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Heraldry of special services of Ukraine

Official site of the President of Ukraine: news, biography, activities, projects; Presidency Institute, Presidential Administration.
Information about the government of Ukraine, authorities, news.
News, leadership, composition, equipment and weapons, peacekeeping.
Site of the State Department of Food of Ukraine: guide, programs, legislation.
Official website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: the work of the ministry and its subordinate institutions, information about upcoming events in the field of health (seminars, symposia, etc.).
Information about education: a description of the education system of Ukraine and European countries, a database of higher educational institutions.
Description of the judicial system of Ukraine, structure
Gos.organ financial and economic control.
Information about the energy and energy saving of Ukraine, data on the work of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine.
Site of the National Depository of Ukraine: activities, basic documents, news.
The server contains a database on the laws of Ukraine, the contents of the Ukrainian Constitution, bills, news of the Ukrainian parliament.
Site of the State Property Fund of Ukraine: privatization, shares, investments, etc.
Site of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine: activities, legislation, archive.
The official website of the State Standard of Ukraine: legislative framework, standardization, certification, metrology, links.
Structure, news of the tourism industry, infrastructure, international activities, statistical data, legislation; services for registration of licenses for the provision of tourist services.
Information about the company: structure, management, investment projects, proposals for cooperation; articles on nuclear power in Ukraine: history, types of reactors, nuclear safety and ecology.
History, structure and activities of the security service of Ukraine, the regulatory framework.
Site of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine: information, concepts, Internet resources.
Full range of security services throughout Ukraine.
Official server of the State Customs Service: rules, rates, information for citizens.

The site of the State Department of Intellectual Property.
The official website of the Traffic Police of Ukraine.
Energy saving: laws, methods, audit, investment projects, enterprises, technologies, equipment, services, prices.
Information about the Council, its composition, work as an advisory body, a description of the problems in which the Council is involved.
Official site of Gosstroy of Ukraine: struktkura, government, news, information.
Site of the center of public relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: operational information, consultations, search.
The site of the center "Ukrchastodnadzor": activities, information.
News of the agricultural sector, the Agrarian Party of Ukraine: history, regulations, activities, program; executive power of the agro-industrial complex, information about organizations.
The official website of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine - structure, regulations, news, events, press releases.
Official site of the state municipal association "Kievvodokanal": news, services, addresses.
The main provisions, activities, departments, information about developments.
Official saty of the State Department for Occupational Safety and Health.
News, regulations on energy saving, description of new technologies, teaching materials, archive of publications in the media.
The State Gemological Center of Ukraine - the state institute conducts an examination of precious, precious organic origin, semi-precious and decorative stones independent of commercial interests.
Official website of the State Department of Intellectual Property: information, laws, news.
The history and structure of the committee, publications, regulatory framework, reference books, archive documents.
The structure of the industry, leadership, activities, information on targeted programs.
Official website of the Border Troops of Ukraine: legislation, international cooperation, sports, culture, recreation, directory of organizations.
State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine: news, statistics, publications, legal information, structure, etc.
The official site of the State Committee of Ukraine for Veterans: structure, leadership.

Official materials: committee structure, leadership, board, schedule; jobs.
The site contains information about the departments of the department.
The website of the Resource Support Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - providing all types of property: weapons, cars, special equipment, communications equipment, food, clothing, medical property.
Budget policy, draft budget, budget changes; comments, interviews, drafts of documents.
The structure of the ministry, leadership, legislative and departmental acts; News Center for public relations. Page of the National Central Bureau of Interpol in Ukraine.
Information on the activities, structure and policy of the Ministry; development strategy, projects; articles on the status and financing of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
Information about the composition, history and structure of the ministry; normative base; activity, personnel policy, current information, admission schedule.
History and structure of the Ministry; leadership: biographies, interviews, speeches, comments; legislation; activity; institutions; pension reform.
News, information on geological enterprises and services, articles on the state of the industry.
Information about the structure, main tasks, activities and management of the agency; news of the space industry of Ukraine.
Information about the project: history, materials, plans; public relations management; cooperation with non-governmental organizations.
The site of the construction management of the State Administration of Affairs.
Structure, activities, list of services and scientific and technical products; articles on standardization.
The official website of the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights.
Information on activities, statistical data, as well as the site contains legislative documents and publications of the Center.
Site of the Center for retraining of STA of Ukraine.
Directorate General for Foreign Missions.
law, ministry, law, legal, state.
Misto Kovel is visually based on new developments, information about the pace of work and results of the city, ask for investing before you apply for employment.
Information resource of the city of Kupyansk current news and events in the city, representatives of state authorities, mayor of the city, city council, a full list of enterprises and firms, investment projects for investment, recreation and rehabilitation
The official website of the Pensiai Fund of Ukraine. Visvlyulyu Dіyalnіst Fund, problems and nutrition of the penny system of Ukraine. Informє about the image of pensions legislation. Sensational reform. Forum
The website of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is the official source of information on state financial policy in Ukraine. This resource allows you to get the most complete and reliable information about the actions of the government in the field of public finance and related events.
Department of Information Technology at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Structure, management, vacancies, paid services, criminal records, contacts
Odessa Ambulance Station Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Odessa Ambulance Station. Articles about the history of the creation of the Odessa ambulance station. Emergency ambulance treatment articles Odessa emergency medical care resuscitation emergency treatment intensive care medical care 100th anniversary of the Odessa ambulance station ambulance ambulance stretcher medical box ambulance team dispatcher count Tolstoy MM Countess Tolstaya E.G. Bardah Y.Yu. Valikhovsky lane ambulance society electrocardiography mobile doctor field attendant medical attendant coachman competition of medical assistants emergency call cardiology psychiatry
On the site of the traffic police - WWW.GAI.RU you can read the news feed, information about the divisions of Moscow, the Moscow Region and the city of St. Petersburg; find the texts of federal laws, international conventions, orders, decrees, orders, GOSTs and other standards. Information about the registration of the vehicle, technical inspection, obtaining a driver's license. Pass the theoretical online exam on traffic rules, compile and print a handwritten power of attorney. Get a qualified answer to the question and participate in the voting. Placed articles recognized experts in the field of insurance of cars, accidents, litigation, device and car repair. Photos of traffic accidents are published daily. There is a conference for the communication of visitors.
Website of the State Committee for the regulation of financial services of Ukraine
General information about management (management, structure). Telephones of district offices. List of services. Indicators of socio-economic development of the Donetsk region.
We welcome you to the web pages of Mykolayanskoe Oblast Oblast adminnosti. Administering the Mykolaiv region of Vikoristov mozhniv_stnI to the Internet for the acquaintance of public relations with our region, hanging out of your own personal contact and intercourse. Mi vіrimo, just for the help of the Internet, you can know the new friends in Mykolaivsk and that between the interiors.
Portal of social services that pіlg population of Odessa. Povny perevik poslug that pіlg; The turning point of the category is huge, they are right on them. Perelik necessary documents for otrimannya pіlg that after. Regulatory base. Resource Management Sotsіlnogo zahistu population and prades_ Odesko mea sake.
Information portal Construction World: Complex of architecture, construction, development and reconstruction of the city of Moscow
The structure and contact information of the authorities in the city of Truskavets. The most complete information about the balneological resort of Truskavets. Description of sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels, villas, mineral waters (Naftusya, Maria, etc.). Indications for treatment. Healing, natural properties of the resort Truskavets. Information about the infrastructure of the city.
In order to fundamentally change the system of providing medical institutions with medical products, in 1991, the Ukrainian state-owned association Polytech was created on the basis of Ukrmedtekhnika. State Ukrainian Association "Polytechmed" - the official distributor of the company "Johnson & Johnson" Products "Ethicon" - products for the closure of surgical wounds and treatment of wounds; Cordis products - tools for X-ray endovascular diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system; Ethicon Endosurgery products - instruments and consumables for laparoscopic surgery and "open" operations, ultrasonic scalpel Ultra Sizn. Selection and use of surgical needles Suture material Female health A list of documents for conducting technical acceptance tests (state acceptance tests). A list of documents for the qualification tests. By the method of complementing the system and the protection of licenses laid out by the medical staff, the coordination of the projects and the development of medical services on the basis of the commercial and trade foundation of the Ukrmedtechnik, the branch of the applicants, the Institute, and the United States of America The state-owned Ukrainian Polytechmed is the distributor of Johnson & Johnson Ethicon products - products for the closure of his health wounds; "Cordis" products - instruments for X-ray endovascular diagnosis and licensing of the heart-suture system; "Ethicon Endosurgery" products - instruments and vitamins for laparoscopic surgery and "vidcritics", ultrasound scalpel Ultra Sizn. Vibir і and Victorious Hex Golok Shovniy materіl Zhіnoche zdorovya Perelik documents, for the presentation of the minimum technical vipprobuv (state of the near vipobuvan). Perelik dokutiiv, for the conquest of the qualifying vippobuvany.