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Planet X - Nibiru (Nibiru), Beginning of the New Era - 2012.

NASA recognized the probability (in 1982) of the existence of yet another new planet of the solar system. A year later (1983), NASA launches an IRAS (Infrared Artificial Satellite) that captures a very large object. The Washington Post summed up the interview with a scientist from the JPL IRAS program.

A heavenly body perhaps larger in size than a giant Jupiter and perhaps as close to Earth as possible, perhaps part of this solar system, was discovered in the direction of the constellation of Orion by an orbiting telescope.

"All I can say is that we do not know what it is," said Gary Niugbauer, a leading member of the IRAS program. All governments are aware of this and they are taking vigorous measures to survive and maintain their power when the advent of Planet X ( Nibiru ).

They know that they can not save everyone, but only those who are considered worthy of salvation. They have a plan, but do you have one? Or will you go quietly into the darkness because you were thrown?

What is Nibiru ?

Firstly, Nibiru is one of many planets that revolve around a dark star or the Brown Dwarf. This Dark Star has five minor planets, the sixth planet is the Earth's size Homeland, and the seventh planet or object that we call Nibiru .

The homeland in many respects is similar to the Earth and the place where the Ennaneca Giants or the Gods of antiquity live there. Nibiru is largely unsuitable for life and basically acts as a combat station or spaceship.

When the dark star at perihelion (the closest point to the Sun of the orbit of the celestial body) is 60 or 70 pairs, the orbit of Nibiru , which is 60 pairs. from its star, has a sufficiently large orbit in order to pass through our solar system as a rule near the orbit of Jupiter, but everything can change.

The orbital slope of Nibiru is about 30 degrees to the plane of motion of our Sun or the ecliptic. Since Nibiru passes through our solar system, moving in the opposite direction to other planets, it sometimes displaces the orbit of the planet, being the main reason for the destruction.

Its passage has a great influence, but it is fleeting and takes only a few weeks or months, in most cases it disappears from the field of view. The planet Nibiru is fiery red in color, with a fragmented train and several satellites flying around it.

Nibiru or its satellites are responsible for such incidents as the destruction of Maldek, which is now a belt of asteroids. It also causes craters or surface cracks on the Moon and the planets of our solar system, as well as a change in their axis of inclination and orbits.

She is the culprit of the disappearance of Atlantis and endless floods. It is the link between our solar system and the system of a dark star or star - the Brown Dwarf.

Nibiru was known as the winged (or horned) disk in the human past.

Fact: as soon as Nibiru invaded the solar system, it quickly accelerated below the ecliptic, passed behind and below the sun before returning and flowing below the sun at an angle of 33 degrees. Now NASA observes Nibiru with the help of a new SPT (South Pole Telescope Area) telescope at the South Pole.

For the first time people will be able to see Nibiru every day from May 15, 2009 as a weak reddish object. It will move straight on Earth's orbit. This means that until 2009 the only opportunity to see it only being in the southern hemisphere of the Earth.

By May 2011, it can be observed with the naked eye all the people of the planet. December 21, 2012 Nibiru ( Nibiru ) will pass through the ecliptic of the planet in the form of a bright red star and will look like the second but the size of the sun. Earthquakes will pass and bad weather will begin.

But the worst, however, will come February 14, 2013, the Earth will pass between Nibiru and the Sun. Pole will move the slope of the planet will change! Great changes on Earth, the strongest earthquakes and the most powerful tsunamis will pass through the world!

After July 1, 2014 Nibiru will no longer terrorize our world and will move away from our part of the galaxy. NASA knows about Nibiru , but not to cause panic to hide the truth from people!

A well-informed man from NASA, DoD - the national military intelligence, SETI, and the CIA admit that 2/3 of the planet's population will die during the pole shift from passing Nibiru .

Another 2/3 of those who survive, in the beginning waiting for hunger and death for 6 months!

The most secret government agency in the US is well aware of what to expect and prepare for it. The Vatican has the same information. The population will not be warned and will not be given a chance to prepare!

The volume of incoming information from knowledgeable people, observatories and the Vatican goes a wide flow. The most important story on Earth for 3000 years is quickly released from the shackles of the rulers of financial markets. So there is still time to prepare for this catastrophe. In any case, we should see this red planet in the blue sky of the Earth. We will watch this new possible catastrophe and keep everyone in the thick of things.

Planet X ( Nibiru ) is an artificial ship crossing our universe, not in orbit, but on a fairly regular route under the conscious direction of its humanoid volunteers living inside it (but not on its surface). Their goal is to test unusual destructive energies adversely affecting neighboring regions of the Cosmos. They, in cooperation with similar groups, have several times destroyed hopelessly aggressive civilizations on Earth in the past several million years, so that we can begin our activities afresh, under more favorable conditions. This is one of the theories.

The planet Nibiru in size is approximately the average between the dimensions of Uranus and Jupiter.

Nibiru (Nibiru)

Passage of Nibiru

What is the length of the orbit of Nibiru and why it did not appear in our time? According to Sitchin, the answer to this question lies in the Sumerian word SAR, which is sometimes referred to as Nibiru . The word SAR means the Supreme Ruler and is associated with the supreme deity Anu, but this word also means the number 3600 and is represented by a large circle. In another context, this word takes on the value Completed Cycle.

Based on this, as well as on other supporting facts, Sitchin came to the conclusion that the duration of Nibiru 's orbit is 3600 Earth years and perihelion, close to the Asteroid Belt. This explains why the planet Nibiru has not appeared recently.

Nibiru (Nibiru)

Orbit of Nibiru

The discovery of new planets in the last two hundred years is due more to mathematical calculations than to the creation of more powerful and perfect telescopes. For example, the existence of Neptune was first established by calculating the anomalies in the trajectory of Uranus' movement. Similarly, Pluto was discovered by observations related to the fact that some unknown gravitational force was acting on the motion of Neptune.

Following this principle, astronomers were convinced that the incomprehensible deviations of the orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (and to a lesser extent Jupiter and Saturn) are caused by the existence of yet another planet that has not yet been discovered.

Scientists are so convinced of its existence that they have already given it a name - Planet X - The tenth planet (the sun and the moon are not planets). Despite recent attempts to disprove these arguments, the theory of the planet X remains in force.

Nibiru (Nibiru)

The tenth planet of the solar system

Planet X - Nibiru ?

In 1978, after a decade of stagnation, the theory of the planet X made a giant leap forward. The discovery of the Pluto-Charon satellite made it possible to accurately determine the mass of Pluto, and it turned out that it was much smaller than expected. Thanks to this, it was possible to check mathematically, with a high degree of accuracy, deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. In this regard, two astronomers from the US Naval Observatory in Washington again revived the idea of ​​the planet X. But the two astronomers - Robert Harrington and Tom Van Flandern went much further - using mathematical models they showed that Planet X pushed Pluto and Charon from their former polonium of the satellites of Neptune. They assumed that the invading planet was 3-4 times the size of the Earth, and that it was probably captured in the orbit of rotation around the Sun, this orbit must have a large eccentricity, is strongly inclined to the plane of rotation around the Sun, and its period of rotation around The sun is very large. As if scientists used for their report excerpts from Enuma Elish!

In 1982, NASA officially recognized the possibility of the existence of the planet X, saying that there, far beyond the main planets, there really is some mysterious heavenly body.

A year later, the newly launched IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) spotted in the depths of outer space some mysterious large object. The Washington Post post published an interview with the IRAS chief researcher at the Rocket and Jet Engine Laboratory in California, which said: The heavenly body is possibly as large as the giant Jupiter planet, and possibly so close to the Earth that it is part of the our solar system, was detected with the aid of an orbiting telescope in the direction of the constellation Orion ... The only thing I can tell you, "IRAS chief investigator Jerry Neugebauer said in this regard, is that we do not know What it is.

Nibiru (Nibiru)


In subsequent years, the search for Planet X yielded little new information. However, scientists seemed to be sure that it exists, as they continued to build mathematical models on the basis of available data. The obtained data confirmed that the planet X is three to four times larger than the Earth; its orbit is probably inclined 30 degrees to the ecliptic plane, and it is three times as far from the sun as the distance to Pluto.

In 1987, NASA issued an official statement recognizing the possibility of the existence of Planet X. The American magazine Newsweek said: Last week, NASA held a press conference at its Research Center in Ames, California, during which a very strange statement was made: It is excluded that some eccentric tenth planet rotates around the Sun. A keynote speaker, NASA employee, John Anderson suggests that Planet X is somewhere around here, although not close to the other nine planets. If he is right, then it may turn out that the two most curious secrets of the cosmos will be solved:

1) What explains the mysterious deviations in the nineteenth century of the orbits of Uranus and Neptune

2) What was the cause of the death of dinosaurs 26 million years ago [sic!]?

In the late 1980s, the following occurred: first, in scientific journals, a campaign against the theory of the existence of Planet X began, and, secondly, NASA began to invest more and more in the creation of expensive telescopes based in space.

The campaign against the theory of the planet X was led by such scientists as K. Croswell, M. Littman, E. Stendish Jr. and D. Hughes. They brought a lot of the most ridiculous and strange arguments. Croswell argued that such a planet can not be, since the deflection does not affect the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft. At the same time, he forgot that, perhaps, the planet X is below the ecliptic and is close to the aphelion. Littmann ignored all the astrometric observations carried out before 1910 in order to eliminate deviations, although there was no reason to believe that these previous data were inaccurate. Standid made small adjustments in measurements, thus seeking to reduce the discrepancies that indicated the presence of the tenth planet; but, by his own admission, the deviations only decreased, but did not disappear at all.

Finally, Hughes tried to discredit the theory of the planet X with complex arguments, arguing that when the solar system was created, there could not be enough material to create another planet. Apparently he did not read Enuma Elish, where it is clearly stated that Marduk, Planet X appeared from outside the Solar System!

Nibiru (Nibiru)