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At your service are 40 countries where you do not need a visa from January 1 (list)

К вашим услугам 40 стран, куда с 1 января не нужна виза (перечень)
16 out of 22 Schengen countries now give Ukrainian visas much worse ...

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine - a document confirming the identity and citizenship of Ukraine of its owner. The passport of a citizen of Ukraine is issued by the territorial subdivisions for citizenship, immigration and registration of individuals of city, district departments (departments) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of residence for each citizen of Ukraine after reaching the age of 16, and then exchanges, if necessary, is issued instead of the lost, stolen or spoiled. The passport of a citizen of Ukraine is made in the form of a book.

К вашим услугам 40 стран, куда с 1 января не нужна виза (перечень)

The passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad is an identity document of a citizen of Ukraine while crossing the state border of Ukraine and staying abroad. A new biometric passport has been issued since 2015.

Biometric passport Ukraine

К вашим услугам 40 стран, куда с 1 января не нужна виза (перечень)

Biometric passport - a document giving citizens of Ukraine the right to cross the state border and stay in other countries. In fact, a biometric passport is a new example of a foreign passport already familiar to Ukrainian citizens.

What is the difference between a biometric passport of Ukraine and an old international passport? In fact, the new foreign passport is a traditional booklet on thirty-two pages, one plastic page with data. Only unlike old passports, a special chip will be mounted on the plastic page of the biometric passport, on which information about the passport holder and his photo will be recorded in electronic form. This will simplify the identification of the owner during customs clearance, as it is supposed to create a single base of all citizens who crossed the state border.

In turn, reading and storing data on citizens crossing the border of Ukraine and others in electronic form will significantly strengthen measures to combat international terrorism. The introduction of biometric passports gave an impetus to the events that occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001. And today, Ukraine, too, has joined this international standard.

Without a passport

Without a passport you can visit Belarus (up to 30 days) and Russia (no more than 90 days).

With a passport

For travel to other countries, we already have a passport. You do not need a visa. But there are some countries where you will need to provide return tickets or documents confirming solvency.

  • Azerbaijan (maximum 90 days);
  • Albania (maximum 90 days) Antigua and Barbuda (up to 30 days);
  • Antigua and Barbuda in the country the British Embassy;
  • Argentina (up to 90 days). Bosnia and Herzegovina (up to 30 days). Sometimes you may need - return tickets, an invitation to the host party or a tourist voucher.
  • Brazil (up to 90 days). Return tickets may be required;
  • Brunei (up to 30 days). You need to have round-trip tickets with you;
  • Guatemala (up to 90 days). Roundtrip tickets will be required;
  • Tunisia (up to 30 days). You must have a travel voucher with you;
  • Turkey (up to 60 days). Sometimes a travel voucher and return tickets may be required.
  • Hong Kong (up to 14 days). Return tickets will be required;
  • Grenada (up to 90 days);
  • Paraguay (up to 90 days). Necessary return tickets;
  • Peru (up to 90 days);
  • Paraguay (up to 90 days);
  • Kazakhstan (up to 90 days);
  • Kyrgyzstan (up to 90 days).
  • Malaysia (up to 30 days). Necessary return tickets;
  • Macedonia (up to 90 days). Prepare a medical insurance policy;
  • Mongolia (up to 90 days). Host invitation required;
  • Cook Islands (up to 31 days);
  • El Salvador (up to 90 days);
  • Swaziland (up to 30 days);
  • Seychelles (up to 30 days). Necessary return tickets; tourist voucher;
  • Namibia (up to 90 days). Need a migration card (filled out in English).
  • Niue (up to 30 days). Prepare return tickets;
  • Uzbekistan Montenegro (up to 90 days).
  • Ecuador (up to 90 days);
  • Jamaica (up to 30 days). Prepare return tickets; documents confirming solvency.

In which countries can I apply for a visa at the airport?

To visit the following list of countries you will need to apply for a visa at the airport upon arrival in the country. The procedure is quite simple and does not take much time. Sometimes you need to provide additional return tickets or confirmation of your reservation at the hotel. List of countries with visa processing at the airport:

Macau (up to 30 days). Barbados (up to 28 days). East Timor (up to 30 days). Mauritius (up to 60 days). Madagascar (up to 90 days). Maldives (up to 30 days). Tonga (up to 31 days). Tuvalu (up to 30 days). Uganda (up to 90 days). Fiji (up to 120 days). Djibouti (up to 30 days). Dominica (up to 21 days). Dominican Republic (up to 30 days). Egypt (up to 30 days). Zambia (up to 30 days). Jordan (up to 30 days). Cape Verde (up to 30 days). Kenya (up to 90 days). Necessary return tickets; documents confirming solvency. Lebanon (up to 30 days). Nepal (up to 90 days). Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (up to 30 days). Tanzania (up to 90 days). Thailand (tourist visa for 15 days is issued at the border).

To visit which countries can I apply for a visa on the Internet?

Sometimes a visa can be issued for a trip through an online service or by mail, without visiting the embassy of the country. This saves time and money, because the embassy of the selected country may not be in the city where you live. There are few such countries; this service is only gaining popularity. The list of countries providing such a service is indicated below:

Australia (permission to obtain a visa at the airport of arrival is issued on the Internet). Qatar, Cyprus. Kuwait Bahrain (up to 14 days). BotswanaButane (up to 15 days). Sao Tome and Principe (up to 30 days). Senegal St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia Singapore (registration through an airline or hotel). Syria (up to 15 days). Vietnam (up to 90 days). Ghana, Iran - an official visa can be issued at the border. India - to visit India, for citizens of Ukraine you need to get a visa in advance. Starting November 27, 2014, an e-TOURIST VISA (e-TV) electronic visa is available for Ukrainian citizens. The corridor of such a visa is 34 days. Cambodia, Marshall Islands, Mexico - An electronic permit is issued, which gives the right to a one-time visit within 30 days from the date of issue. UAE - If you buy tickets from Emirates, you do not need to contact the visa center, the procedure is carried out through the VFS website. Papua New Guinea Rwanda . Sri Lanka. South Sudan

Which countries are in the Schengen area?

To visit countries that are members of the Schengen zone, a Schengen visa is required:

Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Finland, France, Croatia Czech Republic, Estonia.

Which countries is it dangerous to travel to now?

Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Gaza, Haiti, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Cote d'Ivoire, Algeria, Nigeria, Ethiopia,

Which countries are closed to tourists?

Angola, Bhutan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, North Korea.

Finally, it should be noted that your passport must be valid for at least 3 months (to visit most countries you need a passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry), and at least 2 blank pages should remain in the passport.