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Complete, interesting and useful information on aquarism

Полная, интересная и полезная информация по аквариумистике

This site is intended primarily for lovers who dedicate their free time to aquarist. I would like the information posted here to really help in solving complex issues related to the aquarium world.

To talk about something new in aquaristics today is very difficult. For a long time, aquarium lovers have been engaged in home maintenance and breeding of the inhabitants of the underwater world. A lot of publications of domestic and foreign, dedicated to the aquarium. But if you take from all these publications at least for a small fraction of the most useful and valuable, add your own personal experience, then it may not turn out to be a bad guide for those who decide to try themselves in the aquarium business.

The maintenance of aquarium fish is not only available, but also useful for any person. For any of us, this corner of wildlife is an object of aesthetic pleasure, teaches observation and love for animals, helps relieve stress, fatigue, irritation.

In this section, we present the necessary material associated with aquarism. We hope that this section of the site will become a daily and reliable helper for everyone who has chosen such a fascinating occupation as aquarism as their hobby.

In developing this section, domestic and foreign publications and photographs were used. We express appreciation to Russian and foreign authors, whose materials have served as a source of useful and valuable information.

Of course, it is not possible to cover all the moments and all the questions about the huge accidental world. Therefore, we will be very grateful for the help from the aquarists themselves, who are ready to share their practical skills and experience, as well as to help beginner ambientists with tips on solving complex problems of caring for and maintaining aquariums.

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