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How to dress by age and not look stupid

Как одеваться по возрасту

Clothing is a certain accentuation of the ensemble ( costume in a broad sense ), dictated by the following features ( or their combination ): age, gender, profession, social status, belonging to a subculture, personal taste of a person, the era of social life, nationality, religious affiliation, relevance, functionality, lifestyle and individual characteristics.

Accents are usually placed with the help of accessories, shoes, fabric colors, prints, accessories, details of the finish and texture of the fabric, tailoring the clothes, combinatorics.

Clothing style is one of the main elements of the image of a person or company ( dress code ).

Within the framework of one of the styles, its varieties are sometimes distinguished - substrates or microstyles. Style is when you are tactful to color, size, it is style. And yet there is a style in the interior and a slightly different meaning of the style of music.

What is better: when clothes are young or when they give solidity? The main thing is not to look simply stupid, explains the chief editor of the British GQ Dylan Jones .

How old are you? Go, probably, like a pimply teenager, in dimensionless jeans and in hoody, hanging, like on a scarecrow? Or, on the contrary, do you depict your own dad, fidgeting by the fireplace in faded velvet trousers and in a jumper under his jacket?

Or do you still dress according to your age? Something I strongly doubt. We always try to look older or younger. Remember: when you were 13 or 14, all you thought about was how to look like 17 or 18. Personally, I was only thinking about that. He walked in flares, from which the most avid dude would have fallen into a stupor, a creepy-fitting shirt with a wide collar and giant bots on the platform. Did I look older? Of course not; I looked like a juvenile imbecile from the province who wants to pass for a regular disco.

Today everything is different: I wear three-piece striped suits, expensive, custom-made shirts and stupid shoes, polished to such brilliance that my wife once used one of them as a mirror, deciding to fix her make-up in a taxi. Do I look older than my age? Probably. But may I rather be like a bank clerk than a thirty or, even more so, a forty year old cracker who pretends to be a teenager.

Well, how not to despise them? These "chuvachkov" who come to a business meeting in pink camouflage pants, old school sneakers, in a tishotka with a print of a Japanese gorilla. They also love rappers. To listen to them, they all grew up in a residential area in the South Bronx and graduated from school in Jamaica, where they were taught to speak with a comic accent that does not exist in nature. Those in Britain used to be called wiggas, but I prefer the definition of “moron”. This is how almost everyone in the advertising industry, as well as those related to computer graphics or Internet business, dress.

Attempts to look older are forgivable, even charming. And if you dress younger than your age, then this is only sad evidence of a complete loss of communication with reality.

There is an opinion that men in our time can wear anything. Since fashion was greatly democratized and became extremely widespread, and the former gulf between generations simply disappeared, now we can wear American Apparel on Monday, Hermès on Tuesday, and both brands on Wednesday. At eight in the morning we are all teenagers, picking at their iPads, at eleven - forty-year-old businessmen in the office, at seven in the evening - relaxing thirty years at home, and closer to the night - successful metrosexuals of twenty with a little, suggestive marafet before a party. Well, the truth is: if you can afford a TAG Heuer Monaco, what's the difference how old you are - 18, 45 or 60? But if in your wardrobe there is absolutely nothing left of the clothes worn by the rest of the men in your age group, you will look silly. Children will laugh at you.

My advice to those who want to dress younger than their years: tie . Attempts to look older are forgivable, even charming. And if you dress younger than your age, then this is only sad evidence of a complete loss of communication with reality.

If you're 20 , wear vintage Converse All Stars, skinny jeans bought in second-hand, and stupid T-shirts with prints that can only be bought on the Internet. If you're 30 , your style is a dark Hugo Boss suit , Paul Smith striped shirts and a pair of worn Tricker's boots. If you are 40 , order costumes from Savile Row’s tailors (Richard James, Kilgour, Spencer Hart or Gieves & Hawkes), combine them with custom-made shirts and a new pair of oxfords John Lobb.