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History of the Ukrainian Flag

История Украинского Флага

Ukrainian traditionally call their flag "yellow-blue." Yellow and blue colors symbolized the Kiev State before the Christianization of Russia.

March 22, 1918 the yellow-blue flag was approved by the Central Rada.

The Ukrainian People’s Republic had with its flag precisely the yellow-blue cloth (at the top a yellow stripe, at the bottom beneath it a blue one).

It is this combination of colors, as V. Sergiychuk writes, “secured by his high authority Mikhail Hrushevsky”.

In fact, the colors of our flag have long symbolized the two main elements of nature and human existence - fire (yellow) and water (blue).

It is logical to assume that only the combination “yellow - from above, blue - from below” reflects the eternal symmetry - the divine harmony of these elements.

Otherwise, if we place them on the contrary, it would mean a violation of the world order, a catastrophe in which water extinguishes fire ...

(It is very symbolic right now that the opposition of fire and water was seen on Grushevskogo street).

Flower symbolism

Yellow symbolizes the Sun, Fire, the Creator, God the Father, and in general the Supreme Spirituality.

Blue-blue symbolizes water, All earthly and material.

Canons of iconography

The golden, yellow symbolizes the Creator, God the Father, the nimbus of God the Son, and in general the Highest Spirituality.

The blue is all earthly, as well as the freedom of choice that the Creator endowed his creations in the hope that they will not abuse it.

The heads of the saints are always lit / enlightened by the Halo (yellow or gold).

Laws of heraldry

Light color should be above dark.

The laws of metaphysics and sacred symbols

The eternal (divine, heavenly, above-material, gold) must be above the material (human, created, blue-blue).


The guna of material nature is translated from Sanskrit as "rope" or "quality."

The material world itself is woven from special fibers, like a carpet.

The three main types of yarn are three gunas - sattva (goodness, good, virtue, conscience), rajas (passion, competition), tamas (ignorance, inertia).

Everything that surrounds us is under their influence: food, clothes, conversations, relationships, study, work, time, places, colors and life itself is also under this influence.

Huns match these colors:

  • Sattva - goodness - yellow.
  • Rajas - passion - red.
  • Tamas - ignorance - blue.

Feng Shui

Placing blue (will) over yellow (wisdom) means “Law of Decay”, i.e. progressive degradation, misfortune, chaos.

While the opposite message of colors - yellow over blue means a harmonious combination of Heaven and Earth, male and female, strong and flexible, which promises development, well-being, happiness.

Book of Changes "and Ching"

Blue on top and yellow on bottom form the Pi “hexagram” - one of the four worst combinations.

And decode it like this: “Be vigilant and prudent. Do not undertake one important business, because it will not come true rather than come true. Your entourage does not understand you, you are quarreling with your friends without any reason. ”

When the yellow is at the top and the blue at the bottom, it forms a completely different hexagram “Tai”, which means: “Blossoming. Small leaves. Big is coming. Happiness. Development".

Aryan tradition

Rama chose the yellow-blue standard for his sacred symbol.

Because it means the harmonious combination of heavenly fire (RA) and terrestrial substance (MA).

It also demonstrates the natural superiority of the spirit (golden, yellow) over matter (blue, blue).

While the arrangement of colors is exactly the opposite, among other things, it also distorts the holy name Rama na Mara (ghost, ghost, or zombie, according to the modern).

Eastern philosophy "Yang-Yin"

Yellow, or golden Yang means "light, heat, sky, activity, the male principle, the sun."

But blue Yin symbolizes darkness, cold, earth, passivity, the female element, the month.

What happens when the earthly and passive dominates (ie, placed on top) over the celestial and active, perhaps, is unnecessary to explain.


The order of placing the colors of the rainbow - at the top of the yellow lower blue.

Igor Nocsan says that “the current blue-yellow State flag of Ukraine does not bode well for it, since it declares the perverse domination of passive matter over the active spirit.

Although, I must say, it exactly corresponds to the current temporary state of degradation and spiritual darkness in Ukraine. ”

And such a state was caused just by the adoption of a distorted symbol instead of the correct one.

We even on a subconscious level call our flag not blue-yellow, but “yellow-blue”.

And its meaning is as follows: the golden color is the color of the Sun, of the Cosmos.

Cosmic energy then through yellow color freely passes to the blue Earth - the colors of the planet, which can be seen from space.

Astronauts unequivocally confirm that our planet Earth is blue.

That is, the sun is always golden above, and the earth is water below.

Whoever shares the profane, banal-empirical version that the Ukrainian flag - that is, the clear sky above the golden ears - let them now think that the real Ukrainian flag - that is, the sun above the water of the Dnieper, in which ancient Russia - Ukraine was baptized.