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Learning to smoke hookah correctly

Hookah device

The pleasure of smoking hookah directly depends on the right choice, on the right preparation and, of course, on the technology of smoking. How to choose a hookah? Immediately make a reservation that you do not smoke hookahs from Turkey and Egypt - these are just souvenirs, so the question "how to properly smoke a hookah" with them has nothing to do. Buy only those that are made in Syrian factories. A little worse in quality hookah from the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

In general, there is a rule that a quality hookah should be heavy. The basis of hookah should be beautiful, with decoration. How to take tobacco? In principle, there are no restrictions on this issue, you can take any, for example, Egyptian. There are many kinds of tobacco with different taste, for example, with apple, anise, melon. Proper smoking hookah includes the quality of coal, it must also be properly selected. It is commonly believed that the table water for hookah from Egypt is one of the worst. We recommend you charcoal packed on brusochkam. Despite the fact that charcoal coal is hard to ignite, it is less harmful to your health, and gives a good, pleasant taste. Try to keep the tobacco in your hookah like melting, then the white clouds of smoke do not cut your throat, but have a pleasant fruity taste. To achieve this it is not difficult, for this it is necessary to lay a piece of foil between coal and tobacco. The temperature of the coal must be kept strictly constant.

The pleasure derived from smoking a hookah depends on what you pour into the flask. As a rule, it is a diverse mixture: juices, fruits, milk, spices. Also here some add spirits. In the eastern countries hookah is made to smoke through water, and this is due to the extremely high cost of fruit and milk formulas. Now a few words on how to make a hookah. Rinse off the base of the hookah, the tube and the flask. All parts of the hookah must be checked - all parts must be tightly connected. Pour water into the flask or the liquid discussed above.

The liquid level should be such that only the tip of the base leaves under water. Then put the tobacco in the ceramic head - it can not be rammed, because hot air will pass through it. Take a little foil and cover it with a head, on the foil itself make a few holes in the form of a circle, and also one in the center. Next, kindle the coal and put it on the foil. Now you can properly smoke a hookah.

General description of shisha

Hookah ( shisha, bury, huka, hugga, nargila, argil, narghile, waterpipe, hubble-bubble, hubbly-bubbly, obli-bobli, jajir, boery, goza ) is intended for smoking special tobacco with filtering and cooling the smoke with water. When filtering smoke through water, most of the harmful impurities, incl. microparticles of ash, settles in water. Also, passing through the water, the smoke is cooled and moistened.

Shishi construction

Construction of hookah
Fig. 1

Structurally, the hookah consists of two parts (fig. 1), hermetically connected together (sometimes with thread) - from the upper part (1) and the lower part (2), the hose (flexible chibouk) (3) with the mouthpiece (4), ceramic cup for tobacco (5). Some models of hookahs can also be equipped with a protective saucer (6), a protective cap (7) and an exhaust ball valve to remove excess smoke (8). The delivery set also usually includes coal tongs (9). Some models of hookahs are designed for group smoking and have two, three or more hoses with mouthpieces. Often there are hoses with replaceable mouthpieces.

The main requirement for hookah is tightness. The most important is the tightness of the connection between the upper and lower parts of the hookah, and the hookah with the hose (and also with the mouthpiece if it is replaceable). When buying a shisha with a metal bottom it is advisable to check its tightness by pouring water into it.

The order of assembly and use

The order of assembly and use of hookah
Fig. 2

In the lower part of the hookah (water bowl) water is poured so that the tube protruding from the upper part after joining the two parts is submerged in water for 2-5 cm (Fig. 2). Then the upper part is attached. If the bottom part of a hookah glass, the top part is densely inserted into the bottom with use of a sealing rubber ring. In case the bottom part of the hookah is metal - the upper part is screwed on the thread. After assembling the two main parts, a hose with a mouthpiece is inserted.

The order of assembly and use of hookah
Fig. 3

To seal it, you can use a small strip of paper, paper napkin or toilet paper, wrapping it around the pipe union. Sometimes there are sealing rings for hoses. Their use is preferably only for aesthetic reasons.

The order of assembly and use of hookah
Fig. 4

After that it is desirable to check the correctness of the hookah assembly - several times draw in air from the mouthpiece. Air should be inhaled easily, without much effort, with characteristic gurgling of water. Then try to draw in the air by closing the smoke hole at the top of the hookah with your finger (Fig. 3). If the air can not be inhaled even with effort - it's OK, if the air is gradually drawn in - it is necessary to check the tightness of the connection of the two parts of the hookah and the hose connection. In the presence of an exhaust valve, it is necessary to check its operation - when trying to breathe air into the hookah, the valve must open and air must flow through it.

The order of assembly and use of hookah
Fig. 5

After checking the tightness, a protective metal saucer is placed on the top of the hookah. Then put on a cup for tobacco. To seal it, you can also use a small strip of soft paper wrapped around the seat for the cup. Also there are sealing rings for the cup.

The order of assembly and use of hookah
Fig. 6th

After installing the cup in it with a special tweezers put a small amount of tobacco - about one teaspoon (Fig. 4). The level of tobacco should not be above the edge of the cup. Tobacco is not put tightly. In case if there is only one large hole in the middle of the ceramic cup, it is recommended to put a small non-rounded pebble (or crumpled foil) in it to prevent the tobacco from falling into the hookah (Fig. 5). If there are several small holes in the cup, a pebble is not required.

The order of assembly and use of hookah
Fig. 7th

When smoking flavored varieties of tobacco, the cup is covered tightly from above with a foil, in which holes are made throughout the area to receive hot air from the coal (Fig. 6). The foil does not have to touch the tobacco. On the foil tweezers put hot coals or a fast-burning tablet of pressed coal (Fig. 7).

When smoking black tobacco varieties, coal is placed directly on the tobacco. When using coal in tablets, it is necessary to set the tablet on fire and wait for it to burn out from all sides. At the same time, quite acrid smoke is released.

Do not try to pull out of the mouthpiece at this time!

The order of assembly and use of hookah
Fig. 8

When scorching, sparks may flip (Fig. 8), so if a protective cap is included in the delivery, immediately after burning the coal, put the cap on the hookah. After completely burning coal and stopping the emission of sharp smoke, wait 10-15 seconds before making the first puff.

After 5-10 intensive puffs, a mild taste of tobacco will begin to appear. Hookah is ready for use!

One refueling of tobacco is enough, usually, for 30 - 60 minutes of smoking or more (up to two hours).

For hookah produced special tobacco. It looks more like jam, wet and sticky. The main varieties of tobacco for hookah: Regular flavor - has a taste of natural tobacco with the aroma of prunes, there are different degrees of strength; Apple, Strawberry, Grape, Peach, Multifruit, Mint and others - tobacco with the aroma of fresh fruits, mint, nuts. Of the fruit varieties, the main apple is considered to be apple. Also for ease of operation, compressed, rapidly burning coal is produced.

Care of the hookah

Hookah does not require particularly complex care. After smoking, it is advisable to pour out the used water and discard the used tobacco from the cup. It is also advisable to wash the hookah. To do this, thoroughly flush the lower part - the flask. Then, with the help of a special ruff, it is necessary to properly clean the "main line" - a tube going through the entire top of the hookah. These ruffs are usually long enough (up to 1 meter) and have a short bristle (0.5 - 1.5 cm). If you do not have such a ruff, you can limit the washing of the top.

After washing the hookah, wipe it dry from the outside so that it does not oxidize!

Keep the hookah recommended in disassembled form, but since many prefer hookah to store in assembled form, you can recommend at least remove the hose from it. Almost all hoses are made on the basis of the frame from the metal spring. This spring has the property of rust, and therefore it is desirable to remove the hose from the hookah.

Etiquette of smoking

  • Never put a hookah high - it should stand on the floor or a special table.
  • Never give a hookah or mouthpiece from hand to hand. If you want to share a hookah with another, put the hookah on the floor, and put the mouthpiece next to or on the plate.
  • Do not use any other tobacco in the hookah, except for the hookah intended - black and thick.
  • Never light a cigarette from the coals in the shisha.
  • Hookah everyone smokes, as he likes - in a puff, not in a puff, full of chest ... Never teach others how to smoke a hookah. And do not try to criticize different ways of smoking.
  • It is not recommended to pour alcohol into beverages, and even more so to use them after smoking. Water in a hookah is used, first of all, as a filter and a flavoring base (for example, tea-karkade or weak wine).
  • Hookah must be smoked for a full stomach. Preferably reclining. Games like backgammon are welcome.