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Overview of 15+ Cloud Storage

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Cloud data storage (English cloud storage) is an online storage model in which data is stored on numerous servers distributed on the network, provided for use by customers, mainly by a third party. In contrast to the model for storing data on its own dedicated servers, purchased or leased specifically for such purposes, the number or any internal structure of the servers is not visible to the client, in general. Data is stored and processed in the so-called “cloud”, which, from the point of view of the client, is one large virtual server. Physically, such servers can be located remotely from each other geographically, up to a location on different continents.

If you’re tired of running between work and home with a USB flash drive, constantly carrying a laptop with the necessary files, and you want your important files to be available to you or your team on any computer or mobile device, then cloud data storage can come to your aid.

The list of the most famous cloud data storages includes Dropbox,, Yandex.Disk, Box, microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.

1. Google Drive

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Google Drive is a popular cloud data storage that allows users to store their data on servers in the cloud and share them with other users on the Internet. After activation, it replaces Google Docs. In fact, they took Google Docs to work with documents, transformed it into a cloud service and added free space. The service can store not only documents, but also photos, music, videos and many other files - only 30 types. But in general, everything is very convenient and familiar for users of Google services.

Each user of Google Drive is provided with 15Gb of free space (this offer Google surpasses the standard Dropbox conditions, for example).

If the allocated volume is not enough, you can purchase an additional up to 30 TB:

  • 100 GB $ 1.99
  • 1 TB $ 9.99
  • 10 TB $ 99.99
  • 20 TB $ 199.99
  • 30 TB $ 299.99

In addition to accessing the service through the web interface, there is the possibility of access through clients for Windows, Mac OS and Android, iOS.

Google Drive Website:

2. OneDrive

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

OneDrive - Microsoft SkyDrive renamed in February 2014, a cloud-based Internet-based file storage service with file sharing features. By the way, SkyDrive was created in August 2007 by Microsoft. Now OneDrive is one of the flagships of cloud data storage.

The advantage of the OneDrive service is that it is immediately integrated with Office 365, so you can create, edit, save Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word files directly from the application in Windows Live OneDrive.

The OneDrive service allows you to store at the moment for free 5 GB (although it was previously offered 15 GB) of information in an ordered manner using standard folders. For images, a preview is provided in the form of thumbnails, as well as the ability to view them in the form of slides.

OneDrive provides these packages:

OneDrive storage:

  • Free: 5 GB - free;
  • Basic: 50 GB - $ 1.99 per month;

OneDrive + Office 365:

  • Personal: 1 TB for 1 user - $ 6.99 per month;
  • Home: 1 TB for each of 5 users - $ 69.99 per month;

As noted on the OneDrive website, this is not just a name change, but also several new features, such as:

  • automatic camera backup for Android;
  • sharing and watching videos is as easy as taking photos;
  • for each invited friend you can get up to 5 GB for free (500 MB each);
  • + 3 GB for free just for backup from the camera;
  • Updated, more flexible tariff plans.

Microsoft OneDrive Website:

3. Dropbox

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Dropbox is a cloud-based data warehouse that allows users to store their data on servers in the cloud and share them with other users on the Internet. His work is based on data synchronization.

Basic Dropbox account - 2 GB - free;

  • Reliable backup, access from anywhere, easy sharing

Extended - 1 TB (1,000 GB) - € 9.99 per month;

  • All functions of the Dropbox Basic Account, as well as: additional access control, remote data erasure

Dropbox for Business - 12 € / user / month

  • As much space as needed, unlimited file recovery, file access control, priority technical support, 14 days trial for free

It might seem that 2 GB of disk space is not enough, Dropbox has a number of FREE methods, in addition to paid ones, with which you can try to increase this space from 2 GB to 48 GB:

  • +500 MB for an invited friend (up to 16 GB);
  • To get 48 GB of free disk space, you need to follow 7 steps:
    • View a review of Dropbox
    • Install Dropbox on your computer
    • put files in the Dropbox folder;
    • install Dropbox on other computers that you use;
    • Share with friends and colleagues
    • Invite your friends to Dropbox
    • Install Dropbox on your mobile device;

But! And that's not all! Dropbox actively collaborates with a variety of brands and sites, with which you can get even more free space.

For example:

  • Owners of HTC Sense 3.5 and 3.6 phones can get up to 3 GB for one year.
  • Owners of HTC Sense 4.0 and Sense 4+ can get up to 23 GB for two years.

Attention! Dropbox storage conditions may vary, so stay tuned for Dropbox announcements.

The Dropbox app can be downloaded and installed on a PC, Mac, Linux, or mobile device. One of the main advantages of Dropbox is the ease and intuitiveness of use - you just need to upload files to the Dropbox folder, share it if you want, or synchronize with the desired device. Unlike the main competitors, when working with Dropbox, the edited files are not completely copied to the server - only the modified part, previously compressed, is transferred. It is believed that this fact largely explains the well-known efficiency with Dropbox, in comparison with analogues.

Dropbox allows the user to upload files to remote servers using the client or using the web interface through a browser. Although the main focus of the technology is on synchronization and information exchange, Dropbox keeps a download history so that after deleting files from the server it is possible to recover data. A file change history is also kept, which is available for the period of the last 30 days, in addition to this, the “Pack-Rat” file has an unlimited change history.

Disadvantages of Dropbox

The main drawback of Dropbox is the approach to choosing folders for synchronization. In fact, the application monitors the contents of only one folder - Dropbox.

In addition, in July 2014, in his interview with The Guardian, the famous Edward Snowden made a statement that could significantly undermine the trust in Dropbox. In particular, he said that Dropbox does not fully care about the confidentiality of user data and even directly participates in the global PRISM tracking system.

PRISM , the US government program, is a set of measures taken to massively covertly collect information transmitted over telecommunication networks, adopted by the US National Security Agency (NSA) in 2007 as a replacement for the Terrorist Surveillance Program, formally classified as top secret. (Wikipedia)

However, not all security professionals agree with this statement. In addition, the use of Dropbox in conjunction with BoxCryptor, which securely encrypts files before synchronizing them with the cloud, ensures data privacy in Dropbox.

Another important drawback is that additional gigabytes on Dropbox, as a rule, have an expiration date. And it may happen that at some point, your Dropbox will become full, because all quotas will end.

Dropbox website:

4. Mega

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Mega (MEGA Encrypted Global Access) - an ambitious cloud file hosting service Kim Dotcom (Kim Dotcom), the founder of the legendary Megaupload.

Mega chip: encrypts all content directly in the browser using the AES algorithm; users can transfer files to each other in encrypted form, while all data is stored in the "cloud"; file access keys are not published in the public domain, but distributed according to the Friend-to-Friend scheme between users who trust each other.

It is noteworthy that Mega immediately started with free 50 GB (!), In addition, it is possible to expand significantly in paid packages: 4 TB per, $ 8.33 / month.

According to the provided disk space and its cost, Mega can undoubtedly be called one of the most profitable cloud services, in addition, an important difference between Mega and other similar services is confidentiality, because Mega is positioned as a service that protects the user's personal data. However, there are still flaws, in particular, Mega loses to other flagships of cloud data storage in synchronization with different devices. But despite this, Mega clearly has a great future Smile happy

At the moment, the offer is valid: if you buy a paid package for a year, then 2 months is free.

Mega website:

5. Yandex.Disk

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Yandex.Disk is a free cloud service from Yandex that allows users to store their data on servers in the cloud and transfer them to other users on the Internet. The work is based on data synchronization between different devices. Currently, user registration is available to everyone. Earlier, before the launch of Yandex. Yandex.Direct service performed the disk, the functions of storing user files on Yandex.

Initially, Yandex.Disk provides about 10GB forever.

Paid packages of the Yandex.Disk cloud service:

  • + 10 GB - 30 rubles / month or 300 rubles / year
  • + 100 GB - 150 rubles / month or 1,500 rubles / year
  • +1 Tb - 900 rubles / month or 9000 rubles / year

In addition, there is a bonus extra bed:

  • + up to 10 GB for referred friends (512 MB for each friend)
  • + up to 50 GB per share with partners - they are changing, you need to follow the news.

In addition, Yandex.Disk can act as a cloud service, integrating into the Microsoft Office 2013 office suite, and recently it has become possible to automatically upload photos and video files from digital cameras and external storage media to Yandex. Disk. In this case, the user is provided with an additional 32 GB of space for six months.

Yandex.Disk website:


Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

The official website reported that, unfortunately, on May 1, 2016 service will be closed. is Dropbox’s new competitor, a promising newcomer to cloud storage. In terms of functionality, it is almost identical to Dropbox, but initially it immediately gives 15 GB of free disk space (+ 5 GB if you click the link), you can still add free disk space using various features (for example, referral links). In addition, since the developer of this service is Barracuda Networks, whose activity is data protection, and announced good security and data protection.

Another of the advantages of is the beautiful and intuitive interface; cross-platform service - there are applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Windows Phone; no restrictions on the size of the downloaded file. offers the following tariff plans:

  • Free - 15 GB (can be expanded by various actions to 22 GB);
  • Pro 250 - 250 GB $ 9.99 / month or $ 99 / year;
  • Pro 500 - 500 GB $ 14.99 / month or $ 149 / year; website:


Бесплатные Облачные хранилища is a new and very promising cloud data storage from Mail.Ru Group, which allows users to store their data in the cloud and synchronize data on different devices, as well as share them with other users. The service opened relatively recently - in the late summer of 2013.

Chip - a large amount of disk space provided for free. Users can immediately get 25 GB of cloud storage for free.

You can use the cloud not only through the web interface, but through desktop (for Windows and Mac OS) and mobile applications for Android and iOS. For the most advanced users, a special client for Linux has been made.

The feature, available from the very beginning in mobile applications - autoload photos from your phone. If this function is enabled, all photos taken with the device instantly appear in the "Cloud".

In addition, since service is still new, then we are waiting for new functional features!


8. Bitcasa

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Bitcasa is a cloud-based data warehouse that allows you to store an unlimited amount of your information. The long-awaited release came out of beta in 2013. Bitcasa was founded by former employees of Mastercard, VeriSign, and Mozy. This means that the creators of the service are familiar with the solutions for backing up data online, as well as with tools that ensure the security of user files.

The idea of ​​the service is to provide everyone with unlimited space for cloud storage. As for security, Bitcasa performs encryption on the user side, and all data is transferred to the "cloud" already in encrypted form. According to the creators, none of the company's employees can access user data.

Another convenient feature is the built-in video player, so you can watch, for example, movies anywhere, including from mobile devices without installing a video player.

Bitcasa is designed for the most popular operating systems so that all users, regardless of the gadget park, can access their files. The Bitcasa client has appeared in the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store, and is also available to owners of computers running OS X, Windows, and Linux.

After registration, free 5 GB is available, in addition there are paid packages:

  • 1TB - $ 10 per month;
  • 10 TB - $ 99 per month;

Bitcasa Website:

9. Yunpan 360

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Yunpan 360 is a Chinese cloud data warehouse that initially provides 36 Terabytes (!) For free and forever. In addition, this disk space can also be increased, there are users who have more than 100 Terabytes on the Yunpan 360.

Thus, all other cloud data storages fade from such volumes of disk space. However, why is the Yunpan 360 so poorly known outside of China? The answer is simple - Yunpan 360 is only in Chinese so far, there is not even an English version, not to mention other languages.

However, for the persistent there is a Russian-speaking community, which details how to use this Chinese miracle Smile happy

Yunpan 360 Website:


Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

4shared - cloud file sharing hosting.

Basic free registration allows you to upload up to 10 GB to your account. After confirmation of registration by e-mail, the volume increases to 15 GB. Premium users get at their disposal 100 GB.

After successfully downloading the file, the user receives a unique link where others can subsequently download this file. All downloaded files are stored for 180 days since the last visit to your account. Premium user files are stored for the entire duration of the account. The service user interface looks like Windows Explorer.

4shared Website:

11. SugarSync

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

SugarSync is a cloud-based data warehouse that stores documents, files, photos and music. Prices start at $ 9.99 per month. To evaluate the benefits of SugarSync, there is a 30-day free trial for all paid packages. To interact with the service, a convenient client program is used, versions of which exist not only for Windows and Mac, but also for Android, iPhone, Symbian. The number of synchronized devices is not limited.

The main difference between SugarSync and Dropbox is that it synchronizes the folders that the user specifies.

Since February 2014, it switched exclusively to paid data warehouse packages:

  • 100 GB - $ 9.99 per month or $ 74.99 per year;
  • 250 GB - $ 24.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year;
  • 500 GB - $ 39.99 per month or $ 249.99 per year;
  • 1000 GB - $ 55 per month or $ 550.99 per year;

SugarSync Website:


Бесплатные Облачные хранилища is a cloud-based data storage that allows you to store your files on the network, as well as work together on them.

Advantages of are the ability to view office documents on their own, as well as the ability to share files or folders for colleagues directly from your mobile. In addition, the developers were able to integrate native Android search into the application due to which file search has become faster and more accurate. provides four packages - one free and three paid:

  • Personal - free: for 1 user 5 GB is provided, the limit on the size of the downloaded file is 250 MB;
  • Starter- 4 € per month: from 3 to 10 users, 1oo GB is provided, the limit on the size of the downloaded file is 2GB;
  • Business- 12 € per month: at least 3 users, the disk capacity is unlimited, but the limit on the size of the downloaded file is 5GB;
  • Enterprise - the cost varies from the number of users and the required disk capacity. website:

13. iDrive

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

iDrive is the ideal online backup tool with high privacy. If you want to keep a copy of important documents on a cloud server, then iDrive is what you are looking for. Using it is simple: download iDrive software, launch the application and select folders for synchronization.

Backup can be done from your PC-computers, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices on one account. Quite a high level of data security. Transfer and storage of files with 256-bit AES encryption using a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers

5 GB of disk storage quota is provided free of charge.

  • Free - 5 GB - forever;
  • Personal:
    • 1 TB - $ 44.62 per year;
    • 10 TB - $ 374.62 per year;
  • Business:
    • 250 GB - $ 74.62 per year;
    • 500 GB - $ 149.62 per year;
    • 1.25 TB - $ 374.62 per year;

IDrive Website:

14.iFolder (RusFolder)

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

iFolder is a free open source synchronization program. iFolder is good software for a small team that is comfortable working on its own server. This way you will ensure that only members of the group have access to your personal files.

Website iFolder (RusFolder):

15. OpenDrive

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Half-translated into Russian, the OpenDrive website promises a standard set of features with 5 GB of space for a free user (with a limit of 100 MB per file), but one feature attracts attention: the ability to set a price for the user uploaded files. If you want to download, pay. An interesting option, in some cases, can be quite useful.

OpenDrive website:

16. Syncplicity

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Syncplicity is a software package for synchronizing data in cross-platform environments. Free of charge is 2 GB of disk quota for 1 user and two computers. Paid packages start from $ 15 per month.

One of the advantages of Syncplicity is that there is no need to constantly keep both computers turned on, synchronization occurs after turning on. The disadvantage of the program is the lack of a Russian interface and help.

Syncplicity also has tight integration with some online services. For example, you can upload photos to albums on Facebook by simply copying them to specific folders on your PC. Integration with the office suite of Google also looks quite interesting: any document created in Google Docs will appear in the selected folder on the computer, and vice versa. Thus, the file is edited both locally using Microsoft Office, and online.

Syncplicity Website:

17. MediaFire

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

MediaFire - online data storage, file sharing. In this cloud service, the emphasis is placed on the storage and sharing of media files (music, video, photos).

Conveniently, there is MediaFire both for the web and for desktop and mobile applications with a user-friendly interface. You can safely recommend MediaFire as a good alternative to other cloud services, in particular, Dropbox.

MediaFire provides the following packages:

  • Free: 10 GB, there is advertising.
  • Pro $ 2.49 per month: 1 TB, no ads, 20 GB limit in one file, direct links to files, etc.
  • Business $ 24.99 per month: more than 100 TB, no ads, 20 GB limit in one file, direct links to files, etc.

MediaFire Website:

18. Cubby

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

It is possible to synchronize an unlimited amount of data between computers, bypassing the cloud. That is, you can generally not use the free 5 gigabytes in the cloud. In some cases, a very convenient thing.

When registering, they give 25 GB and + 5 GB per referral, you can get up to 25 GB.

Cubby website:

19. Adrive

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Free 50 GB.

ADrive website:

20. Hubic

Бесплатные Облачные хранилища

Store your files online in a personal and secure space. Either upload your documents to your online space yourself, or let the hubiC application do it for you.

When registering, they give 25 GB and + 5 GB per referral, you can get up to 50 GB.

Download / download speed is good.

The web interface is a bit slow.

Applications are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Hubic website: