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How to aim right

Как правильно целиться

The goal (German Ziel) is the ideal or real subject of the conscious or unconscious aspiration of the subject; the final result to which the process is intentionally directed; "Bringing the opportunity to its full completion"; a conscious image of the anticipated result.

The emergence of a goal is called a statement . There are two main types of goal setting: direct and indirect. In the first case, the goal is first set, then the ways of achieving it are determined. In the case of mediation of the goal, there is some ongoing process. The subject of this process outlines a certain state of the process object, which defines as satisfying the meaning of the process. Then this state is called the goal of the process.

In military affairs, the target is an object of the use of weapons that must be destroyed, damaged (for nuclear weapons, any objects in the zone of destruction, for conventional weapons: equipment, shelters, structures, etc.) or wounded / killed (enemy serviceman). Used for depersonalized designation of an object to be destroyed / damaged during combat operations. "Work on the goal" - the use of weapons.

Как правильно целиться

A small reminder of how to properly focus the sight when aiming and on what :

  1. Not true , the shooter focuses on the target when aiming.
  2. It is not true , the shooter focuses on the whole when aiming.
  3. True , the shooter focuses on the sight when aiming.

Correction in aiming ::

  1. Correction to the wind (lateral correction) - making a change in the settings of the sight, taking into account the influence of wind on the trajectory of the bullet or projectile.
  2. Correction for range - making changes to the sight settings, taking into account the change in the vertical angle of aiming, depending on the distance to the target.