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The house is looking for a smart host

Ukraine imports 40% of all energy resources. At the same time, we annually lose 185 billion UAH. because of inefficient use of energy. We used to think that everything is "to blame" for big business? By no means. It turned out that 35% are losses of the population, our losses are with you.

The Ukrainian manages to "consume" twice as much as the energy-conscious Norwegian, but even than a resident of Bulgaria - a country with a similar climate.

185 billion annual losses - is it much or little? I'm trying to measure "in parrots". It turns out that this is 3100 km of roads of the 1st category ("autobahn") annually (for comparison: the distance between Lviv and Donetsk is 1230 km). 185 "lost" billion - is 925 new domestic trains. 185 billion are 8 budgets of Ukraine for education, 16 military budgets or more than 6000 (!) Budgets for energy efficiency. The circle is closed.

Further more. Each Ukrainian, gave $ 280 for Russian energy in 2013. 150 billion UAH. Ukraine paid for the import of Russian gas and nuclear fuel.

It becomes absolutely clear: energy efficiency is already a matter of national security, and not just of one's own purse.

The last couple of weeks, I do not feel like a miser when I close the tap while brushing my teeth or washing my head - in front of me a big goal - the Energy Evolution in Ukraine - looms. A cold shower in the morning is invigorating; and in general, Dr. Komarovsky argues that the cold is useful. Refuse to wash at high temperatures and make sure that the washing machine load is full. Moreover, now and in the day I do what I did earlier only at night.

And I turn off the appliances from the outlet (so you can save up to 8% of electricity). The model of behavior, household habits are gradually changing - and I understand that this is not as scary as it might seem. It's like a game: you seem to re-learn your house, apartment, look, where you can help him become more effective. While we dreamed of a smart home, our homes dreamed of smart hosts.

But how tangible will these little "steps" be? Are they able to significantly affect the situation? There is hope. I find out that energy consumption can be cut almost by half - by 45.8%. This is ~ 29.3 billion m3 of natural gas - more than Ukraine imported from Russia in 2013.

And on heating alone, the housing sector can save more than 30 billion hryvnia a year.

The house is looking for an intelligent owner. Save energy, protect Ukraine, save nature

If you start saving gas, water, electricity, heat, each family can save on utilities about 2500 UAH. in year. For someone, by the way, it's a monthly salary. What would you spend it on?

So everything turned. Marketing. Timing plan. Meetings of the team. Distribution of tasks. Responsible, deadlines. The birth of the brand. Logo, slogan, the first models. Creative anthill. A lot of work, a little sleep. The personal crisis: I again packed myself in the design mode - how long ?! But for the sake of the country it is possible and to suffer :) We are looking for Akhmetov, Kolomoisky, the state. Do not find. 95% of those who were on the first come to the second meeting of volunteers. The indicator of success and cohesion with a single idea. So, we are doing everything right.

At the same time, I notice my own energy evolution: the gas could be ignited after the water is collected in the pan, and the appliances are switched off from the outlet not only at night, but also during the day. I start to close the water while brushing my teeth. I hang in the entrance a bottle for collecting used batteries.

Having read that Naftogaz is initiating its own energy saving campaign, I am actively looking for a way out to Andrei Kobolev. It would be foolish to do one thing in parallel. We must pay tribute to the head of "Naftogaz" - on my motivating letter he reacts with lightning speed - within half an hour. The next day we meet with a representative of the company. Professionalism, understanding of common goals - we do not compete, but cooperate. We agreed to help each other with content and connections.

I spend my days at the office of the National Ecological Center of Ukraine. Employees are engaged in their usual affairs - projects in the field of climate and energy ... I am surprised to note that without the need they do not include light in the kitchen, make sure that plumbing does not flow, and even twice use tea bags, despite the fact that they may well to allow yourself to live uneconomically. Mutual understanding and support prevail in the office.

Beginners do not survive, on the contrary - they help than they can. It gives strength. Clear boundaries between private life and work are erased, I find myself caught in the fact that I feel the connection between our goal and more global initiatives. The view is scaled: our team "suddenly" has a feeling that we are doing something significant not only for Ukraine, but for the planet as a whole.

Notice that we are not the "crazy ecologists" who go for promotions with placards and call not to eat meat (although it is better not to eat it). We are ordinary people who came from business and politics, and are surprised by the changes that began to happen to us.

But, returning to Ukraine, we are happy with our first successes - just these days the first series of energy-saving boards and city lights began to be unveiled. Volunteers have provided us with more than 500 planes across Ukraine (social advertising). NECU paid for the seal (thanks !!!) All the money that was scraped off, went to the "outside". Not even left for printing flyers. Nothing, we'll figure something out.

We have fun watching the first volunteer videos. In the style of Hitchcock. And just an inoffensive youth creative. And one more.

We are looking forward to the contest of short films on energy saving within the framework of Crazy Cameraman Cinema Fest. We prepare two forming events on Khreshchatyk. Create a learning computer game. We create a series of motivating posters with celebrities. We work with offices.

We create a series of creative stickers on sockets and switches, baths and gas stoves ... We want to overcome the stereotype that it is embarrassing to save. We think, it's time for each of us to change the position "Why me ?!" on the installation of "Who, if not me ?!" Energy saving is a new trend among Ukrainian youth.

Look into the house where the intelligent master lives.

The house is looking for an intelligent owner. Save energy, protect Ukraine, save nature

This and other layouts will be freely available. Anyone in the most remote town of Ukraine can "take" it to his site or print and hang, say, in the entrance. The project will gradually turn into a horizontal initiative - and it is not we, but new, full of fresh forces, volunteers, will be informing about energy saving in their cities.

I never thought that someday I would associate the word "economy" with myself. But now you know how I came to such a life. In addition, saving is so nice: take a shower together. Do not wash the cup from the tea bag. Well, or dine with night vision devices.

The Ukrainian truth.