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Illusion of choice or infographics of corporations and their brands (brands)

You can often hear or read such thoughts that the power in the world has been seized by corporations, and presidents, prime ministers, judges and all others are just executing their will. Along with this, it is often said that modern society is forced to consume consumption and solve something that it can only at the level of choosing a model of a car or a brand of detergent. How realistic the election of the president or deputies is for a separate topic, but the freedom to choose a brand of detergent is greatly exaggerated. Why - you can see in the pictures below. There is nothing to choose ...

Comparison of corporations and their brands (brands)

The illusion of choosing brands
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Comparison of car brands

Illusion of the choice of cars, Comparison of car brands
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Communication of the Bilderberg Club with the most influential corporations of the world

The illusion of choice How influential corporations really control the world
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How influential corporations really manage the world

The illusion of choice Communication Bilderberg Club with the most influential corporations in the world
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Свобода выбора - иллюзия, потому что любой выбор происходит спонтанно и одновременно в силу причин.

Freedom of choice is an illusion, because any choice occurs spontaneously and simultaneously for reasons of reason. Most people, confronted with the concept of spontaneity, perceive its essence, as a kind of game form of activity. In fact, the spontaneity of the mind manifests itself totally. That is, everything that a person feels - is absolutely spontaneous, or in a different facet of perception of this process - mechanically. Mechanicality is the perception of spontaneity through the prism of its cause. And this reason makes spontaneity something fatal, inevitable. Therefore, many the theory of the illusory nature of freedom of choice can be frankly not like. In this vein, it is worth focusing on precisely spontaneity, beyond causes and effects. Enlightenment, about which the spiritual teachings narrate, is the realization of the total spontaneity (mechanicality) of all processes of consciousness, and the release from the burden of the "ability" to make a choice.

When you realize the fact of total spontaneity of the mind, a person is forced to face such a paradox as the illusory nature of any choice. Choice is the essence of human life, because his whole life is a "river" of continuous elections. Every moment is a doubt and a new choice, to which our attention is directed. The very essence of the choice seems to indicate that we have different variants of events, and they are always present as if in parallel. And the choice, in this vein, is "freedom" in the development of the plot line of life. However, in reality, life remains linear and this freedom is illusory. We just watch this life as a movie. Participation in life, will and choice is also, only a part of what we observe. Will - just to eat, as part of the movie. The will happens spontaneously, like everything else in this life.

The feeling of choice generates, the feeling that you are doing something, participating in the process. However, in fact, the experience of yourself as an actor is a kind of river, consisting of hundreds of subconscious "micro elections" for a certain short period of time (about a thousand per second). These micro elections are not realized by the philistine, therefore the activity of the mind is felt as something self-evident: "otherwise it can not be."

The choice, as the possibility of making one, or another, decision is an illusion. In essence, it is a spontaneous, chaotic consequence of the flow of micro-elections that simply happen. What we call the activity of the mind, and the life of man - occurs absolutely mechanically due to the spontaneous movement of subtle matter and energy.

How and where does the feeling of choice arise? The feeling of choice (like the feeling of "I") seems very real, because it contains "energy of consciousness". The feeling of choice occurs because it does not "suit" what is at the moment "now", so the choice is "pushing away" the present moment, its avoidance. Any choice is just a wave of rejection. Then there is a decline in the wave - between two elections, the focus of consciousness returns to reality again, the inability to accept it again manifests itself, and again - a new moment of repulsion in a new choice. All this happens spontaneously.

Why is there a repulsion of reality in the moment perceived as a choice? Rejection of reality is the inability of consciousness to realize itself, to realize what is in the present. The inability to realize what is, depends on the level of clarity. Thus - choice, as a repulsion of reality, is a simple lack of clarity. Reality (in human manifestation) realizes itself actively, wavyly, but as if partially. Deeper, continuous, clear awareness can eliminate this feeling of "pushing away life . " Also, it will eliminate the illusion of choice , because will display its components, such as: the inability of consciousness to realize itself and the wave of rejection, which consists of spontaneous particles.

Why does the inability to realize oneself manifest? Because consciousness is "mixed" with matter. Concentration and contemplation (meditation), as the main factors in the development of clarity, eliminate the illusion of choice and doubt, and allow you to truly accept the present moment.

People were asked to draw from the memory logos of famous brands , and they did not manage.

The evolution of the logos of Apple, Google, Nokia, BMW, Audi and other well-known brands.