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Running an aquarium or the right Aquarium

The Right Aquarium

CHEMISTRY - definitely not.

If you recently took a great interest in aquaristics and decided to create a small piece of wildlife in your home and put your first aquarium - this article is for you.

In it, I tried to give a few basic tips that you will need when starting your first aquarium.

  • 1) Do not buy a small aquarium at once, take at least 60-80 liters, if, of course, the house has a place for it. Large aquariums are more resistant to temperature and chemical changes. Recently, the trend of nanoakvarium (aquariums up to 20 liters) is fashionable, but it is better, nevertheless, to start with a larger aquarium.
  • 2) Wash the filter elements of your filter only in aquarium water (not in the aquarium itself), for example in a bucket or basin, this will allow you to keep those bacteria colonies, which in turn help you in the fight against ammonia and nitrites. Tap water is capable of killing them, which for some time will disrupt the biological work of your filter.
  • 3) Do not forget and do not be lazy to change every week 20-25% of water, this will allow you to fight nitrates in your aquarium. And remember that it is not worth it, as 80% of people in our country thought, pour out all the water once a year and boil the soil, enough to replace 20-25% of the water with fresh, which will ensure the long and happy life of your aquarium.
  • 4) Do not overfeed the fish, it is very important. First, overfeeding damages the fish (here you can look at people, overeating has not benefited anyone), and secondly, not eaten food begins to rot in the aquarium, which significantly spoils the quality of water.
  • 5) Always check the compatibility of the fish you buy. Agree, because no one saw in the zoo aviary with wolves, penguins and rabbits living together. The aquarium is exactly the same.
  • 6) Do not release new fish from the package or bottle directly into the aquarium, first place this packet in water, in order to level the temperature, then add 50-100 ml of water from the aquarium to the bag, the bottle - this is done in order to align the parameters water. It is better to do this alignment within 20-30 minutes, not less.
  • 7) Before buying fish, inspect it very carefully for damage, opacities, sores and other abnormal conditions.
  • 8) Use a quarantine aquarium for newly arrived fish, this will help preserve the fish that you already have. The question is especially acute when the fish is not cheap, and in any case the fish after a while become full members of the family and care for their health is necessary for us, aquarists. Therefore, just in case, keep a quarantine aquarium where you could watch a new fish for a couple of weeks for its health.
  • 9) Run the aquarium in series so as not to overload the filtration system. Filtration system as a human body, if it is trained gradually, it will give a greater result than if immediately give a big load. Colonies of bacteria develop gradually with increasing stress, so do not immediately start all the fish that you yourself charted.
  • 10) Do not believe the rule of 1 cm of fish = 1 liter of water, who and when it came up, but this rule is not entirely correct.
  • 11) Do not get carried away with the use of chemicals, especially if you do not fully understand their effects and the consequences of their use.

It is worth remembering that the way to success in aquariums lies through scooping up new and new information through books, magazines, forums and aquarium portals that help to go to success in our hobby with you.