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Sea knots

Морские узлы, 10 узлов, которые пригодятся в реальной жизни

Not many of us go hiking, climbing trees or mountains, doing other kinds of extreme tourism.

But many faced with the fact that when this happens, there is always a lack of the necessary skills for this.

One of the most useful is the ability to tie knots that are strong and suitable for each individual task.

Such skills can save lives, protect from injury, help to survive.

We read and study the selection of nodes and memorize new skills!

Surgical unit

Хирургический узел

Classic straight knot, which is well suited for ordinary domestic needs. Looks like a regular double knot, but with two turns, instead of one. Surpasses it in strength in that it is much more difficult to untie.

Deaf loop

Узел Глухая петля

Simple and fast in tying a knot. Used in tying rope around a tree or tying objects that have holes.

Classic straight knot

Классический прямой узел

Used to connect several pieces of rope. Quick and easy to set. The strength of the knot rests only on the strength of the rope.

Bulin (bowline knot)

Булинь (беседочный узел)

Finds use when it is not necessary for the loop to move. It is often used to moor a boat. Important fact: this knot can be tied with one hand, i.e. it is useful when your second hand is broken or damaged.


Узел Клеверный лист

The knot allows you to move the loop on the rope, easy to tie and unleash. Often used for tying tent supports.


Узел Прусик

One of the so-called "grasping knots". It is recommended to use when tying rope around a support, for example, wood or stone. This may be needed if you need to fasten a hammock or pull the rope.

Miller's Knot

Узел Миллера

A knot that is suitable for situations where you need to frequently untie and re-tie a rope, for example, on a traveling bag.

Tautline node

Узел Таутлайн

The knot that allows you to adjust the length of the loop. This is necessary when you hang bags of food, protecting them from animals, insects, moisture. Useful when lifting loads to a height.

Trucker unit

Узел дальнобойщика

As it becomes clear from the name - used by drivers. Good for tying cargo to the roof or trunk of a car. The size of each loop varies depending on the need.


Шкотовый узел

Apply when you need to tie two pieces of rope, different in thickness. Also suitable for tying ropes and ropes or creepers.