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300+ awesome free services [UPDATE]

300 потрясающих бесплатных сервисов

We’re publishing a great list of 300+ very mega useful links . A selection of useful online services, platforms and web collections will expand your consciousness and help you find and do everything from a source of inspiration and stock photos, to programming courses and creating email newsletters. Save as soon as you bookmark and send to all your friends, you won’t find this anymore!

[UPDATE] The author of the original article, Ali Mese, added another 100+ new free services.

Бизнес - 300 потрясающих бесплатных сервисов


A. Free Websites

B. Free branding and logo

C. Creating invoices

D. Free legal documents

  • Kiss Legal Documents for Startup Founders and Investors (new) .
  • Docracy An open collection of free legal documents (new) .
  • Shake Create, sign, and submit agreements in seconds. Free for personal use (new) .

E. Idea management

F. Free business / project item generators

Маркетинг - 300 потрясающих бесплатных сервисов


A. Blogging

  • Hemingway The Hemingway app makes your texts cleaner and more understandable.
  • Grammarly Finds and corrects errors in your texts.
  • ZenPen Minimalistic text editor.
  • Editorial Calendar Displays your posts on the calendar.
  • Story Wars Co-writing stories.
  • Headline Analyzer Evaluation of the title in terms of emotional marketing.
  • WP Hide Post Control the display of articles on your blog.
  • Social Locker Payment via tweets, likes, etc.
  • Egg Timer Online Timer.
  • BlankPage A convenient service for writing texts (new) .
  • Wattpad The largest community of readers and writers in the world (new) .
  • Known Website for your content (new) .
  • Wattpad Another largest community of readers and writers in the world (new) .
  • Dbook Structured and collaborative writing of large documents (new) .
  • CoSchedule Article Title Analyzer (new) .
  • When you return, your text will still be here (new) .
  • Free Summarizer Summarize any text online in a few seconds.
  • Medium A public platform for writing stories, articles, ideas (new) .

B. Search for interesting content / ideas

C. Free SEO + Website Analysis

D. Free Image Optimizers

E. Free Image Editors

  • Canva Incredibly simple creation of graphic design elements for bloggers.
  • Pixlr A robust photo editor in the browser (new) .
  • Skitch Express your opinion in fewer words.
  • Create powerful infographics.
  • Social Image Resizer Tool Image optimization for social networks.
  • Placeit Free templates and mocapas.
  • Recite P Turn the quote into a work of art.
  • Meme Generator The first online meme generator.
  • Pablo Create interesting images for your social networks in 30 seconds (new) .

F. Build and send email

  • Contact form 7 A popular Wordpress plugin for collecting email addresses.
  • Mailchimp Send 12,000 letters to 2,000 subscribers for free.
  • ManyContactsBar A free contact form at the top of your website.
  • Hello Bar Get more email subscribers.
  • Sumome List Builder Collect email addresses using the lightbox window.
  • Scroll Triggered Box Increase site conversion - Wordpress only.
  • Sumome Scroll Box Polite assembly of email addresses.
  • Mandrill The fastest way to deliver mail. 12,000 letters / month for free (new) .
  • Mailgun Email service for developers. 10,000 letters / month for free (new) .
  • Sendgrid Delivers your transactional and marketing mail. 12,000 letters / month for free (new) .
  • Sendinblue 9,000 letters / month for free (new) .
  • Mailtrack Tracking the opening of letters (new) .
  • Beefree Free Email Editor for creating designs (new) .
  • Canned Emails A minimalistic website with ready-made email templates (new) .

G. Free Guides and Courses (new)

H. Free social media + community management + questionnaires

I. Free customer support and survey creation

  • Typeform: Free online questionnaire and form builder.
  • Tally Create surveys instantly.
  • Free Survey Creator Create a survey and get user reviews for free (new) .
  • Batch The world's first absolutely free platform for mobile applications (new) .
  • Helprace Helpdesk . Free for 3 agents a small support service (new) .

J. A / B testing and growth tools

Дизайн + Код - 300 потрясающих бесплатных сервисов

Design + Code

A. Sources of free designs

B. Choice of color

C. Inspiration

D. Free stock photos

E. Free typography

F. Free Icons

G. Other free tools

H. Development and programming

  • GitHub Let's create the best software together (new) .
  • BitBucket Git and Mercurial code management for IT teams (new) .
  • Chisel Offers an unlimited number of fossil repositories (new) .
  • Visual Studio A universal collection of tools and services for developers (new) .
  • Landscape Early warning system for the Python codebase (new) .
  • Swiftype Improve your website’s search engine. Free access with restrictions (new) .
  • Gather all the information you need and start getting answers to all your questions (new) .
  • Coveralls Research site statistics (new) .
  • LingoHub Free for small teams, Open Source and educational projects (new) .
  • Codacy Continuous static analysis to complement your unit tests (new) .
  • Searchcode Find over 20 billion lines of finished code (new) .
  • TinyCert Free SSL certificates for your startup (new) .
  • StartSSL Free SSL certificates (new) .
  • Opbeat The first ops platform for developers. Free for small teams (new) .
  • Pingdom Website Monitoring. Free for one site (new) .
  • Rollbar Step-by-step monitoring of application errors in any language (new) .
  • Loggly Simplify your Log Management. Free for one user (new) .
  • Devport Create your developer portfolio (new) .
  • Getting Real Build your web apps wisely. Free e-book (new) .
  • Peek Get a free 5-minute video of the person who uses your site (new) .
  • Creator Create the best Ionic apps (new) .
  • DevFreeCasts Huge collection of free screencasts for developers (new) .
  • Cody Free HTML, CSS, JS nuggets (new) library.
Работа и продуктивность - 300 потрясающих бесплатных сервисов

Work and Productivity

A. Background music to focus on work

  • Noisli Background noise generator.
  • Noizio Calm sounds for relaxation and productivity.
  • Defonic Combines various sounds into a melody.
  • Playlists compiled by designers for designers.
  • Coffitivity Cafe Sound Broadcast (new) .
  • Octave Free library of UI sounds designed for iOS (new) .
  • Free Sound A huge database of free audio snippets / snippets, samples and recordings (new) .
  • Sonics Free packages of UI sounds and sound effects delivered to your inbox every month (new) .
  • Deep Focus Spotify's famous playlist for focusing attention (new) .

B. In order not to be distracted

  • Self Control Mac: A free app to avoid distracting websites.
  • Cold Turkey Windows: temporarily block distracting websites.

C. Organization and collaboration

  • Trello Keeps records of anything.
  • Evernote Workspace for everything.
  • Dropbox Free space up to 2GB.
  • Yanado Task management through Gmail (new) .
  • Wetransfer File Transfer up to 10GB.
  • Fast, free, secure and easy hosting of images and files.
  • Pocket To watch later, put it in your Pocket.
  • Raindrop Convenient service for working with bookmarks (new) .
  • Flowdock Free for teams of 5 people and non-profit organizations (new) .
  • Typetalk Share and discuss ideas with your team using instant messaging.
  • Slack Free for an unlimited number of users with several disabilities (new) .
  • HipChat Free for an unlimited number of users with several disabilities (new) .
  • Google Hangouts Liven up your conversations with photos, emoji and group video calls (new) .
  • Voveet Simple and free 3D calls. Feel the difference (new) .
  • FreeBusy Get rid of headaches when planning a business meeting (new) .
  • RealTimeBoard Online collaboration board (new) .
  • Witkit Reliable collaboration, storage platform. 50GB free storage of encrypted data (new) .
  • Get things done with your team (new) .
  • Asana Teamwork without email (new) .
  • GoToMeeting Online meetings without the hassle and fuss (new) .

D. Remote work

  • Founded X Startup Stats Find the best country for your startup (new) .
  • Teleport: Startup Cities Pick the best cities to work or study.
  • Nomad House Homes around the world for nomads, where they can live and work together.
  • Workfrom Coffee, WiFi and good vibes (new) .
  • Lastroom Coordinate your team’s travels with ease (new) .
  • Nomadlist The Best Cities for Living and Remote Work Nomad House: Homes around the world for nomads, where they can live and work together.
  • Nomad Jobs The best remote work in startups.
  • What's It Like Tips When to Travel Better.
Делать открытия и учиться - 300 потрясающих бесплатных сервисов

Make discoveries and learn

A. Learn new tools and startups

B. Build together

  • Assembly Create new ideas with others.
  • CoFoundersLab Search for a co-founder of a startup in any city, any industry.
  • Founder2be Finding a co-founder for your startup.

C. Learn

D. Useful Email Newsletters

E. Useful tools

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