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Civil (Civil) Code of Ukraine

Document 435-15, in-line editing, June 14, 2007, at submission 1111-16, updated
Book of Persh. Foreign provisions
Rozdil 1. Main position
Chapter 1. Civil legislation of Ukraine Art. 1-10
Chapter 2 Predstavi winnings of civil rights and obov'yazkiv. Zdіysnennya civil rights and the picture of obov'yazkiv Art. 11-14
Chapter 3 Zahist of civil rights and interests Art. 15-23
Rozdil 2. Individuals
Chapter 4 Zagalny position about a physical person Art. 24-49
Chapter 5 Fizichna person - pіdpriєmets Art. 50-54
Chapter 6 Optics and features Art. 55-79
Chapter 7 Legal provisions about a legal person Art. 80-112
Chapter 8 Pіdpriєmnitsky partnership Art. 113-166
Chapter 9 Legal Forms of Participation of the Power, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Territorial Communities in Civil Vidnosiny Art. 167-169
Chapter 10 Organization of representatives, through some kind of power, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, territorial communities of civil society Art. 170-173
Chapter 11 Legal identity for goiter and power of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, territorial communities Art. 174-176
Rozdil 3. The rights of civil rights
Chapter 12 Foreign provisions on the rights of civil rights Art. 177-178
Chapter 13 Speech. Mine Art. 179-193
Chapter 14. Prices of paper Art. 194-198
Chapter 15 Non-material benefits Art. 199-201
Rozdil 4. Rightfully. Representative
Chapter 16. Rights Art. 202-236
Chapter 17 Representative Art. 237-250
Rozdil 5. Strings of ty termini. Posovna
Chapter 18. Viznachennya and obluchennaya string Art. 251-255
Chapter 19. Posovna Art. 256-268
Friend's book. Special non-legal rights of an individual
Chapter 20. Foreign provisions on special non-mineral rights of an individual Art. 269-280
Chapter 21 Peculiarities of non-mainstream rights to protect the nature and nature of individuals Art. 281-293
Chapter 22. Peculiarities of non-mainstream rights to protect the social status of individuals Art. 294-315
Book Three. The right of authority and the right to speech
Rozdil 1. Law of authority
Chapter 23. Foreign provisions on the right to power Art. 316-327
Chapter 24. Nabuttya vlastnostі rights Art. 328-345
Chapter 25. Pripinennya rights of power Art. 346-354
Chapter 26. The right of ownership Art. 355-372
Chapter 27. The right of authority to land (land land) Art. 373-378
Chapter 28. Right of authority to life Art. 379-385
Chapter 29. Zahist law of power Art. 386-394
Rozdil 2. Rechovі rights to a worse mine
Chapter 30. Foreign provisions on speech rights to a worse mine Art. 395-396
Chapter 31. The right of Volodinnya alien lane Art. 397-400
Chapter 32. The right to cry alien lane Art. 401-406
Chapter 33. The right to corrupted by someone else's land dіlyankoy for sіlskogospodarskih consumers Art. 407-412
Chapter 34. The right to be corrupted by someone else’s land for forgetting Art. 413-417
Book of the fourth. Intellectual Property Law
Chapter 35. Foreign provisions on the right of intellectual power Art. 418-432
Chapter 36. The right of intellectual power to literary, artistic and tvir (copyright) Art. 433-448
Chapter 37. The right of intellectual property to the picture, phonogram, video record and program (transfer) of the organization of the motion (total rights) Art. 449-456
Chapter 38. The right of intellectual power on the subject of science Art. 457-458
Chapter 39. The right of intellectual property to wine, corisnu model, industrial promise Art. 459-470
Chapter 40. The right of intellectual power to the component of the integrated microcircuit Art. 471-480
Chapter 41. The right of intellectual property rights to state propositions Art. 481-484
Chapter 42. The right of intellectual moisture to the variety Roslin, a breed of creatures Art. 485-488
Chapter 43. The right of intellectual property to commercial naimenuvannya Art. 489-490
Chapter 44. Trademark right to trademark Art. 491-500
Chapter 45. The right of intellectual power to geographic significance Art. 501-504
Chapter 46. The right of intellectual property to commercial activity Art. 505-508
Book p'yata. Goiters
Rozdil 1. Zagalny position about goiters
Chapter 47. Understanding goiters. Side by the goiter'yazannі Art. 509-525
Chapter 48. Vikonanna goiters Art. 526-545
Chapter 49. The clergy of the vicar goiter Art. 546-597
Chapter 50. Cramped goiters Art. 598-609
Chapter 51. Legal provisions for the destruction of goiters. Відповідальність for the destruction of goiters'yazannya Art. 610-625
Rozdil 2. Foreign provisions on the agreement
Chapter 52. Understanding that mind the contract Art. 626-637
Chapter 53. Stowed, winter season and rose contract Art. 638-654
Rozdil 3. Okremі see zabov'yazan
Chapter 54. Buying Sales Art. 655-716
Chapter 55. Daruvannya Art. 717-730
Chapter 56. Rent Art. 731-743
Chapter 57. Dovіchne utrimannya (Doglyad) Art. 744-758
Chapter 58. Hire (rent) Art. 759-809
Chapter 59. Hiring Art. 810-826
Chapter 60. Pozichka Art. 827-836
Chapter 61. Pidryad Art. 837-891
Chapter 62. Vikonannya of science-and-future abo-pre-design and technological robots Art. 892-900
Chapter 63. The servants. Foreign provisions Art. 901-907
Chapter 64. Moving Art. 908-928
Chapter 65. Transport expedition Art. 929-935
Chapter 66. Zberigannya Art. 936-978
Chapter 67. Insurance Art. 979-999
Chapter 68. Community Art. 1000-1010
Chapter 69. Komisia Art. 1011-1028
Chapter 70. Mine control Art. 1029-1045
Chapter 71. Posika. Credit. Bank deposit Art. 1046-1065
Chapter 72. Bank_vsky rakhunok Art. 1066-1076
Chapter 73. Factoring Art. 1077-1086
Chapter 74. Rosaceae Art. 1087-1106
Chapter 75. Rzporyadzhennya with the latest rights іntelektualno ї power Art. 1107-1114
Chapter 76. Commerce Concession Art. 1115-1129
Chapter 77. Spіlna dіyalіst Art. 1130-1143
Chapter 78. Publichna obitsyanka wineries Art. 1144-1157
Chapter 79. Meeting in the main interests of the individual without the right of empowerment Art. 1158-1160
Chapter 80. Ryatuvannya health and life of individuals, lane of individuals and legal individuals Art. 1161-1162
Chapter 81. The doorway threaten life, health, the lane of the physical individual, or the lane of the legal individual Art. 1163-1165
Chapter 82. Vidshkoduvannya Skody Art. 1166-1211
Chapter 83. Nabuttya, Zereberezhennya lane without adequate legal support Art. 1212-1215
Book of Shosta. Spadkovo right
Chapter 84. Zagalny position about the decline Art. 1216-1232
Chapter 85. Decrease in demand Art. 1233-1257
Chapter 86. Decline in law Art. 1258-1267
Chapter 87. Zdіysnennya rights to decline Art. 1268-1285
Chapter 88. Vikonanna zapovіtu Art. 1286-1295
Chapter 89. Registration of rights to recession Art. 1296-1301
Chapter 90. Spadkovy agreement Art. 1302-1308
Prikintsev and re-position
Prikintsev and re-position