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How to buy the cheapest plane ticket

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет

How to buy air tickets cheaper and significantly save on this, even if you are a traveler with a long experience. We have collected in one article 12 tricks, methods and tools that have accumulated over 10 years of travel, so that you can very significantly reduce the price of air tickets on your next trip. The direction does not matter: these tips are suitable for planning trips anywhere.

Perhaps some of these tricks you already know, others will be able to try for the first time. I recommend reading to the end, because we structured the information from more popular methods to less used ones.

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет

Look for tickets through metasearch engines

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет
The price difference depending on the agency can reach 10%!

Oddly enough, still few people understand the difference between the price of a ticket in a metasearch engine and, say, an agency or airline. And it is quite substantial. For example, an agency receives prices from airlines and / or booking systems, adds something on top and sells to us with you. Markups each market participant puts as he likes.

Agencies sell a lot of tickets for airlines and their conditions are often even more pleasant than those of the carriers themselves. Therefore, buying on the airline’s website as the primary source of prices does not always make sense.

The metasearch engine is engaged in the fact that it receives data from everyone (agencies, airlines and booking systems), compares them and gives the results with links to sources.

So, one of the most popular metasearch engines - Aviasales - searches and finds the cheapest flights at 728 airlines, 200 ticket offices and 5 booking systems. By default, the cheapest offer comes first in the search results.

Well, so that you can clearly see the "scatter" in prices between agencies, for example, search results for the query "Moscow-Rome" on an arbitrary date. The price for the same flight in different agencies differs by more than 10%.

Buy round-trip tickets

Most often, a round-trip ticket costs less than if you buy separately for the departure date and return date. It happens that a round-trip flight is even cheaper than one-way.

Use the Low Price Calendar

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет
Using the calendar you can quickly find the cheapest tickets in any direction

Convenient and very popular feature with Aviasales . It helps, knowing the right direction, to quickly find the dates with the most attractive prices. If you don’t know the direction, then you can leave the default phrase “Any country” in the search form and click “show prices” - the system will issue the cheapest offer available in the database.

In addition, there are:

  • Departure or arrival point can be set both city and country
  • You can set the duration of the trip
  • You can mark both specific dates of the trip, and set the search immediately by month

Be the first to know when prices change

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет
When searching for a ticket, you can subscribe to notifications of changes in its price

I manage to fly mega-cheap, including because I know for sure the dates when airlines sell off in their favorite destinations. For example, for many years I have been subscribed to the Greek Aegean Airlines, and during this time a whole history of the dates of their shares has formed. By the way, the dates of their holding almost do not change from year to year.

But to keep track of low prices for the necessary directions is possible and easier. To do this, Aviasales has a price change subscription. Just enter information about your intended trip, and the system will notify you as soon as the cost of tickets changes.

Install yourself a mobile application [important!]

Keeping track of the best prices is even more convenient when you have the Aviasales mobile app installed. By the way, according to the search engine, it is installed on every 8th smartphone in Russia. And if you still don’t have it, then perhaps this is the reason why all the cheap flights “fly” by.

But there is one more trick , which for the most part is not even known to active users of the application. To find the best price, after installing the application, try searching in the desired direction. In the meantime, the system is searching, click "Add to Favorites".

After that, you will receive notifications by phone on the desired route every time the price changes. Thus, you will be among the first to know about the new sale, and you will be able to buy a ticket the cheapest.

Use the Low Price Flights Card

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет
On the map you can quickly find out where to fly the cheapest

A map search is well suited if you can flexibly approach the planning of your trip and are not particularly attached to dates or places. Aviasales also has such a useful feature.

With its help, you can understand in a matter of seconds where you can fly cheaply and quickly. At the same time, there are a number of filters to facilitate the search:

  • Departure City
  • Budget
  • Visa or visa-free travel
  • Travel Dates
  • Etc.

If you have not tried to search on the map of low prices before - try to do it right now .

Plan your trip well in advance

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет
The sooner you buy tickets, the cheaper they will cost

On flights, the rule often applies: the sooner you buy a ticket, the cheaper it will cost you. If your planning horizon is less than a month before departure, be prepared for the fact that your ticket will cost more. The best prices are easiest to find a few months before the trip .

In addition to the calendar of low prices at Aviasales , many airlines also have those. For example, here is a similar calendar for the Greek Aegean Airlines. According to air carriers, you can also navigate ahead well.

In addition, during the sales period, many airlines reduce the cost of tickets for flights, which are more than 3 months old. And if you follow only certain flight dates , then such a “ball” can pass by you.

When you track the price of a route, proceed as follows:

  • After receiving a notice of a sharp decrease in prices in the right direction, I go to the airline’s website and check its calendar of low prices
  • I find the best offer
  • I return to Aviasales and check tickets for the same dates (as a rule, tickets are cheaper through Aviasales )
  • Buying the cheapest plane ticket "for nuts".

Use lowcosters

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет
Low-cost airlines are far from the only solution for cheap air travel

Another way to fly cheap is to actively use low-cost airlines. In recent years, there have been a lot of flights from both Russia and Ukraine that can fly cheaply to Europe: some of them are presented on Aviasales , others are not.

Keeping all low-cost airlines in your head (especially on foreign routes) is an overwhelming task, and listing them here is ungrateful. Low-cost airlines come and go, and information should be relevant. The good news is there is a search engine specializing specifically in low-cost airlines - Azair .

The appearance of Azair leaves much to be desired, but it provides a fairly good list of budget carriers.

Just in case, we recall that when traveling by budget carriers, in addition to the pluses, there are also disadvantages: baggage restrictions, less convenient flight schedules, often second-rate airports. But if the main task is to buy the cheapest plane ticket, then, as they say, they don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Travel light

Previously, this was a trend only among low-cost airlines, but in recent years it has become more common among traditional airlines: separate fares for traveling light and with luggage. In the first case, it is understood that the traveler board a plane exclusively with hand luggage and can take advantage of a lower fare.

Of course, if at the last moment the “baggage carrier” has a bag with it, then the airline will have a chance to win it back.

Be aware of all promotions.

We already mentioned above that prices in certain areas can be monitored and the first to know about their changes. This is exactly the way that I fly often and cheaply. This works great if you know exactly where you want to fly.

But you can go further and at any time “in one fell swoop” check all the current promotions. At least those that are in the Aviasales database. This is well suited for spontaneous travel, when you want to fly cheaper, and where it depends on the availability of offers.

Regularly updated information on special offers is located here . And the hottest of them are presented below:

Check nearby dates and cities

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет
It looks like a calendar of prices for airline tickets in the context of one month

Did you know that the cheapest tickets usually fall between Tuesday and Thursday, while at the beginning and end of the week, on the contrary, flights usually cost more. Therefore, when performing a search, it always makes sense to check neighboring dates. The difference can be very significant. Below is an example of a screenshot of the first flight from the Aviasales calendar.

Another trick is to watch not only the “home” departure city, but also the neighboring ones: the difference in the price of a ticket can justify buying a train ticket in order to get to a cheaper departure point. So, for example, on average, tickets from Moscow are cheaper than from St. Petersburg, although getting from one city to another is easy.

In the same way, it is far from always beneficial for Ukrainians to plan a flight from the capital: from Kharkov and the Dnieper it is often much cheaper to fly to Turkey, and from airports in Western Ukraine to Poland.

Save up to 30% on compound (difficult) routes

This is a very powerful topic for saving or, on the contrary, to make your trip much richer, and Aviasales also has such a function. But you need to figure it out a bit.

Option A: Buy a Cheap Flight

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет
It looks like a calendar of prices for airline tickets in the context of one month

You probably noticed that flights with transfers often cost less than direct flights. And you can save a lot of money on this. Moreover, a saving of 30% is not at all uncommon. To make it clear "how" - we will do it by example.

Let's say we need to get from Moscow to Paris. The date is chosen randomly (in our case, October 15, 2016). We enter the data, as usual, on the Aviasales main page and get this result - a direct Air France flight will cost 322 Euros.

Now, let's think about where airplanes should fly from Paris very often. In my case, Barcelona came to my mind.

We switch to the tab “Make a difficult route” and enter 2 flights on the same date: Moscow-Paris and Paris-Barcelona. It turns out that we are as if flying from Moscow to Barcelona with a change in Paris.

A few seconds for the system to search and result: From Moscow to Barcelona via Paris with the same Air France - 238 Euro.

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет
It looks like a calendar of prices for airline tickets in the context of one month

But we don’t need to go to Barcelona. Initially, we were exclusively interested in Paris, where we would get off during a transfer.

Almost 30% were saved out of the blue, while flying on the same plane as other passengers who bought tickets more expensive. And the flight is the most direct for us.


If you fly this way, check in your baggage not to the final destination, but to the transfer point. In our case - for the flight Moscow-Paris-Barcelona - this is Paris. Otherwise, you will leave, and the luggage will fly further. To do this, at the reception you will need a reason why your luggage needs to be removed from the plane in Paris, although your tickets are to Barcelona. For example, you carry a transfer or in a bag the thing you need - but you never know.

Remember that if you missed a segment in a flight, the return ticket will be canceled. In our case, if you bought tickets Moscow-Paris-Barcelona and Barcelona-Paris-Moscow, but left in Paris, then you will not fly back with this ticket, since you did not reach Barcelona initially. To avoid embarrassment, just buy tickets separately, as if in one direction.

Option B: See more for the same money

With the option of a difficult route, you can go even further and expand your journey by seeing more for the same money. For example, we need to get from Moscow to Rome, but we also want to visit Paris.

By analogy with the method described above, we find tickets with a transfer in Paris. Only now we have another task - to spend a free day in the French capital. This can be done by playing with the time of departure and transfers.

Как купить самый дешевый билет на самолет
It looks like a calendar of prices for airline tickets in the context of one month

In a few minutes of searching, I got the following route: to fly out early in the morning from Moscow to get to Rome in the evening, but at the same time spend the whole day in Paris. At no additional cost and need for a hotel, since there is a lot of time, but there is no overnight stay.

In the end

All the methods mentioned in the article are tested and work to find and buy the cheapest plane ticket. Add it to your bookmarks and save with these little tricks already in the next trip, or try to check the mentioned methods right now - in the wake of it.

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