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Smartphone in your hands: 5 online services for citizens

Смартфон тебе в руки: 5 онлайн-сервисов для горожан

It is almost impossible to imagine a modern resident of a city without a smartphone in his hand.

That's why we decided to collect 5 online services that will help Ukrainian citizens feel comfortable in the city, spend less time and money and even make the city the best.

That's what, in our opinion, an active city dweller with a smartphone and Internet access must be able to do!

To complain and thank the communal services on 1551

Смартфон тебе в руки: 5 онлайн-сервисов для горожан

With the advent of the online service, the Kyiv Contact Center complained and thanked the utility services became much easier. If the elevator broke down in your house, do not turn on the heating in time (or, more importantly, do not turn it off), you noticed a pit on the road or are worried why no one has watered the trees in the park for a long time - here. All online applications are automatically registered and fall into the bodies responsible for this or that sphere. Respond to the complaint for a month.

Experienced complainants say that the appeal to the "1551" really have a result - it is quite possible that after this letter a long-awaited shop will appear under your house, and a new asphalt will be placed next to the road. It is only then not to forget and write up to 1551 a letter of gratitude for the work done. Believe me, they will be pleased.

Follow the traffic on EasyWay

Смартфон тебе в руки: 5 онлайн-сервисов для горожан

The EasyWay site was established in Lviv in 2011, in 2012 the site helped foreign guests of Euro 2012, and in 2013 has already become a technical partner of Google, Yandex and Here to support public transport in Ukraine.

EasyWay will make life easier for those who often travel by public transport. You can download free EasyWay application for Android and iOS, which will help you choose the route convenient for you, taking into account financial and time costs, and also will lay the shortest automobile way.

In addition, not so long ago, there was another very useful opportunity - now users can watch the movement of buses, trolley, trams and city electric trains thanks to the GPS installed there, which means that now you will know exactly how many minutes your transport will arrive and will be able to it is better to calculate the time.

The service will be useful for many - it contains information on routes in more than 50 cities of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Search for fellow travelers with Blablacar and GiveMeALift

Смартфон тебе в руки: 5 онлайн-сервисов для горожан

The economy of common use (or sharing economy) is one of the powerful trends in modern megacities. It is often easier and more convenient for a modern citizen to use some things with other people, especially when it comes to cars. Such services of the carbling as Blablacar and GiveMeALift make it easy to find a fellow traveler who, for example, drives his car on the same route every day as you do.

Blablacar is mainly focused on long distance trips - here you can see in advance who goes on the route you need and choose an acceptable price for you.

But GiveMeALift is better suited to dynamic movements within the city. At any time, you can create a query using the mobile application, which specifies where you are and where you need to go. If there is a driver nearby ready to take a fellow traveler - the system will immediately notify you.

Also, if you are an auto driver, want to save a little on a trip and not against the company, drop a request here and the system will try to find a suitable passenger for you.

Pay utilities for iPay, Plategka, Portmone, EasyPay and Privat24

Смартфон тебе в руки: 5 онлайн-сервисов для горожан

Perhaps today to stand long lines in Oschadbank to pay for utilities can only be either convinced conservatives, or people with an excessive amount of free time. After all, online services, with which you can just do it in a few minutes from both a computer and a smartphone, there are already quite a lot in Ukraine. The most popular are: iPay , Plategka , Portmone , EasyPay and banking systems (for example, Privat24 ).

Most of them are built according to one scheme: you need to register in the system, enter your bank card details and choose the service that you need to pay. It can be gas, water, light, monthly fee for a phone, a fee for a kindergarten or school, and much more. These services are also convenient for those that have the function of regular patches. So you can enter the necessary data only once, then they will be automatically paid monthly from your card.

Some of these services focus on a certain type of payments. For example, on the new site of Kyivenergo, you can easily calculate and pay the amount you need to pay for electricity and see the statistics of its use. In addition, here of you will not be charged for using the service, while other online services provide for commission charging, although they offer favorable conditions for registered regular users.

Search for a doctor at

Смартфон тебе в руки: 5 онлайн-сервисов для горожан

Everyone who has ever visited a public polyclinic knows how difficult it is to get to the right doctor. Usually, townspeople have to sit out at least two lines in city polyclinics: first to the therapist, and then to a specialist doctor. Those same townspeople who are ready to give up free medicine in favor of a paid but fast and convenient medical service will definitely appreciate online portals like

If you get sick, you can find the qualified specialist you need without leaving your home. First, you can take advantage of online diagnostics functions - choose the symptoms that concern you. In accordance with them, the system will tell you which doctors should be contacted. Then you will need to choose one of them, paying attention to the qualifications, work experience, rating and feedback of other users about it. In addition, there is the opportunity to choose a doctor who takes near your home. If you made your choice - just sign up for an appointment.

The service already functions in several large Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Odessa and Lviv. In the near future, they plan to expand and launch the project in other cities of Ukraine.