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Fictitious Director, a guide for beginners

 My name is V, I do not offend the weak, and also for no reason I do not offend the strong and still live for all good, forgive insults but not such as will be described below.
 The beginning of my working career began with a computer club where I earned my first money after school.  Here began the communication with people of different layers.  Ordinary, "majors" who, at that time, were driving a new Honda, and this is 2001, and drug addicts, they could normally communicate with each other, without delving into their affairs.  "Computer boom" time when computers began to appear in each family.  I decided that I needed to change something and went to work at a construction site, my earnings there were a little more, I could even save about 10-15 UAH.  per month (not much, but something).  Construction is very hard and not very rewarding work.  But this work made it possible to see the "world of the builder" from the inside, experience!  I want to note that not all builders drink alcohol (I am one of them).
 By a happy occasion, I saw an advertisement about recruiting managers to a computer store.  He came to the interview, talked with the deputy director, who in turn recommended me to work with a probation month.  Since I already got experience in communicating with people in previous jobs, everything went well for me and they took me to a permanent place.  With each month, sales were increased by some people who disliked me (well, and so what, it was still pleasant to communicate with them, to get experience).  Computers tried to assemble themselves so that people would always be happy, many people came to me.  Someone on the advice of their friends, relatives, etc.  A new manager came who did not want to drive his Skoda Fabia, but wanted to buy a Skoda Octavia faster.  And he began his "job", even if you just stood near a new computer class in the absence of a client and some work, you were fined.  So I survived 2 months, with the dismissal of the head.  knowing it said that the owners will figure it out, stay, we'll settle everything.

 But I need to move on.

 July 2004  Public service, that's what I need, I thought.  Career growth and this is important!  Competition, interviews, test lines of 1 month (free of charge), oath.  Now I am a specialist of the first category.  Then chat with the team!  The chief fully introduced in the course of work.  I really liked the work (communication, there is no uniformity), one could only dream of such, so what, that the salary is net on hand 205 hryvnia.  But the collective "bomb" and career growth!
 Then work: chief specialist, deputy head of the department;
 chief specialist (central authority).

 Family - the search for more paid work (unfortunately I have no connections that give career growth).

 And finally, a private acquaintance firm opens, sort of like with prospects and a decent salary.  Month, the second without employment and "salary" (received 2150, began to receive 2500 minus depreciation of the machine and that about 2000-2100 of course hryvnia, it seems like not a salary as it worked informally).  (That is our problem, all taxes are fully levied on state employees, and how lucky it will be from private firms)!
 The director of the company on which I was listed as he could not issue me for labor (or perhaps did not want to register me officially, since I had to pay taxes) offered to register me at another firm of his acquaintances, and also from the office.  a salary of 4,000 hryvnias, what else is needed, I thought (labor, salary is super).  After clarifying whether everything is in order with such a proposal, I was assured "everything is in perfect order, I would not offer you"!  Believe - a fool.
 And so it went all this gimp with a fictitious director.

 All people are deceived, but someone is in the details, and someone is on a grand scale and his acquaintances, friends, and loved ones.

 What is happening does not suit me, I quit my acquaintance’s firm (and what’s to quit, I’m not on it).  He came up, "I quit," "well," said an acquaintance.
 I - "I also ask you to fire me from a company where I am registered as a director, but I don’t receive a salary, and I also haven’t yet been formalized for work, I’m being asked to get a friend 1 and friends to a friend 1 and 2 ) to sign the last document and only after that they fired me (but it turned out only in words), they officially fired me much later, namely after 7 months.

 I, "who framed me so," acquaintance 1 - "I do not know," familiar 2 - is completely silent.  Shock.
 Calls are outgoing: familiar 1, familiar 2, familiar acquaintances 1 and 2 - someone “moves out”, someone just doesn’t pick up the phone or drops it.  (But they forgot that I have saved 90% of the correspondence with them (with their names and numbers) on the e-mail and on the phone via SMS, as well as all incoming and outgoing calls)!

 Incoming calls: tax operatives who do not care what is there and how (Azarov’s team - “FAS” is indiscriminately), a sensible inspector who understands and begins to understand the situation.

 Quarrel with parents, wife and everything that comes up.

 And now ... nothing ... so far nothing.  Then there may be a detention center, a prison ... The end of his career and personal life ...

 For the first time in my life I felt like a “sucker”, this is where trust and kindness to people come out!