The history of the OUN-UPA or who are the Benders

История ОУН-УПА или кто такие бендеровцы

Fascism is a generalized name for extreme right-wing political movements, ideologies and the corresponding form of dictatorial government whose characteristic features are nationalism, the cult of personality (dictatorship), militarism, totalitarianism.

Right ideology is the ideology of social domination, expressing the interests of the ruling social class or a certain ruling group within the ruling class.


  • Dictatorship: overthrown, hiding in Rostov
  • Militarism: all 23 years of independence our army was constantly put financial bolt from the budget
  • Totalitarianism: in what other country is there such a legitimate position as we have
  • Nationalism: yes there is
  • Right ideology: the maidan did not allow it to take place. "The family" crawled ... and the rest are in power, quietly sit on the holes


  • Dictatorship: Putler + United Russia
  • Militarism: "green men" in the Crimea + army on the border
  • Totalitarianism: you give the law to the toilet by permission to go
  • Nationalism: it does not seem to exist ... but there is patriotism. Although I'm nowhere to explain the difference between nationalism and patriotism
  • Right ideology: why then came to mind the song Slepakov "Gazprom LLC"

The SS Galichina division numbered about 50,000 people during its entire existence.

Battalion "Nachtigal" 800 people.

OUN-UPA fought with the invaders of all stripes from the fascists, to the Communists and on its territory, its soldiers are justified even by the Nuremberg Tribunal, so we do not take into account.

And now let's move on to the RUSSIAN military units that fought on the side of fascist Germany.

I will not list everything - the hand will tire of typing. I will indicate the main.

ROA Vlasova, battalion Muraviev, Combat Union of Russian Nationalists, Brotherhood of Russian Truth, Russland Division, SS Volgag Volunteer Regiment, Green Army of Special Appointment, Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia (KONR), National Socialist Party, Zeppelin ", RONA, Russian Corps, Russian detachment of the 9th Wehrmacht Army, KHIVI, Russian personnel in the SS Charlemagne division, Russian personnel in the SS Division Wallonia, Russian personnel in the SS division Dirlenwagen, ROND / RNSD And many others. And, of course, Cossacks Kaminsky, the First Eastern Reserve Regiment "Center" Lieutenant Colonel Yagnenko, Volunteer Regiment "Desna" Major Outch, etc., etc.

In one only ROA Andrei Vlasov during its existence, there were about 800,000 people !!!

Ukrainian "Galicia" along with "Nachtigal" roughly 51,000 people.

Friendly with mathematics, dear Russians?

By the way, the black and orange patch from which your propaganda made the "St. George" ribbon-symbol of Victory, was worn by the Cossacks who fought on the side of the Nazis against the Red Army.

The history of their country should be known to citizens.

Even such a shameful one.

A people who does not know the past has no future.

So leave Ukraine behind and tackle your problems.

You have as many, if not more, of them.

"I see a speck in my strange eye, but I do not see a log in my own" a very wise Russian proverb.

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