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The best survival traps

5 лучших ловушек для выживания

A trap is a technical device for killing or catching a victim. The victim may be a person, an animal. When creating (installing) traps take into account the morals, lifestyle and habits of the victim.

Trap (Türk. Kapkan) is a device for catching animals, consisting of one or several springs, arcs (claws) that capture the neck or paw of an animal and a plate that activates the trap when pressed. The principal feature of the trap design is the impossibility to push the arcs of the actuated device by applying force directly to them (the opening is blocked), otherwise a large beast, for example, a bear, could easily be released; to free the victim and bring the trap into a cocked state, it is necessary to additionally act on the cocking mechanism, sometimes with the help of a special lever. A cable or chain is used to hold the trap with the caught beast in place.