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Deliciously delicious chocolate sausage Salame Dolce (Sweet Salami) for tea

Изумительно вкусная шоколадная колбаска Salame Dolce (Сладкая Салями) к чаю

The classic of the genre is a very tasty dessert! Surprisingly, from the simplest ingredients very often the most delicious treats are obtained. Our mothers and grandmothers used this rule and spoiled us in childhood with all the familiar chocolate sausage . we remind you of this simple in making, but insanely delicious dessert.

Изумительно вкусная шоколадная колбаска Salame Dolce (Сладкая Салями) к чаю

Put the cookies and biscuit into the processor (combine) and make a crumb of different sizes in the pulse mode. Transfer the crumb into a large bowl. Put the nuts and dried fruits in a combine and chop finely. Mix biscuits and nuts with dried fruits.

Heat the milk and oil over medium heat, add finely chopped chocolate and continue heating, stirring, until the chocolate dissolves. Remove from the plate add cocoa, liquor, and vanilla.

Mix the liquid ingredients with dry (if the mixture turned dry, add milk). Divide the mixture into two parts, each part rolled into sausage and wrapped in a film or foil, or tracing paper (you can immediately mass onto a film and form a sausage with a film). Put the finished product in the refrigerator or freezer for freezing.

To make the sausage "round", without "flat" flanks, it can be put in a cardboard cylinder (paper towels are wrapped around it, I used a cardboard box from New Year's wrapping paper, it is denser), after cutting it. Put the sausage in the cylinder, connect the seam, squeezing his hands so that the mass takes the form of a cylinder. Seam with adhesive tape
Изумительно вкусная шоколадная колбаска Salame Dolce (Сладкая Салями) к чаю

Before slicing, salami, you can sprinkle cocoa or sugar powder, then cut it into slices and weave with tea!

Keep in refrigerator or freezer.

Bon Appetit.

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