa kryt kAlt kalysh kohl kryomi komono komono komono kohonny katonu






But now I’ve started Nachalnaya-remove nachalny enemy Hate Nenets novosti news nodtiya rod.p unit. upstairs I lied a backhand long hex Nadel nazhivshy profited torn-away tipped acquired title Nazlı nalIvshy poured poured intention to hire a plan buildup buildup narvalsya nasorIt START START START START START START ailments obituaries obituary briefly shortly briefly untold PIPELINE nisin descends on the new arrivals neonates


Providing the promised obzvonila facilitate She drenched herself facilitate detection embraced overtake Encouraged Encouraged by encouraging encourage peeled encourage aggravate heightened bypass approval lend voiced embitter embitternment familiarization okleit surrounded debase opera definitely sealed wholesale inquired inquired inquired awareness spearhead convicted departed gave gave uncorking uncorking offline withdrawn withdrawn tear Adolescence otsenOnny


lampoon loops understood handrail Shear Heath desert parter Patriarches chime perekrOenny fracture loops Pizza mold plateau fruiting sealed capture povtorOnny repeat divided subtitle raised adolescence cleaned called Call Call Searches poured put put Poltergeists realized realized realized portfolio sent arrived arrived occlusion take take adoption anticipated prized arrived arrived sentences having given prize to force to make to accept the tamed progib who lived prozo TABLE PROTECTED PROCESS PENCTION TO A Pseudo Pool PulOverPURA Overpass


raja raPort little oz razgi developed crayon TornA roar




THE TORTURE OF THE TORTS THE TORTS AT THE OWN OF THE TUFFLE TUM There The Livestock Dancer The Hard Worker (Double Stress) Tiger TROUBLE Nausea


removed speed up deepen deepen persuasion legitimization ukrainski strengthened by a softer reinforcement


FaxImile FenOmen (unusual phenomenon) FenEn (prominent person) FetIsh Fluorografiya




Centner cement chain


to clean the cat


sharfy chauffeur


click on a microfiche spikele smiles


ekspert Excursion electric