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Воровские знаки на дверях

A thief is a person who systematically commits theft (in legal language, theft, theft). Theft for a thief is a source of enrichment or just food. A thief, like his criminal activity - theft or theft, are the most ancient phenomena of human nature. In addition, there is a painful tendency to steal - kleptomania.

Theft - the secret theft of another's property - is recognized as a crime in almost all jurisdictions, in Russia under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in article 158. It covers encroachment on any form of ownership. Important: the property is a stranger to the thief. Legally different from such similar types of theft as: robbery, robbery, fraud, waste.

Theft is considered secret in cases where:

  • about the theft was not known to the owner of the property or to third parties; even if the owner did not know that his property was stolen (for example, surplus of goods, not yet identified by inventory)
  • the theft was committed in the presence of only those persons from whom the offender did not expect opposition (his relatives or acquaintances)
  • the persons present during the theft did not realize the unlawfulness of the acts committed (for example, stealing a painting from a museum in the presence of visitors under the guise of removing it for restoration).

In accordance with the principle of subjective imputation, theft is qualified as theft in cases where the person committing it believed that it acts in secret, even if objectively its actions were not secret.

In the fight against law enforcement officers and law-abiding society, criminals are improving every year and come up with new tricks. So the Chilean police recently unveiled a system of symbols that the informants painted for thieves on the doors of civilians' houses.

Depending on whether it is easy to rob a house, what can be lived there and what difficulties to face, informants drew one or several icons from 36 possible options!

Looking at this encryption system, you just wonder how cunning and inventive criminals are! Of course, soon the thieves will come up with new code marks, but this information will not be superfluous for anyone.

Воровские знаки на дверях

If you think that only foreign criminals resort to such tricks, you are deeply mistaken. Our thieves also do not work at random and go to work only after preliminary reconnaissance.

Воровские знаки на дверях

Therefore, if you live in a country house, do not forget to periodically inspect the entrance doors and the fence around the site for the presence of incomprehensible drawings, letters, or even ordinary check marks with a marker. Such designations most likely suggest that your home has fallen into the visual field of intruders.

Воровские знаки на дверях

If you live in a multi-storey building, then look closely at the mailboxes. Whistleblowers often mark the necessary apartments, drawing marks on the necessary boxes with a marker or sticking stickers on them.