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What are the risks of those who are in a hurry to throw out their boarding pass

It happens that travelers take a picture of a boarding pass with a foreign passport before the flight, like, for memory, about the trip ... And many vice versa, they think that you should get rid of this “useless piece of paper” as soon as you leave the plane, leaving it in the first trashcan at the airport or on the street.

Never throw away your boarding pass, and here's why.

Both those and others make a very serious mistake.

Чем рискуют те, кто спешит выбросить свой посадочный талон

In appearance, the boarding pass is simply a piece of cardboard on which the passenger's name, flight number, destination, his seat number and the “gate” are written, to which you need to go for a landing. Therefore, most people take pictures of it, post it on Facebook, and then throw “unnecessary paper” into the trash.

But did you know that you can’t do that?

Чем рискуют те, кто спешит выбросить свой посадочный талон

US forensic expert Winston Kron explains: Each ticket has a bar code. And it contains the passenger’s personal information: his name, home address, email address, telephone number, and sometimes your financial information!

Of course, if a hacker gets the opportunity to scan the barcode on your ticket, all your data will be at risk!

And now just imagine: you are posting the image of your coupon on Facebook and are flying away. The thief sees your post, knows that you will not be home in the next week, and then he will know where you live! Or even worse: the ticket is found by an airport employee who can easily access your data and rob your apartment. Or withdraw money from your bank account!

And, of course, never photograph the ticket!

Чем рискуют те, кто спешит выбросить свой посадочный талон

Make sure your boarding pass is with you until the end of the trip. Then tear it into small, small pieces and throw it away in that resort country where no one knows anything about you.

Otherwise, your confidential information may be located a few clicks away from criminals!