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Makeup brushes

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Правильный макияж или как наносить макияж

The process of applying makeup is a kind of creativity, and you, like any master, cannot do without a brush.

Looking at the number of brushes specialists, despair, and you get lost in the choice.

We will tell you how to choose them correctly, what to do with them, and how to take care of them.

Для чего используется каждая кисть в макияже

1. Brush Precision Eyeliner designed for eyeliner. Gel liner is best applied just such.

2. Eyeliner eyeliner brush is the same as the first one, but this one draws thicker lines.

3. The small bevelled Small Angle Detailer brush is designed for applying shadows to the eyebrows.

4. Angle Detailer Sloping Brush is made specifically to paint perfect angles. It is intended for eyebrows, and also it is possible to bring eyes to it, using at the same time shadows. Many are used for applying gel liner.

5. Duo Small Angle Detailer / Brow double eyebrow eyebrow brush - a brilliant brush that comb and paint a 2 in 1 eyebrow.

6. The Mini Mini Flat Brush is ideal for applying shadows to the inner corner of the eye, as well as for all manipulations with precise application of a small amount of shadows.

7. A small flat brush, Small Fluff, is intended for applying shadows, with such a brush it is convenient to apply shadows in the crease of the eyelid or under the eyebrow.

8. Medium Fluff Medium Flat Brush is ideal for applying shadows to the entire eyelid. Essential for make-up smokey eyes.

9. Large flat brush Large Fluff is suitable for applying a base color on the entire eyelid to the eyebrow.

10. Angle Fluff Sloped Fluffy Brush is designed specifically for applying and shading shadows.

11. The Smudger Short Round Brush is used for blending pencil and eyeliner lines.

12. Shadow Brush Eye Shader is designed for applying and shading shadows.

13. Blender shading brush for shading shadows. The best is considered to be MAC # 217.

14. Small Deluxe Shade is a tighter bristle for shading cream shadows.

15. Shadow Brush Deluxe Shader is used for imposing cream shadows.

16. Large Angle Crease's large oblique brush is ideal for concealers and for contouring the cheekbones and nose.